The Mata Hari The Queen Bee. Not a true flesh-peddler, though her physical wiles and lascivious encounters were the stuff of legend. She was not averse to use sex as a weapon by any stretch of the imagnation. She is the Uber-Spy, making her way through kingdoms, courts, and audience chambers, mingling with the leaders of society, immersing herself in politics, and working as a double or even triple agent. Everyone wants her. No one truly knows her.

The Phryne A famous courtesan of Highest Society, she always has her price, but adjusts her prices based on how she feels about individuals emotionally, sometimes it is free. She is the highly educated, refined, half-a-flesh-peddler, half-a-Lady-Who-Lunches.

The-Hooker-With-The-Heart-Of-Gold She had a few bad breaks in life, a few wrong turns, and now finds herself in her current profession. But if the right PC came along, or if it came down to profit or 'listening to her heart', no contest. Helpful and sacrificing every time!

The Newbie/Prude 'Be gentle! Its my first time. Do we have to do that?! Yuck!'

The Impersonator Quite adept at subtle disguise, muted lighting, and mannerisms which attempt to mimic that of an elf, or other exotic, in-demand races.

The Gang of Dopplegangers Perhaps the most dreaded of all prostitutes in large, cosmopolitan cities, many an adventurer has bedded one of these creatures, none the wiser. A bigger operation could involve an actual doppleganger pleasure palace...'Sleep with anyone you desire..just describe the person in detail! Or how about someone famous?'

The Jack-the-Ripper's Type These are the bawdy, raunchy, often slovenly, and always poor and destitute ladies akin to the streetwalkers of the fog-filled Victorian docks, alleys, and pubs. They are often found murdered or conversely, are able to provide invaluable street information. 'Oy, Guv'ner, a bit o' poony for a pence?'

The Pear-Blossom, She-Who-Sighs-Pleasures Perhaps most exotic of all, evoking distant lands and times, this is the member of a Harem, the pleasure-slave of rulers, governed and defended by eunuchs and usually leopards. Some concubines acquired near-mythic attributes through tales and legends revolved around the famous ones. The price of a ruler's 'prized' concubine was often astronimical.

The Nightfox This is the master swindler. She will sleep with you, but rob you blind, without you even realizing it. Her ploys and schemes may be basic, or well-planned out tactics, with long-term goals of super-purloinment.

The Rosy-Cheeked Madame Likable, pleasant, clever, almost matronly, this is the woman who dispenses the talent but does not herself participate. Instead, she hobnobs with the customers, searches out new talent, and keps peace in the henhouse. Its impossible not to like her. She's so darn friendly and understanding, and accomodating to customers.

The Specialist This is the niche expert. No matter what your miserable vice is, there is a specialist to be found. The good ones develop quite distinct reputations by word of mouth.

The Hermaphrodite Not a true specialist, since this condition isnt chosen as a profession, this is that mysterious creature of nature, which some cultures consider taboo, while others consider divine. The good ones can easily pass for either sex.

The Aileen Wuornos This one is bad, bad news. Due to her life experiences and psyche, this is a stone-cold killer of men. Motive? Thats the scray part. Her motive is that your a male, you should be slowly tortured and killed. She lures victims with prostitution, and buries their remains where they cannot be found. She is also quite capable of eating your remains. No mess, no fuss.

The St. Paulies Girl This is the anti-Aileen Wuornos. Pleasant company indeed! The quintessential tavern server, with golden locks, and heaving bossoms spilling over her corset. Her smile is warm and infectious, and her buttocks is frequently pinched. Sometimes she'll shag for money, sometimes she wont. But even if she turns you down, she'll do it with a gentle, happy smile, leaving you feeling...happy. Her talent of swigging a multitude of ale mugs is legendary.

The Whore of Babylon 'the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.' (Rev. 17:1-2 KJV). A being of supreme evil in ancient Christian and Rastafarian sects.

The Slattern This one loves her job too much, if thats possible. She charges very little, has no hang-ups or distastes, and will often not charge anything.

The Giggolo The handsome, smooth, sly, con-artist (usually). A lover of women, especially those a bit older, a bit richer, and a bit more titled. Cassanova, Romeo, Lothario, and Don Juan, all rolled up into one.

