Not only is a burn, even a little one, from Balefire even more painful then most burns, but unless treated almost at once, the burnt area, be it big or small, will turn septic. Even the smallest burns will leave a scar, and the large ones are far more likely to be fatal with Balefire then with other types of fire. It burns with a dark green flame.

2-Holy Fire

Found in certain fire related religions such as that of Holy Jove, it is used to light the temple, cook food for the priests, monks or nuns, do certain holy ceremonies with and cremate the dead, and may have curse removing properties too, although to be allowed to use it in this way a donation to the temple is normally needed first.


If the right (and very complex) spells are cast first of all, someone can be chained down on a pyre of Changefire and the dark blue flames has the same affect as The Chair of Life, turning them mentally and physically into somebody else without burning them. Without the proper spells first, it burns just like normal fire and has the same amount of heat.


This can be sent by a competent magic user as a Willow the Wisp to either attract attention or lure people into danger.


Werelight does not burn nor cause pain, and has very little warmth, but does create a very bright light, which is all it is useful for. All but the strongest creatures of shadow will be harmed by werelight and unable to harm somebody who bears it . Casting it for a long period of time, however, is both mentally and over time, physically draining.

6-Fire of Inspiration

He or she who walks through the Fire of Inspiration for the first time will be inspired to create something. A poet will create an epic rhyming ballad, a musician a song, a blacksmith a masterwork weapon or other masterwork item, and a thief will come up with a plan to rob a near unrobbable place with a good chance of success. But it only works once per person and after that it only burns rather then granting a boon.


If a body is burned on a pyre of Deadfire, even if the burning is not fully complete, no ghost or other form of Undead will rise, not even an Urn Beast , nor can whatever remains of the body be raised by necromancy. Some countries, particularly those who have had a problem with the Undead in the past, might make it the law that all corpses have to be cremated using Deadfire. Against the living it is no more dangerous then normal fire.


Quickfire spreads quickly and has a good chance of getting out of control, and is a popular weapon used by magical arsonists. Anything flammable that gets into it goes up in a second, and few places are safe to cast this spell. Most towns and cities ban it's use due to the danger involved.

9-Mathom's Fire

Mathom's Fire will never burn down a house, but refuses to grow bigger then a candle flame, so apart from light has few uses. A candle knocked over onto a flammable surface will cause nothing worse then a scorch mark, but the spell to cast this fire has a 70% Failure rate and often has to be recast several times.


Made by mixing Quickfire with Mathom's Fire, this burns much slower and hotter then a normal fire and only gets out of control if totally untended in a flammable area As it is relatively safe it is one of the more commonly used fire spells. Blacksmiths find it to be very useful in their forges.


If someone has their hands, feet and mouth branded with a branding iron taken from a Magebane fire, they will never be able to cast magic of any kind ever again even after the burns fully heal. A magical weapon or magical item left for even a few minutes in a Magebane fire will lose all of it's magic and only a magic user of archmage level power may restore it's magical state. The anti-magic Hexanjager Order use Magebane fire both to punish magic users that they capture and to forge their armour and weapons with.


Dragonfire is the fire that erupts from the jaws of certain types of dragons and only from dragons and is not easy for mages or scientists to study because of this.


Doomfire is magical fire used in certain militaries to burn through castle walls or entire company sized military units. Many countries have agreed to ban it's use by treaty because it is such a dangerous weapon, and even those who don't are careful not to let the secret of how to cast it get out, because of the chaos that such a spell could cause.


Hellfire causes as much pain as normal fire, yet causes no physical damage to objects. A person can be chained up and left for long periods of time exposed to Hellfire without their bodies or nerves being destroyed or damaged; so the agony goes on and on yet leaves no marks upon the body. The mental damage it causes however is very real. Unscrupulous members of law enforcement sometimes use this to force confessions out of ordinary people.


Only a mage or witch of extreme power can cast this, and it sends out a vastly overpowered blast of flame big enough to set fire to an entire city block. It takes over an hour of chanting within a specialy made pentagram to cast it, however, and during that time the magic user cannot cast any other spell. Obviously law enforcement does not look fondly upon those who would cast this spell, especially in towns.

