The average Vagrant has clothing in poor condition, is likely both dirty and foul smelling as well as hungry, thirsty.

All vagrants have a hard luck or a tearjerker of a story to tell. This is done quite often, as it is a good way for them to gather up some sympathy coin from those better off as well as getting alms from churches and monastaries.

Special Equipment
Almost without exception, a vagrant will have nothing of signifigant value, all of their equipment and gear being worth no more than a single gold piece.

1. The Lame Man
This vagrant has lost both of his legs at the knees and is reduced to hopping around on his arms and begging for coins. He could be an ex-soldier denied his Oblate status, a victim of injury that cost him his legs.

2. The Blind Man
With dirty rags over his eyes, this vagrant is at the mercy of others, those being the most dangerous to him being other vagrants. He is good at getting alms, but they are frequently stolen from him, even out of his hands as he tries to consume them.

3. The Not-So-Blind Blind Man
Often found close to the Blind Man, this beggar is a con, and emulates being blind. Much like a spider, he will prey on other vagrants who try to rob him as he does getting the alms and sympathy of passers-by.

4. The Idler
This vagrant is the epitome of idleness, he cannot keep any sort of job and so long as he has some food in his belly and some rotgut available, he is content to beg for occasional coins and engage in thievery as the situation merits.

5. The Urchin
This vagrant is still not much more than a child, and works to play up that youthful look, who would suspect a child of being a skilled cutpurse.

6. The Mother
This vagrant has a bundled baby and begs for coins and alms, but in truth the baby is held by a false arm. Her arm that is 'holding' the baby is actually free to pick pockets and cut purses while everyone coos over the dirty infant.

7. The Kiskeedee
Eventually there are some whores and prostitutes that fall beneath the standards of even the meanest brothels. The kiskeedee is one such woman, now plying her trade for copper pieces and left over scraps from other vagrants.

8. The Mute
Either disfigured by some group, or born lacking a tongue this vagrant is mute, shouting inarticulate sounds at passers-by for coin or alms.

9. The One-Handed Man
This vagrant is missing one of his hands, possibly even one of his arms. now unable to work on a farm or in a craft, he is forced to beg and resort to thievery to support himself.

10. The Knave
A stubborn and hearty vagrant, this man forces people to give alms and donations, with just enough emphasis and force that the givers feel robbed, but not enough for the guards to bust him as a thief. A regular problem character for the local authorities.

11. The Exposed Woman
Dirty and bare chested, this vagrant wanders about in a stupor, some whisper of magic gone wrong, others says curses, breeding too close in the family and other things.

12. The Urchin Prince
The leader of the street urchins, this boy will one day grow to become a consumate thief and criminal, but until then, he will lead his motley collection of hooligans, rowdies and such.

13. The Whipped Man
For refusing to give ground to the authorities, this vagrant was whipped until his back was bloody and then dumped back out onto the streets. His rags and crusted with blood and he wanders about flinching in pain.

14. The Professional
This vagrant has a nice house in the city and a family he supports be playing at being a beggar for coins in the market.

15. The Street Walker
This prostitute has gone freelance, operating outside of any of the brothels or guilds. She sets her own prices, often steals from clients, and is likely under the influence of a pimp.

16. The Carriage Rider
This Vagrant will catch rides on the rear of passing carriages and wagons. At night he will sneak atop them, or simply jump on the back as one passes. His prime goal is relocation, followed by stealing luggage and goods to fence.

17. The Wet Nurse
This vagrant holds a bundle to her breast, a suckling child and begs for coin. In truth, the 'child' is usually some small animal like a dog or a cat. The locals respond by throwing her in mill ponds when they discover the charade.

18. The Swagman
All of his worldly goods in a bag made of a blanket, the swagman tells tales on streetcorners for coin before packing up and moving on down the road.

19. The Toothless Man
Once a fighter and a drinker, bad diet and fighting have cost this man his teeth, and consequently, his health. Now sickly he begs from those he once bullied and beat.

20. The Diceman
As often female as male, this vagrant carries dice to teach well off children to gamble, often swindling them out of their allowances.

21. Queen of Cats
Crazy as a loon, this vagrant holds court in an alleyway, his courtiers being tomcats and strays. She speaks to them with names and titles, divind up the neighborhood between them.

22. The Old Man
this vagrant has a posse of children, mostly female, that he has trained to work as house breakers and thieves, playing on the innate reaction of people to dirty faced little girls.

23. The Knife
One of the Old Man's proteges, this vagrant has a hidden knife to protect herself, but is more interested in breaking into homes, rooms at the inn, and the like. As mean as a cat!

24. The Itcher
Covered in red marks and scabs, this vagrant has lice and a somewhat contagious skin condition.

25. The Club
a large piece of wood his tool of trade, this young vagrant waylays lower class craftsmen and merchants by bashing them in the head with his club and robbing them of everthing.

26. The Hair-Shirt
This holy man has divorced himself of all worldly possessions to preach the holy message to the poor, and from the corner pulpit. Most consider him crazy, but some wonder.

27. The City Druid
This vagrant is in tune with the nature of the growing city, and can use a variety of druid skills, but are only applicable in the city and in city roles.

28. The Primitive
Adorned with self inflicted scars, piercings, and decorative mutilations, this one wears the agony of the street on his skin for all to see.

29. The Barrow-Man
This vagrant steals dead bodies, what he does with them is unknown, but he is accused of necrophilia, dealing with necromancers, feeding ghouls, and other similar charges.

30. The Street Mage
With a battered book of tattered spells that require no materal components, this failed mage does magic on corners for hand-outs, and is the first taken into custody when something bad magical happens

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31. The Obsessed Artist

This silent woman is possessed of a stunning natural gift for drawing, and is as likely to spend her meager earnings on colored chalk as she is food. During the summer, she creates fantastic murals on the walls of businesses, the undersides of bridges, and even in a clear area of the market square if she can get there before the vendors. Though the authorities dislike her flagrant 'vandalism', she is a favorite among the common folk. She survives the winter by creating portraits with chalk and paper for a few coppers apiece.