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August 26, 2006, 8:32 pm

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30 Temple Priests


It is a good sized temple with all the appropriate attendents. Who is in the temple running it?

1- The ArchPriest
He is the older priest in charge.  He believes in a strict following of the faith and its tenets, including many of the older forms that have fallen by the wayside.  He expects the others to know these forms and follow them, but he never explains them or tells the others about them.

2- First Prelate
He is a middle aged priest. He knows the local DiPriest (ArchPriest’s boss) from their training.  He thinks he was sent here to “keep an eye on things”.  He thinks since he was “of the same class” as the DiPriest and several other high ranking officials, that he is being groomed for such positions.  He keeps trying to give orders, but the others follow the ArchPriest’s or Prelate’s directions. He keeps sputtering on about “How the DiPriest will hear of this…”. He dreams of getting some empowerment from the DiPriest and taking over.

3- Prelate
He who has the real power in the temple.  Since the ArchPriest is not very worldly, the Prelate deals with all the practical matters of running the building and tending to the worshipers.  He is a smart, good looking, youngish middle aged man who tooks his priestly vows when he was quite young.  

4- The Monk
He has been a priest at the Temple for so long, even the Archpriest does not quite remember when he first came. He will occasionally perform temple duties such as worship and celebration, but most of the time he lives in quiet contemplation and prayer.

5- First Celebrant
He is the public face of the Temple. He performs most worship services and celebrations, as well as various rites. He is a charismatic man, but not very practical.

6- Minister
He is one of the rank and file priests like the Monk and First Celebrants. While he will do his temple worship and celebration duties, he does most of his work outside the temple… admid the worshipers.  He is the most active in the community itself.  The local lord/ goverment find him a thorne in their side, as he is always advocating for the people.

7- Minister’s flunky
This is an acolyte, a priest in training, who thinks the Minister is the greatest thing since The Faith was created.  While the Minister is idealistic, the flunky is a fantatic. He occassional scares people with his “zeal”.

8- The Fat One
This priest came to the temple from another one a good journey away about the same time the ArchPriest took over.  Both have aged gracefully here and stayed in their exact positions. He is a humble friendly man who is content to serve his entire lifetime in this very temple.

9- Sohi
This warrior is not a priest, but simply bound to the temple as its guard and protector much the way a Knight is to a Lord.  This position is becoming rarer and rarer these days, but the Arch Priest insists they have at least one. The Sohi is an ex military type of the local army and is more spit and polished than most. Think Ex-Marine and you have it. The Sohi is protective of the Illuminated one.

10- Warrior Acolyte
This acolyte has been sent to the Temple to learn the priestly ways. That is too boring for this bundle of energy. He helps the Sohi who is teaching him military ways. He is the temple cat’s caretaker.

11- Travelling Priest
This priest is from a far away land, with an odd language and some odder customs.  However, he knows the faith quite well.  He will return home some year, but for now, he is attached himself to the Temple.

12- Librarian
This acolyte will be a priest some day.  Right now he takes care of most of the scribely and scholarly duties at the Temple. (Or at least those that the Prelate is not doing.)  He loves his scrolls.

13- The Brat
This acoltyte has been brought to the church by his rich noble family so he will eventually take the vows of a priest.  Unfortunately, he is not ideally suited to that vocation. He still tries to act the noble lordling. The Sohi might make him wield a weapon in a time of trouble, but he will find the Brat is a poor warrior.

14- The Illuminated
This young one has been touched by the Divine. He is still training to be a priest, but in many ways he knows more than most priests.  The Prelate is trying to keep the boy a secret from everyone, as they might take advantage of him.

15- Blacksmith
This acolyte was a blacksmith’s son and is built like it. He is big, huge, and muscular for his age. He is an orphan, left to live with the Temple. He may someday be apprenticed to a smith like his father.

16- Sneaky One
This ex-thief was given to the temple as an Orphan to be taken care of. While he is not priestly in orientation, he has comfortably taken to the life of an acolyte. He no longer thieves, except when someone really rich refuses a proper donation to the church.  Then the rich person finds their purse a bit lighter on the way out.

17- Voice of Deity
This acolyte is a mere month away from being a full priest (by taking the vows, tests, etc).  He is a devout and proper priest already. He also has the most incredible singing and chanting voice anyone has ever heard.  He watches over the acolytes as they are his flock.

