Scrasamax has already brought the 100 Word Submission to the Citadel. This would be the logical next step. As he has pointed out in his submission, the idea has it's merits and flaws. The same will doubtless be true of this one.

Why am I putting this up here?

Whilst I love the idea of the 100 Word Submission, I just feel that there's never enough room to convey each important point to the reader. The format already exists, but it'd be neat to see it used on Strolen's Citadel as well.

The author has more words at their disposal with which to craft their submission, thus allowing them to write up their sub without having to edit and re-edit to cut words down to fit within the accepted limit.


500 words or less, but not more.

Aside from that, go nuts. There's nothing wrong with shorter submissions and while it is nice to read longer, sometimes epic ones, the shorter ones are without doubt to my mind more useful in the short term.

  1. Whilst this might seem a lame cop-out to some, the sub is again, intentionally short. Scras' sub already has all the pro's and con's for what is essentially the same idea, just longer, with it's benefit.
  2. Set to Codex to keep everything together.
  3. Will consider changing this to a Wiki if the interest is there. Yay? Nay?
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