Always shrouded in mist before cultivated, each Mistflower is, or rather turns out to be, unique. It is a species native to the Ckatlon Steppes. The only vast clump of it grows next to the Ctofalir (Ground of Truce). It plays a heavy role in the reproduction of the Swallow-tailed Butterflies, which have two long filaments extending out from the gap between its bottom pair of wings (hence its name). Besides their unusual appearance, the Swallow-tailed Butterfly is distinguished by the fact that their size is proportional to their ages. The largest observed in size so far was about that of a medium sized canine. When close to death, a male and a female of the Swallow-tailed Butterflies would travel to the Mist Flower clumps to dance. At the conclusion of this dance, they come together and shatter into myriad pieces of baby Swallow-tailed butterflies. The sight is so enchanting that many Crunalans newly-weds and would be couples travel to the Ctofalir during the breeding season of these butterflies to watch this spectacle<

The Crunalans cultivate the Mistflowers for one purpose only: to present to their brides upon marriage. The Mistflower is a symbol of a couple's mutual affection- it would never wither unless their love dies. When a particular flower is cultivated by the groom, it would continue to be shrouded by mist until brought back and to the bride. Once in the hands of the bride, the mist will clear rapidly and a unique bloom to any other Mistflower would be found in the hand of the bride. According to their lore, this aspect of the flower corresponds to the fact that each Crunalan woman will bring unique joy to the household, in her own way. In some cases, the Mistflower will rapidly wither in the hands of the bribe and then the marriage would be officially annulled, which is considered bad luck for both the groom and the bribe and their associated families. If no such mishaps happens, the Mistflower brought back is planted in the front of the wife's ger (tent). The continuation of the marriage itself is thereafter tied to its continuing to bloom.

What no Crunalan knows is that the Mistflowers take nourishment from no conventional source but rather the atmosphere of harmony within a *household and positive emotions such as affection. In fact, its actual blooming requires on such sustenance. Contrary to Crunalan lore, the Mistflower actually blooms right in the hands of the bribe (having fed on the mutual feelings of the groom and bribe) rather than having already bloomed but having the bloom being obscured by mist until in the hands of the bribe.

*In Crunalan society, each woman has her own ger to live in with her unmarried children. There might be competition among male siblings given that the Crunalan are polygamists but usually not among full-blooded siblings.

Author's notes: some aspects are left out because this's not an actual sub. I'm open to comments though.

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A blighter brings his black thumb to the village and all the mistflowers wither and die simultaneously.

A royal demands to see one of these plants, and it blooms as a servant presents it.

An isolated, unloved magician is studying the flora and wants to see it bloom. His current method of using love potions is proving unsuccessful, and sowing chaos throughout town.

A noble who cultivates these in his garden seems to be doing well, is cheery and amiable, but all of his mistflowers abruptly fade. He or his wife might be an impostor.