The Desperado The drug-addicted. She is a mess. Her addcition is slowly destroying her. She will do anything to get that next fix. Men often fall into this lamentable category as well.

The Midnight Cowboy The tragic John Voigt character in the movie of the same name. A poor, confused run-away who resorts to selling himself on the mean streets.

The Political Scandal Queen This is a woman of a certain profession, who manages either malevolently, ambitiously, or unknowingly to plunge herself in the midst of an awful scandal, often involving nobles, young heirs, shocked mothers and fathers, media frenzies, secrets, betrayals, and blackmail. This revrberating ripple can even bring down a government.

The Diseased and Highly Contagious This is the afflicted. They suffer (and spread) awful viruses and maladies. Some are embarrasing, some annoying, some painful, some deadly. Nuff said.

The Sexual Ninja know the type. Tight, tight, tight, bodysuit, killer heels, killer-eyes, katana in hand. A Yakuza dragon tattoo down her thigh. She is a contract assasin, whose cover or modus operandi is working as a high-priced call girl.

The Dirty Half-Orc The dirty orc is a half breed, and has been slowly degraded and destroyed by years of prostitution. As a result, there is no act to base, no vice to vile for this prostitute. For her the revolting is normal, kindness is a cruel ruse, and mercy is a game played by the merciless.

The Pimp, Mr. Whitefolks The name pimp conjures up all the appropriate imagery and detail. These are the brutes of the sex trade, coralling their victimized marks into stables, and protecting their investments and turfs, like fighting roosters.

The Geisha The penultimate dancer, musician, and artist, as well as male entertainer. A submissive, yet rigid mistress of her ancient profession. She goes way beyong the sexual, providing complete mental and physical satisfaction.

The Whoremongering Slaver Usually obese, bare-chested, bald and hairless, these men are fond of cat-o'-nine tails and studded whips. They are usually greasy, ugly, and highly unpleasant. They are often either coming from or going to some distant exotic land by ship or by caravan, with wretched and mistreated slaves, both girl and boy, both of age and not. The slaver is of course a cruel master and sadist. The Slaver differs from the Pimp, in that the Slaver is a classic fantasy rpg foil. A bad guy everyone loves to hate.

The Heidi Fleiss & The Sidney Biddle Barrows Somewhere between Rosy-Cheeked Madame and Pimp, this is the calculating, manipulative business-woman, who herself has little love of the physical aspects of her profession, but is an entrepeneur extraordinaire. The latter of the two, is aristocratic and gentile, while the former hip and modern.

The Nymphomaniac The pleasure-seeker, she is the greatest one of her kind. While the Slattern is usually just bored or desirous of affection or attention, the nymph, is completely and fully obsessed with sex. Licentious and wanton

The Girl Next Door This is the ingenue who mesmerizes a PC, and seems properly innocent, carefree, and lovely. In reality, she is desperately looking for a way out of her predicament, the sordid world of the sex-trade. There are usually dangerous people after her, and whichever sap is smitten by her. Their is often stolen money involved. She's a user, but its not impossible for her to cast away her 'evil ways', with the help of a kindly putz, and sometimes, the PC and the tramp fall in love.

The Arm Candy Paid to be seen with. What happens in private with the client varies. The important thing is that she is seen as a trophy, a prize. Bragging rights for the rich, old, ugly and bald men of the world. She is often required to pass for a wife and noblewoman, and has the acquired skill of being able to 'talk-the-talk'.

The Disgraced & Vanquished She is the former heiress or countess of a ravaged land, now participating in the once-unthinkable and unimaginable. Often in history, when one group of people conquered another, as an exclamation point, the victors would force or sell the noble wives and daughters into slavery, particularly of the sexual variety. This was a final slap on the face for the vanquished.

The Succubus & Incubus The ubiquitous demonic and half-demonic purveyers of lust and destruction. These well-known, but little understood creatures, frequently take the form of human harlots and giggolos, particularly in large cities, when bored or feeling especially mischievious. What may come of these horrid unions between the Mocking-Lust of the Abyss and human flesh, is anyone's guess.

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