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April 6, 2015, 12:11 am

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7 Market Items

Seven things that a PC could find at a market that could be of some use.

1-A ring

One of the market stalls is selling jewelery. Most of it is semi-precious stones at best, and outright fake at worst, but if the PCs have a magic user in their party then a faint aura of magic is detected coming from one of the rings. Unfortunately the aura is not strong enough to tell exactly what type it is. To decide which it is, the GM should choose one of 30 Rings or if he or she is feeling unkind, it can be a Ring of Procrastination .

2-A ten foot pole

A ten foot curtain pole is being sold, and it is in fact two five feet long poles that interlock with each other and has a bit in the middle that can be twisted to hold them together. These have several uses of their own...(see and a ten foot pole for some ideas.)

3-An image of a god or goddess

An image of a god or goddess is found on a stall selling religious items. It can be anything from a useless encumbrance just taking up weight to something that increases the chance of prayers being granted slightly to something that grants the carrier limited attributes of the god or goddess in question (which could be very annoying if the statue turns out to be Mathom, the God of Delays for example, and pretty useless if the statue is of one of the Placeholder Gods.

4-A Sigal Sword

Old weapons are often found in markets, and this is a magical weapon, a Sigal Sword with either one major enchantment, two middling enchantments or three minor enchantments on it depending on the number of symbols upon it.


Just what it says. They can be meat, fruit, biltong or whatever would fit your came best.
6-A paperweight/knuckle duster

Sold as a paperweight to dodge legal restrictions, this is a hefty knuckleduster capable of winding stomachs, cracking ribs, knocking people out-and breaking your own hand if you punch with it incorrectly.

7-A mouth organ

For when some music is needed on the trail or in the jail cell.

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Comments ( 3 )
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April 12, 2015, 6:52
This is not what I expected, it's random and rather all over the place.

What I expected

1. A chase through the markets
2. A fight in the market
3. A hidden place
4. A Food joint for meeting people
5. Local Color
6. Major landmark or large art
7. Riot
April 18, 2015, 6:06
I have to agree with Scras on this one. I'll abstain for now. It has potential though :)
Voted Aramax
May 7, 2015, 8:28
textbook 3


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