18- Voice’s Brother
This acolyte is a bit farther away from taking his vows. He, like the Prelate, is quite worldly. The two brothers make quite a contrasting pair.  While “The Voice” takes a paternal interest in the acolytes, the Brother does all the real work with them.  The Prelate is not sure what to do with him… either to let him go into the world or make him the next prelate.

19- The Smart One
This one is both the scholar and the card sharp/ con man. He is quite like The Face, except he views religion as a dodge/ con/ hustle, rather than a devout following. He is one of the Three Guardsmen, the three priests from the same class at a large Temple not far from here. They are all assigned their first “learning” position here.

20- The Loud One
One of the Three Guardsmen, the three priests from the same class at a large Temple not far from here. They are all assigned their first “learning” position here. This man is large, boisterous, and prone to the fire and brimestone approach to preaching to the masses.

21- The Quiet one is the last of the Three Guardsmen, the three priests from the same class at a large Temple not far from here. They are all assigned their first “learning” position here. He is actually being a priest as his “cover”. He is actually an agent (spy) for the government. He will serve as a priest at a potentially rebels (or at least trouble maker’s) household… to head off trouble and warn the government of what is brewing.  He finds the hijinx of the Smart One admusing.

22- Plotsman
He digs the graves for the Temple’s worshipers dead. (If the religion does not do this, he does the unpleasant job of doing the dirty work for a funeral.)  He is a disagreeable fellow who robs the dead of their grave goods and will do some body snatching for the local “bad person” if needed. He lives in and around the internment grounds in an old shack and is technically part of the Temple staff.

23- The Craven
This is an intinerate priest who is staying with the Temple at the moment. He is a frightened mouse of a man. He was once a nobleman’s son, but he was soft and weak. His father rejected him for his younger son.  Thrown to the world, he became a priest.

24- Healer
This healer works with the Minister in supporting the population.  Depending on the faith, the Healer may or may not be a priest. The Healer used to be the Healer of an important man, who died under the healer’s care.  That death still haunts the Healer.

25- Healer’s Apprentice
This acolyte mostly carries the Healer’s things. However, he has learned a thing or two about healing. He might even have “the gift”.

26- The Female Scholar
This young lady spends much of her time at the Temple learning about The Faith. She is not vowed to the Temple in any way (and is forbiden to do so by her family), but treat her like an acoltyte. 

27- Soul Cat
Yes, this is a cat. It also is much smarter than a normal cat and has the ablity to see and hear spirits. The Sohi is aware of the cat’s pecular abilities. The Prelate is more skeptical, being a more secular priest, but is willing to keep an open mind.

28- Sanctuary
He was a young bravo a few years ago. However, he killed the wrong man in a duel. He came to the temple and claimed sanctuary. He has changed over the year becoming more and more an acolyte than a prisoner. Note, there are still people watching the temple looking for him.

29- Caretaker
This middle aged man has been an acolyte for longer than most of the priests have been priests.  He never wants to take his final vows.  However he is the one who cooks, cleans, and helps maintain the temple.

30- Pots
Pots is a young child who was left at the Temple one day.  He has been taken and raised by the caretaker. He might go off and find his way in the world some day or he might take over his “da’s” job at the temple.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted valadaar
August 26, 2006, 19:51
This is a good '30 xxxx' submisson - the detail one each is good enough to capture them and make this useful.
Voted Cheka Man
August 26, 2006, 21:57
I like the Smart One most.
Voted Murometz
August 26, 2006, 22:38
Ok, I get it now. I think. Did you just switch the 30 format again? I like this better! We are not doing Archetypes as I was led to believe. (perhaps my fault)

So I can take a..ummmm..lets say, the Royal Mountaineers Society's Guildhouse, and actually blurb-detail thirty members? actual NPCs that make up the Society? Does that work for you?
August 27, 2006, 16:24
Read the original 30's post. I underlined a section that many of you seemed to have missed.

But they can be less specific groups. The police postings posts 30 people in a department of hundreds. So it is 30 people in that generic grouping.

I also added this two days ago:
Note: If the profession is a lonely one, i.e. there will only be one or such in a given place, then listing individual types is appropriate. Kings and Barkeeps are examples of these.
Voted Scrasamax
August 27, 2006, 11:10
I like this 30 quite well, with the more militant members and the cat being favorites.
Voted manfred
August 31, 2006, 5:42
What they said. Good '30' post, possibly the most liked by myself so far.

Send my regards to the cat!

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