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February 14, 2015, 7:28 am

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Yet Another 30 Princesses


Thirty more princesses, this time with an insect/small creature theme.

1- Princess of Centipedes

This princess never travels anywhere without a huge entourage of bodyguards, scribes, aides and servants. Even by the standards of princesses the numbers in her entourage are over the top. Unlike the Princess of Mosquitos she tries not to outweigh her welcome or overtax her subjects, with the result that her huge court rarely stays in one place for more then a couple of days.

2- Princess of Army Ants

This princess dresses in armour and rides on campaign with her army, and the vast majority of them greatly respect her for it. When at home, she lives in splendour like the princess that she is, but in camp she beds down with her common soldiers and scorns luxury, wearing no more jewelry then is necessary to identify her.

3- Princess of Wasps

This princess dresses in striking clothes of black and yellow and many a courtier has felt the sting of her tongue. She is well known for her vile temper and her servants try to avoid coming to her notice if they possibly can. Even her fellow princesses avoid her company.

4- Princess of Honeybees

This princess has a sweet dispostion and works hard for her kingdom, but if greatly provoked she will have the person who did it punished. She is very popular with the people who would swarm around her to protect her if she was threatened.

5- Princess of Spiders

This princess has set up a web of spies and agent provocateurs within her royal court and sits at the centre, waiting for somebody to fall foul of them. She then pounces and has the unlucky courtier dragged off to execution. There are many in her court who hate her, but they have no chance of organizing an assassination without being discovered at an early stage.

6- Princess of Scorpians

This princess is a good negotiator, but there is normally a sting in the tail of her treaties which means that they ultimatly are more for her benifit then for anybody else. She is certainly not one to anger or to try and mess about with, and if people break her treaties, she will not hesitate to send her army against them.

7- Princess of Butterflies

This princess thinks not of politics and affairs of state, but only of jewelry and rich dresses, banquets and balls and costly firework displays. This suits her advisors just fine as it means that they can be the real rulers of the country, as long as they let the princess enjoy herself.

8- Princess of Dragonflies

This princess wants to see a dragon, much to the worry of her court, who have pointed out to her that if she did see a dragon, it would most likely see her as a snack and treat her accordingly.

9- Princess of Moths

This princess is fascinated by magic, technology, and *things that glow* in general. Her royal palace is allways well lit despite the expense, and her courtiers know how to please her.

10- Princess of Mosquitos

This princess is heartily hated by her subjects for the heavy taxes that she forces them to pay, leaving them with just enough money to buy food to survive. Not content with making the lives of her lowly subjects a misery, she and her leading courtiers often descend upon a noble and billit themselves in his hall, forcing him to feed and amuse them until his coffers have run dry.

11- Princess of Snails

This princess wears concealed armour as she fears assassins, and she takes a long time before she makes up her mind, thinking of all the possibilities. On the plus side, this means that she normally makes the right choice. On the minus side, her decisions are grindingly slow.

12- Princess of Slugs

This princess is grossly fat and has dry itchy skin, which in turn causes her to use too much lotion, making her skin often slimy to the touch. Her favourite food is lettuce and she tends to be rather pondorus in her movements.

13- Princess of Ants

This princess encourages her subjects to work hard in building work and other things and despises idleness, punishing beggars harshly.However, she is not a hypocrite and works as hard and sometimes even harder then anybody else, so she is popular with most of her subjects.

14- Princess of Worms

This princess is in the middle of getting her subjects to create an underground city, and takes a great interest in it’s construction.

15- Princess of Maggots

This princess is deeply interested in the dead and in necromancy. Publicly, the only sign of this is that she goes to the funerals of every nobleman or noblewoman who dies. Privatly, she wants to create Ironbones and other undead to serve her and wants to one day become a lich-queen rather then face her own death.

16- Princess of Flies

This princess seems to get everywhere, much to the annoyence of the leading barons of the royal court, who are fed up with her as she investigates what they do and drones on and on at them. Many wish that they could slap her down.

17- Princess of Daddy-Longlegs

This princess is well known as the tallest person in her royal court and some people say nasty things about her behind her back. She is an accomplished dancer and can run very fast if she has to. Her bed and bath are much longer to fit her long legs.

18- Princess of Woodlice

This Princess reacts badly to critism, getting her cortiers to *roll over* and close ranks around her. She also fears assassination and openly wears plate armour at Court.

19- Princess of Praying Mantises

This princess has a hareem of unwilling males, and delights in sending them to the executioner’s axe when she has tired of them. One of the males is trying to escape execution by telling her stories.

