1- Peace Keeper
This officer always keeps a cool head and can talk down even the most wacked out perp. He also manages to keep the diverse personalities of his squad from getting out of hand.

2- Driver
This officer used to be a race car driver. Now he drives a patrol vehicle... fast. In fact, he does everything fast. And he likes fast women. Do you see a trend?

3- Grandpa
This is the old timer, the most experienced field officer out there. He might be a little slower than he used to be, but he has decades of experience backing him up.

4- Billy the Kid
The officer is young and fast on the draw. He has the best handgun scores in the academy. However his temper and attitudes (shoot first, question later) will get him in constant trouble.

5- Captain Cautious
This officer will wait for backup and will only advance if fully equipped and briefed. Always errs on the side of caution. Not the most popular man on the force, as other get hurt while he is suiting up.

6- The Smile
Everyone's friend. He is fun off duty, he is great on duty too.

7- Book
As in by the book. He knows the law and regulations. He is serious as a heart attack about everything.

8- Brains
This rookie is going to be a detective some day. He is smart, perceptive, and cunning.

9- Ninja-man
Hiding behind this clownish attitude is a man who can move as swift and silently as the wind, climb almost anything, and has more cool gadgets than a sharper image catalog. (Spends all his money of cool gear from the Police and Spy catalogs.) If someone has the tech toy checked out of the inventory, it is him. He runs the remote controlled spy bot, uses the infrared camera, and scans the radio lines.

10- Jock
This is the big man on the force. He is big, strong, and surpisingly fast. When the squad needs an intimidating figure, he is it.

11- Ace
He is the quiet laconic type. He is also the finest marksman on the force. He is good at climbing and getting into odd positions like Ninja-man, so he can snipe a target.

12- Beauty
Beauty is not exactly a classically pretty girl. She is a female body builder. She and Jock make a pretty impressive pair. Rumors are they are attached off hours, against department policy.

13- Psycho
While technically sane, this tiny wirery officer put off a totally insane vibe with odd looks, barks, and scruffy hair. People actually find him more scary and intimidating that jock.

14- ActionBoy
This young man fresh out of the academy thinks he is an action hero. He does extreme sports, knows judo, drives like a maniac, and throws himself into a party life.

15- Marine
He was once an Military Policeman on the toughest base in the Military. He looks and acts the part of a total Marine. He will also keep telling you stories about the time he did this, or when his partner and him did that.

16+17 Abbot and Costello
These two average cops are nearly attached at the hip. They have been partners for so long they finish each others sentences and know exactly what the other is doing. They also are constantly verbally sparring and cracking jokes.

18- Hard Ass
This officer takes a hard line against any infringement of the law. Like Book, he knows every rule. Unlike Book this one adds an acidic personality, demeaning remarks, and a serious dose of racial profiling.

19- Ex-Detective
He was once a detective, but a series of unfortunate incidents has him demoted back to patrol. He is cynical and bitter, but still devoted to the force. He helped bust Odd Man's old partner and took him for pity's sake.

20- Snoop
He is a plant for Internal Affairs. He is watching these people carefully looking for something that is wrong.

21- Retirement Guy
There is always one guy counting the days until his retirement. This is that guy. He is even not all that old, but he is striving to survive to his retirement.

22- Righteous Man
He is a good cop. He follows the rules. He cares about people. He can be a little self Righteous at times, but people put up with it.

23- The Odd Man Out
His partner was arrested for dealing drugs, taking bribes, and other illegal acts. He never participated and might of turned a blind eye to some of it. However, he is an honest cop who has to prove himself at every turn. Nobody trusts him except the Ex-Detective... to whom he is excessively loyal.

24- Kung Fu
He is the master of Asian Wisdom and Chinese butt kicking. And he is not even Asian. His partner, Brains is... and finds him slightly annoying.

This man has a secret. He is dealing vigilante justice after hours. He is a mass murderer in their midsts.

26- Cowboy
He is the stereotypical western cowboy turned big city policeman, down to the hat and the twang.

27- K9
He is the guy with the big vicious dog that is actually pretty nice. He is also another well loved officer.

28- Bike
She is your bike cop. She is the fastest in pursuit on the force. Even when she ditches the bike, she can run like the wind.

29- Alphabet
He is ABCD - Acutely Bitter, Cynical, and Depressing. Chronically burned out, he is still on the force despite several negative psych reviews.

30- Cap
This watch commander. He has a parental view over his charges. He covers for them and they will do anything for him.

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