4D Wasp

'Where the hell did that come from'



4D wasps are one of the lesser time travelling threats, but it can still be deadly.Very little is known about this vicious predator as their victims seldom survive..Minor hiccups in time draw these creatures out of the 4D world and into ours. it never truly comes into our world . This gives its disjointed looking body as parts fade in and out These are most frequently encountered as a by product of a mage you are hostile with, does time magic, opening a small rip in the fabric of reality.. Powerful divination spells are also sources of the time rips.As the creature moves through our reality, time itself will attempt to correct this aberration, resulting in the wasps looking like it is jumping in time, moving backward in time.

It is very difficult to give details about what a time travelling threat would be like but here is a table of encounters that you can use

Roll a d12 once every D6 days.and follow the results

1) Wasp attacks party member A Wasp does d8 damage and is armor as plate

2) as #1 but attacks player B

3) as #1 but attacks player C

4) Wasp attacks players A-C , one attack each D4 Damage and Armor as Leather

5) Wasp appears ghostly and does nothing and cannot be harmed. goes away after d6 Hours of following the party.

6) Wasp makes one attack on parties mage or if no mage, cleric , for d6 damage, armor as chain and shield

7) Wasp explodes after first damage to it(stats as #1) attacking player D and exploding for d4

8) Wasp attacks last night according to the parties now changed memory, all awake w a net of d4 damage though this is not used to put anyone below 2

9)Wasp attacks every d6 hours from now on, roll for encounter, if this is rolled again ignore result and roll again

10) Wasp attacks every d6 turns d4+1 times, roll d8 for encounter result. for each encounter. If wasp is killed it, is killed permanently

11) Wasp has triple hit points and it goes after the first player that does damage to it, AC as plate damage d8 and regenerats d6 hp per round

12) wasp manifests as if there were D4+1 copies of it. and each wasp getsan attack for d4(armor as chain., randomly blinking around battlefield, this is only enountered once, if this result is rolled a second time use #7.

to give this more of a time travel theme but the fights in different places that are notable in the players mind, possibly doing one that is from the future of the PCs

_Some examples

> notable dungeon rooms

> a famous inn

> a beautiful glade

>a smoke belching volcano

you get the idea.


Take a snapshot of a boss or well planed encounter and then rerun the encounter w a wasp. Be very careful in you notes and for greatest difficulty start the encounter w the battle half way through it, taking care to record current HP spell or spell points(Would love to hear back on this as I am not currently playing)


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Give it solid marks for being a splendid idea. Time traveling wasps?! Ha! The idea is solid gold and if you don't like the wasps, just the idea of a threat time shifting in, not on purpose, is a fantastic thought!

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Nice work

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'When the Hell did that come from!?' seems a little more appropriate but this sub is still awesome fun!

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New and interesting.

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I feel like this sub could be fleshed out and explained a little better... I understand the wasp is moving through time but, when it stings someone, does that person or group then move through time with the wasp? This is kind of how I was understanding it when I read the section on 'For advanced DM/user.'

However... that being said I'm still giving it a vote of a 4 because it's a really cool and unique idea. This is easily a 5 in my book if it's explained a little better.

I keep photo and note records of some of my group's more memorable encounters so grabbing some stuff from the past should be easy... trying to figure out how to drag them into the future of an encounter they have not experienced yet, and then leading them into that encounter in the present, seems like a really fun challenge!

Also, with these wasps, it gives the DM the option to make a boss encounter that has an extremely deadly mechanic. The boss could nearly kill every PC but then a wasp shows up and drags them through time to the beginning of the fight, allowing them to adjust their strategy for the fight now that they know what the mechanics are.

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Thanx for your vote and comment. I was afraid of making this too complicated so I went with a bare bones sub to make it accessible. If you end up using this I would love for you to post your after action report..

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I like the idea, time travelling wasps...these could also be clues to the fact somebody is messing with time. Perhaps the Wasps are attracted to paradoxes. Example, the party is following a map through a dungeon, they reach a dead end. The maps states there is a dead end here. But that doesn't make sense, why would they follow a map to dead end? While they are at the deadend point fingers about who can't follow a map, one gets stung by a 4D wasp. THus the party now has a hint that this deadend is the result of 'recent' time travel.

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The idea has strong potential, but could benefit from a bit more about the wasps' role. What do they need or want? Is there some purpose or pattern to their activity? How can someone defend themselves from these creatures? Is there anything that particularly draws their attention (other than temporal or dimensional rifts and divination)?