20- Princess of Fireflies

This princess has a great fear of the Dark, and as a result by night her palace is lit end to end with candles except for the bedrooms of the courtiers. Some fear that all it needs is an accident or an arsonist assassin and the whole palace will burn from end to end. The guards carry buckets of water along with their weapons, to put out any fire that starts.

21- Princess of Stick Insects

This princess suffers from an eating disorder, and at a time anbd place where most of the rich are too fat, is far too thin, to the point where her courtiers are seriously worried that she will starve in the middle of plenty.

22- Princess of Cicadas

This princess likes to talk, incessantly. Which annoys many of her courtiers as royal protocol prevents them from interupting her. It annoys the thetre owners even more, as noone in the thetre can enjoy the preformances when she goes there, nor can they try and shut her up by force as, like all wise despots, she has a number of trusted guards who react to any violence or even threatened violence with savage beatings.

23- Princess of Locusts

This Princess eats excessivly, with the result not only that she is grossly fat, but that her royal court puts a strain on the area. Whilst not quite as hated as the Princess of Mosquitos, she is far from a popular princess as her own people are starting to go hungry because of her excesses.

24- Princess of Cockroaches

This Princess enjoys "slumming it" and even in an age that is far from clean, her royal court is renowned for it’s filth, to the extent that diplomats from other countries hate going there, and she is finding it difficult to find a royal husband as they don’t want to live in her pigsty of a court. She objects to courtiers who keep themselves clean and neat.

25- Princess of Ant-Lions

This princess rules a desert queendom and when other countries try and attack it, she leads them into the heat of the desert and then her army pounces on theirs and destroys it. Other rulers know how hard her queendom is to take by force and since it has little of great value anyway, they tend to leave it in peace.

26- Princess of Bombedier Beetles

This princess has a temper, and carries a wand capable of launching some pretty dangerous and caustic magic, as well as a Vitriolic Key. Those who would try to kidnap or assassinate her, or just annoy her, are in for a tough time.

27- Princess of Backswimmers

This nautical princess is much more at home on her royal flagship then on land, and has a large and capable navy to protect her country’s trade and drive away pirates. She in fact governs from her flagship and rarely goes on dry land at all.

28- Princess of Fleas

This princess has a really irritating personality, to the point where few of the courtiers can bear to be around her, the general public often hear whispered negative rumours about her, and even her own family avoid her except at special occasions when they have to be together because tradition demands it.

29- Princess of Grasshoppers

This princess really likes to travel through her country just for the fun of it, and also enjoys traveling abroad, rarely spending more then a day or two in one place. She is also a bit jumpy and hates being surprised.

30- Princess of Ladybirds

This princess wears robes of red and black and has a special hate for the lazy and those who live unfairly off others, be they outright criminals or landlords whose rents are too high. Her courtiers all have to have proper jobs, and some of them are unhappy about that.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted axlerowes
April 5, 2009, 22:40
This is a clever little sub.
April 5, 2009, 22:45
it would be a fun in game gag if the livery for each princess represented the animal totems you have chosen.
Voted slartibartfast
April 6, 2009, 6:49
My favorite is #22. Nice submission; a couple of the princesses beg for a bit more fleshing out, but a nice assortment altogether.
Voted EchoMirage
April 6, 2009, 7:33
Lol, Cheka, a princess of Praying Mantises, and one of her unwilling consorts is trying to save his life with stories? Funny! It would be great though if you added another line or two to each of them (I know, I want a lot).
Cheka Man
April 6, 2009, 12:17
I'm thinking of turning the more developed ones into submissions in their own right.
Voted MoonHunter
April 6, 2009, 17:04
A solid little submission. I would of gone for a different set of animals, rather than insects (not very princessly), but it works for me.

Add the 30 freetext and link it to the set if you want it to avoid getting lost.
Voted valadaar
April 9, 2009, 9:25
Not bad, though some feel to me as being a little rushed. There are some typos (Privatly,cortiers?) and spelling errors would could be addressed by a little more time spent on them.

This is good, and some of the princesses are quite clever, but it could have been a fair bit better.
Voted Dossta
January 4, 2016, 14:23
Could use some more detail, especially with the caustic/annoying personality types -- how is the Princess of Fleas different from the Princess of Flies, for example? I would also greatly appreciate one or two details of appearance, as with the Princess of Hornets. Still, most of the personalities are believable and fun. Nice, solid 30.

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