Within the Church of Trigu, true faith shows itself through works, for faith without works is dead. Most faithful servants of Trigu find themselves healing and mending others, sometimes with divine assistance and empowerment, sometimes with nothing more than bandages and healing salves.

Others of the faithful find themselves empowered to rebuke undead and demons, destroying the weaker of the unnaturals outright, and expelling the stronger abominations from the area or person that they inhabit.

Most abilities fall within these two categories, albeit with varying degrees of empowerment, but the divine works in various ways, limited not by human comprehension and rules.

Gifts and other Abilities

There are other abilities granted by Trigu to the best of the best who follow Him. To date, only 3 people have ever recieved a Gift, but an infinite number could exist, as each gift is unique to the Gifted. The three Gifts given so far are:

The Holy Aura, bestowed upon St. Sayn. It tremendously weaked both undead and demons who were near the Saint, sometimes resulting in the exorcism of minor demons simply by Sayn's presence. This resulted in the title 'Banisher'.

The Brightest Light, gifted to St. Trayl. This Gift allowed St. Trayl to see through deception of any kind, dispelling illusions and falsities for the Saint. It's greatest use was to dispel the vast demonic illusion held over L'ruk's army during the second Demon War.

Purifying Tears, granted to St. Gyle the Healer. When he poured water over a wound, it could heal even the worst of injuries and sicknesses.

All three Gifts were given during the Demon Wars at some point or another, leading some modern followers to believe that the time of Gifts is past, though there is nothing to indicate this within the



The Test

However, in each case, the one who was to be given a Gift was required to embark on some spiritual quest. The quest was long and hard, and requires a large sacrifice for the Faith. Whilst in the completion, the Gifted also aquires a Holy Focus that allows them to use their Gift. Without the special focus, the Gift cannot normally be used.

For example, St. Sayn was sent on a quest where he had to exorcise five hundred demons and five hundred undead. During his final exorcism, the demon being exorcised tried to kill Sayn by sending a barn's worth of shattered wood at the soon-to-be Saint (the demon literally tore a barn apart and threw it at him). His faith protected him, but a single splinter got through, embedding itself in his shoulder. Once removed, that shard became his holy focus, hung from a string around his neck, however, his arm was forever ruined and useless.

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