1. The Master

Few can play this man's instrument of choice as well as he, but fewer still can match his arrogance and disdain for those of lesser talent. He is always finely dressed and equipped with a masterful instrument.

2. The Prodigy

This child is more skilled with his instrument of choice than many who have practiced it for years. Because he cares about little other than playing, his family manages just who he plays for.

3. The Cheater

Although he plays masterfully, this man possesses neither the innate talent of the Prodigy, nor the remarkable experience of the Master. Rather, he has made a pact with some dark power in exchange for his skill. He now owes that power his loyalty - and his soul.

4. The Untouchable

A nobleman or even a member of the royal family, this man has no talent, yet insists upon playing at every opportunity. Unfortunately for those with ears, his rank makes it impossible to refuse him. Those who try find him easily insulted, and quick to express his anger.

5. The Killer

An assassin of nobles, this man's flute is a blowpipe; his drum, a bomb. His seeming preoccupation at the time of the murder prevents his becoming a suspect. At least his victims are treated to some lovely music before they die.

6. The Annoyed

From a distant land, this man finds himself insulted and overcharged wherever he goes. He takes his revenge in the one way he knows how - by playing a song which, according to his superstition, calls down the wrath of his god. Most people have no comprehension as to why he plays, thinking that he merely does not understand he's just been scammed.

7. The Competitor

An above-average player, the one thing this man loves above all else is a challenge. He'll compete in any musical competition and attempt even the most impossible piece of music. He strives not for the glory of victory, but for the thrill of the challenge.

8. The Piper

Although reasonably skilled, this man is inherently unlikeable, and gets along poorly with any employer. He doesn't mind, so long as he's paid, but those who deny him his money will become the targets of his revenge.

9. The Proselytizer

A priest of the God of Music, the proselytizer plays his instrument of choice quite well. He often plays before children, or other easily impressed individuals, and if they ask him to teach them his skills, as so many do, he takes the opportunity to guide them towards his faith.

10. The Spy

This musician, who happens to be a personal favorite of His Lordship, is actually the employee of another noble. Even as he entertains, he gathers information that his true master is certain to find very interesting.

11. The Siren

This beautiful flutist is not particularly remarkable for her talent, but for her charm. After every performance, she finds herself several new suitors. Indeed, it is said that she is not often hired for her musical gifts, but rather for her ability to improve the decor of any location.

12. The Brawler

A hot-tempered tuba player, this musician is one whom no tavern owner wants to have playing at his establishment - unless he seeks to collect insurance money, that is. This man's tuba is more often seen swinging through the air into some poor chap's face than it is at the Brawler's lips.

13. The Drummer Boy

This man has only just returned from the war, probably with several incapacitating injuries. Now, his only method of income is to use the instrumental skills he learned during the war. He isn't very good with his instrument, but several men have asked him to play for them nonetheless.

14. The Last-minute

This musician was hired to compete with a rival of his employer, but only at the last minute. Unfortunately, he isn't very good, but his employer was willing to take what he could get. After all, he certainly didn't want his ball to have fewer musicians than Lady Astran's.

15. The Wizard

A remarkably expensive individual to hire, this mage uses magic to create beautiful, otherworldly sounds, which no normal musician can match. As such, he is always in demand. Unfortunately for him, the local Entertainer's Guild isn't quite so happy with his recent successes.

16. The Braggart

This man has always bragged of his astounding ability to play an instrument, but, unfortunately, there is never an instrument around when someone wants to hear him. Of course, the Braggart is incapable of actually playing. Unfortunately, however, a noble who heard him bragging has hired him to entertain at a ball. Unable to back out of his lie now, the Braggart is desperately searching for a way out of his situation.

17. The Humble Talent

This man is truly an unremarkable musician, neither stellar nor terrible. To his credit, however, he is constantly searching for ways to improve, and may eventually become a Master of his instrument. Of course, it is also possible that he will become a Cheater.

18. The Military Man

Actually a member of the standing army, this man plays at social events to highlight the discipline of skill of the military. He may not be as top-notch as many others, but he is cheap and follows orders.

19. The Patriot

This man, for some reason or another, feels an intense devotion to his current place of residence. He plays only patriotc songs which glorify his homeland, and is completely oblivious to the nationality of his listeners. More than one noble has been embarassed when this musician insulted a guest's homeland in song.

20. The Socializer

This fellow plays at parties or taverns more for the opportunity of attending than for his salary. He loves to speak with guests, and puts on his greatest performances when a conversation leaves him feeling inspired.

21. The Screecher

Nobody willingly hires this man after hearing him once. He gives new meaning to the phrase 'Instruments of Torture.' Even the most dignified of guests are likely to lose their composure and egg him off the stage, much to the embarassment of their host.

22. The Novice

Although this young man is still learning, he is sufficiently competent to be worth hiring, particularly to strapped-for-cash nobles. Unfortunately, he has little experience playing before an audience, and his nerves will likely get the best of him.

23. The Pleaser

This man has only a modest talent, but bears one true gift - he possesses a vast repertoire of songs, and is an expert at reading the crowd. His lack of tremendous skill leaves his fees cheap, and several nobles have had lackluster parties saved by this man's perfect song selection.

24. The Inclined

This man does not play on stage, and does not, in fact, regard himself as a musician. But he is, and it is deeply ingrained in his mind. Frequently, he accidentally makes music through everyday activities - he idly taps his silverware against his glass, creates a melody through the shifting of furniture, or orders cannons fired in a pleasing rhythm during battle. He does not realize he does this, but it is a part of him nonetheless.

25. The Chauvinist

This man is a talented player in a quartet, but proves annoying to his employer, as he absolutely refuses to play alongside a woman, regardless of her skill or experience. He is every bit as haughty as the Master, if not quite as skilled.

26. The Samaritan

The Samaritan does not play his instrument for wealth or other material gains. Rather, he plays only for good causes - to lighten the mood of a depressed couple, to raise money for orphans, or any number of other beneficial causes. Because of his benevolence, people take care of him.

27. The Bodyguard

Actually a skilled warrior, this man is the opposite of the Killer. Instead of hunting down his employer, he protects him with his life. The Bodyguard keeps his employer safe without giving the appearance that the man fears for his life.

28. The Slave

A talented musician, this man is nonetheless a slave who is forced to play at his master's gatherings. He sees more than he lets on, and is perfectly willing to let a musician whom he knows to be a Killer or a Spy play for his master.

29. The Exotic

This musician plays an instrument that is not well known to his audience. It may simply be something from a distant land, or it may be an instrument of hisown devising. It could even be a magical instrument that plays its own harmony. Regardless, he demands higher fees than do other musicians of his own talent level.

30. The Cheapskate

The man in charge of the gathering is unwilling to hire a musician, so he learns how to play and entertains his guests himself. A nobleman may not want his guests to learn of this, and will likely disguise himself. A tavern owner will probably see no need for a disguise.

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