1-Ring of Lightning

This ring is of silver with a diamond set in it, and when a codeword (which is engraved in gothic script on the inside of the ring) is spoken, it shoots out a bolt of lightning that can pierce even plate armour. Sadly, it is too powerful for the users own good, and a certain amount of blowback results, enough to burn the finger of its wearer clean off. Despite its obvious power, few ever use this twice and most owners chuck it away in disgust.

2-Ring of Hornyness

This ring is of gold and it makes the wearer and those within a foot of him or her become intensely horny. The problem is that only powerful magic will get it off once put on. It was made by a jilted wizard who wanted revenge on his ex.

3-Ring of Mathoms Pleasure

Whoever wears this gold signet ring with Mathoms holy symbol on it is truly blessed by Mathom and acquires the powers of one of His priests The downside whilst wearing it is that it is almost impossible for the wearer and anybody close by to get anything done. It used to belong to Aruangzeb, Mughal of Gremils but one day it fell off his finger and he was too lazy to look for it or get anyone to look for it again. Taking it off requires a great deal of willpower.

4-Ring of Holding

Whilst wearing this copper ring one can hold in the need to urinate or defecate without feeling pain. The downside is that after a day or two the wearer will be poisoned by bodily toxins unless the ring is taken off, which results in instant although thankfully short-term loss of bowel and bladder control.

5-Ring of Good Behaviour

When wearing this silver ring one is compelled to behave properly and politely at all times, even when politeness is not the right tactic to use. If the wearer is female, even the biggest tomboy will have no choice but to be ladylike. If worn by a man then he cannot hit a girl at all. It locks onto the finger for twenty-four hours and when it comes off, the wearer is affected with bouts of foul swearing, cursing and low-level bad behaviour that last for the next two hours or until the ring is worn again, whatever comes first.

It is possible to defend oneself whilst wearing this, but one may not fight *dirty*. In a fight with weapons there may be no backstabbing, if with fists and feet one may not hit someone from behind or kick them between the legs. The ring will not allow its wearer to actually start a fight, although they may come to the aid of another person or animal that is being mistreated.

6-Ring of Bad Behaviour

A student at a school for wizards made this ring who wanted to get a rival in trouble. It has the opposite effect to the Ring of Good Behaviour. Swear words come out involuntarily from the wearers mouth; he burps or farts at the wrong time for it, ect. It often leads to pub brawls.

7-Ring of Bling

It is a chunky gold sovereign ring that has the minor effect of making the wearer look richer and more fancily dressed then he or she is. It also makes a handy knuckleduster in a tight spot. Long-term use makes the wearer proud and haughty.

8-Ring of Wounding

A wound caused on the wearer of this ring appears on the wounders body instead. However, should the wearer wound someone then he or she will be wounded instead, so the best thing to do when wearing this is to turn the other cheek and let the attacker try and do damage to you. If taken off, any wounds caused will appear on the wearers body.

9-Ring of Warmth

This ring is made of Helspar and will keep its finger warm and frostbite free in the coldest and windiest of places. It is not recommended for hot places as it can cause small burns if worn there.

10-Ring of Light

This ring acts like a small pocket torch but cannot be turned off. To hide its light it must be carefully covered up under at least two layers of clothing. It also attracts swarms of mosquitoes and biting flies to the wearer and anyone nearby, more so if in swampy areas.

11-Bardic Ring

This elegant ring of red gold causes its wearer to burst into song when he or she feels scared, angry, happy or in love. Its effects do not end when taken off-to get rid of the spell the ring must be passed to somebody else or thrown away.

12-Ring of Good Cheer

This ring of yellow gold whilst worn will hold off depression and bad feelings but long-term use can lead to the wearer becoming enormously irritating to others to the point where they wont shut up unless gagged or knocked out. Taking off the ring causes extreme unhappiness and often thoughts of suicide.

13-Ring of Levitation

Point to the sky whilst wearing this ring and it will raise you off the ground-sadly, it does so by dragging you up by your finger, causing agonizing pain and after a time, the breaking of your finger bone. Wise users hold it in the palm of their hand before using the spell. To go down again, point your finger down (not easy if said finger is being pulled up into the air).

14-Ring of Silence

Touch your lips whilst wearing this ring and nobody including you or your friends will be able to speak for five minutes. Useful for ambushes but spells cannot be used when under the influence of this ring. Useful for silencing and thus weakening powerful magic-users, and if in a modern campaign irritating mobile phone users.

15-Ring of Honesty.

When wearing this nobody my lie to you, but they may refuse to answer questions, so you cannot for example force an Elf to give you his or her true name. It prevents you lying as well, and those with enough magical power can sense it from up to a mile away. Leave this at the inn if you are trying to find a Dragon or the Dragon will know you are coming.