16-Lie Fire

This special magical fire only burns those who tell a lie. Courts can make someone give evidence whilst holding a hand in the flames of Lie Fire to ensure that perjury is avoided. Or they simply make the accused man place his or her hand in the flames and then say if they are innocent or guilty; if the fire burns the person who says they are innocent, they are assuming to be guily and sentenced accordingly.

17-Truth Fire

This special magical fire only burns those who tell the truth and looks just like Lie Fire and some unscrupulous people have illegally swapped it with the Truth Fire to rig criminal and civil court cases and get the wrong people convicted or the guilty wrongly acquitted. Perhaps the PCs are hired to break into the town courthouse to rig a trial in this way.


Healfire if passed over a wound will remove infection and even curses associated with the wound but it is still fire and burns so one should be very careful when using it to pass it very quickly over the wound.

19-Elemental Fire

This is the living Fire that Fire Elementals are made of and only appears in this world when such elementals are summoned from the Plane of Fire. Summoning a Fire Elemental is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing.

20-Reverse Fire

Reverse Fire is the strangest kind of magical fire because it unburns. Burns from other types of fire are healed, ashes from burnt bodies become unburnt (but still very dead) bodies, and if a house is set on fire it is replaced by a building from long ago. Once a Reverse Fire got out of control in a hot summer and by the time it was finally put out, seven eighths of the city of Seven Hills had been replaced with a far smaller and older city, with the stone walls replaced by wooden walls, the royal palace replaced with a secure but small and drafty stone castle keep, and the money in the bank replaced with gold and silver coins.

In another case, a crematorium was cremating the bodies with normal fire, then uncremating them with Reverse Fire and selling them to a necromancer.


Wallfire forms a high wall of flames that does not spread from the area in which it is cast in. It can be used in cities as a firebreak preventing rampaging fire from doing any more damage until it burns itself out, or it can be used to keep people, animals and Undead out of a place.


Whilst even a small amount of Gagfire burns, no sound is audible within the sight of the flames, and so it is a favourite tool of kidnappers, librarians and exam invigilators to ensure silence. It can be put out in the normal way, and burns, but no more then the flames of a normal unmagical fire.


Longfire is so called because it burns fuel far more slower then normal fire does. If a normal fire will burn a log in an hour, Longfire takes ten hours to burn said log. It is a popular spell during long cold winters to avoid too much gathering of winter fuel.

24-Ball lightning

Effectively this is a bigger fireball spell that does much more damage to it's target and looks really impressive, yet requires relitivly little magical skill to cast.


Seafire when cast within the right kind of underwater pentagram burns underwater, even deep underwater, and is used by the blacksmiths of Merpeople Clans to make metal items and weapons for the great nobles who can afford to pay for such expensive items.


Normally used as a booby trap in a tomb or somewhere else protected by booby traps, it not only burns someone but also inflicts one of 30 Curses upon him or her assuming the person survives the fireball.


If this is lit in the fireplace of someone's bedroom it is said to greatly lower the number of bad dreams which might just be a superstition or might be true depending on the GM.


This kind of magical fire is often used to manufacture magical weapons such as The Sword of Fire. Such weapons are relatively common and cheap compared with other more powerful magical weapons but they burn away to nothing after only a few uses.

29-Fire of Forgetfulness

When a book or a pamphlet or a spell scroll is burnt by the magical Fire of Forgetfulness, everybody within a hundred miles around no longer knows that the burnt item ever existed. When a person is burnt alive by the Fire of Forgetfulness, everybody within a hundred miles around no longer knows that the burnt person ever existed. A certain cruel religion burns priests and priestesses of rival religions and rebel leaders at the stake using this fire, along with burning anything that they have written, causing the ideas as well as the martyrs to be at least locally forgotten and so keeps it's power, wealth and stranglehold on knowledge firmly intact.


Darkfire burns with a black flame and instead of giving off light, it absorbs light into itself and makes the immediate area around it much darker. Although it spreads no faster then non-magical fire and water will put it out, if set at night, it is much harder to see it to fight it or escape from it, and the smoke that comes from any large outbreak of it makes the area darker still. Perhaps bandits set fire to an inn at night whilst the PCs are sleeping and they must try and escape in the pitch darkness without choking on the smoke or falling into the near invisible flames that look like dancing shadows.

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