16-Thug Ring

This ring has no magical power at all, but if you press a jewel on the side of it a small blade pops out of the jewel. Whilst only an inch long it can give a nasty cut and in some models is poisoned with a poison that can cause death. It is highly illegal in the vast majority of countries.

17-Ring of Gullibility

This amber ring, if someone can be tricked into looking at it, can be used to make what its owner says more believable. It is far from all-powerful, a beggar for example could not make people think he was a noble, but it will make people believe things within reason. The more it is used on someone however, the less effect it will have.

18-Ring of False Invisibility

This ring makes its user think noone can see or hear him or her, but in fact it only effects the wearer, with the result that the wearer will always get caught. It is another of those rings made by someone to get a person that he disliked into trouble with the law.

19-Ring of Weight

Hitting someone with this on your finger makes your punch as damaging as if you hit the target with a large brick. The downside with this ring is the fact that despite its small size it is as heavy as a brick and long term carrying, even in a backpack, can make its owner tired.

20-Ring of Strength

This ring makes its wearer strong enough to pick up and throw heavy stuff like a catapult. Unfortunately it has to get the energy from somewhere, and it takes the energy away from the users brain. Even using this for as little as a minute at a time will damage the wearers brain, leading to short term forgetfulness-using it too long will mean that the unfortunate wearer has enough brainpower to eat, drink, and very little else, and if they last longer then an hour the effects will be permanent even if the ring is removed. The user could easily forget he or she is wearing the ring and see anyone who comes near as a threat. Also if anything too heavy is picked up it will either pop a disc in the wearers back or pull the wearers arms from their sockets.

21-Ring of Health

This ring protects the wearer from coughs, colds and other tiresome illnesses. If it is taken off then the illnesses if any are present in the wearers body will combine into something much worse. Also, it is no defence against the more serious diseases and plagues and its wearer may become overconfident and end up very sick indeed.

22-Ring of False Gold

This ring is a magical con-trick, iron enchanted to look like gold with a ruby in the centre. The spell lasts when it is worn and for fifteen minutes after it is taken off. Originally made by a mage who wanted to seem richer then he was, criminals can pawn this for a lot more money then it is worth. It has no other magical properties.

23-Ring of Binding

In reality two rings. When taken off and a certain magical code word is spoken they stick to each other, forming a strong pair of thumb cuffs to put on the hands of the person who you wish to hold captive. Another code word makes them stop sticking. The code words are written on the inside of the rings.

24-Ring of Purity

A foul instrument made in a country that was ruled by a religious dictator, this glows softly in the presence of forbidden romantic relationships. It has been banned in many countries after it was implicated in several *honour killing* type murders.

25-Ring of Unentanglement

This helpful ring, when a codeword is said, will undo chains, ropes, manacles, pillories and even straitjackets. It was made by an escapologist and was the secret of his success, although it cannot work if the restrained person is also gagged. Unlike many magical rings it has no problems associated with it except possible trouble if city guards discover it and its enchantment.

26-Ring of Clean Teeth

Whilst wearing this ring ones teeth will never break, rot, or fall out. If the ring is taken off then any damage that the teeth have had in the time that the ring was worn will happen at once with possible nasty results. Also the ring only protects the teeth and not the rest of the body, something that one or two of its owners have found out too late.

27-Ring of Warning

This ring shrinks slightly in the presence of danger for a couple of seconds, to alert its wearer, but the bigger the danger is the tighter the squeeze. It can risk injuring, breaking or even amputating the finger, so it is not to be taken near dragons, liches, or other sources of great danger.

28-Ring of Giant Wisdom

This ring could give the PCs great powers of wisdom but sadly for them, it was forged for a Giant of the Old Times and is too big and heavy. to be worn even as a bangle. It could be pawned for the gold, but most honest people might well question why the owner has so much gold on him or her.

29-Ring of Undead Recognition

This ring was made for the purpose of uncovering hidden undead, possessed people and other such horrors, and in the moonlight its pearl will glow brightly when any of the above is present. However, in daylight it has a high chance (50%) of a false positive, which could at the least cause great embarrassment and at worst mean that the would be heroes and slayers of undead end up on trial for their lives. The maker was never able to perfect it properly.

30-'A ring
network' and the following poem:

Nine megs for the
secretaries fair,
Seven megs for the hackers scarce,
Five megs for the grads in smoky lairs,
Three megs for the system source.

One disk to rule them all,
One disk to bind them,
One disk to hold the files,
And in the darkness grind them.

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Ring of Weeping Willows

This silver ring is engraved with mysterious runes and will gain a new minor magical ability every time the wearer dips their hand with the ring in a large body of water (lake, river, sea, etc.). Only one enchantment may be gained per water basin. Enchantments are random and range from glowing in a random coloured light to making the toenails of the wearer grow backwards. The enchantments are activated on will, but the ring needs recharging by touching with it the leaves of a living weeping willow (works once a day).