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April 8, 2011, 8:49 pm

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“Sir, Legatus Suuhai has commanded us to hold and prepare for flank attacks from the enemy. He said we are to hold and be ready to sweep among them. Your order?

Order? If Legatus Suuhai says to hold then we wait. He among the half breeds I respect. He stands like a bastion of strength when those stronger leave puddles at their feet. He says hold, we hold. But tell the others, soon we shall run and blood shall spill this day at our hooves and claws and the Dark Moon shall reign superior yet again.”

Sedecim Ductor Octavious - Commander of the 6th Divortium of the Army of Blades.

Race : Centaur
Appearance : They have the lower body of horse or large feline with the upper body is that of a male or female humanoid with grotesque caricature for a face.
Height : 7’ tall at shoulder
Weight : 800 lbs

The Centaur breeds of the half breeds are a unique creature among the demons. They have the lower body of either a horse or deer, or a number of large feline animals such as panthers, lions, and the like. Their upper body is that of a male or female humanoid with grotesque caricature for a face. Sometimes they will have only a single eye or three or four. Their mouths are open is vicious snarls with jagged teeth. The feline versions are usually more intelligent and therefore are the commanders of their cavalry units. They will wear armor, but it is more barding than actual armor and is in pieces so not to be bulky.

Unlike their other half breed cousins, the Centaur can inter breed themselves. They are an entire half bred culture that is now used by their demon masters as cavalry troops. Because of their ability to interbred, unlike the other half breeds they are treated with a small sense of respect. Not that being one of the Fel’Krethsh brings much of a respect but they are treated with a fair number of honors being placed in their own units under the command of one of their own.

Distinguishing Traits:
Other than being able to breed, their best trait is their form. They are great units for cavalry as they can attack well in mass and literally sweep over their enemies in a horde that is fast and mobile. Their commanders, and some of their special units, have the more agile bodies of the panthers and other felines. They use their speed to their advantage and make decent murder units as they speed through the enemy ranks killing a single target and speed out in the cloak of darkness. They are swift and disciplined, even for demons.

The oddity about these half breed demons beyond their breeding habits, are their constant struggle for superior battle tactics. Where most demons simple use rage and numbers to over power their enemies, the Cohorts of the Dark Moon units struggle for unity and superiority. When they are not on the battlefield they train their calvary units to perfection. They have even been known to pull slaves from their pits to use as fodder for practice.

They are vicious and loving of war and battle. They have few family values other than mating, which they do regularly. They respect their masters only for their strength, however when one shows weakness they show contempt and disrespect without fear. On the battlefield, if a master commands them and shows weakness they will usually pounce on them in the instance and tear them to pieces. The Da’Sregt of the noble class does not usually respond to this as their life is survival of the strongest and showing weakness to a slave deserves death.

They are a growing force among the demon race that has caused questions to be raised among the nobles. Should they continue to breed the fear is they will outnumber the nobles. This isn’t a fear that is sound however as the Centaur have no desire to rule, just to war.

Centaurs are extremely social in their own groups. They usually stay within groups of twenty, which is seen as a family clutch. Because they are the only half breeds who can produce offspring, they treat each other more warmly and openly then any other demon kind. They respect their masters only if they show and exhibit strength and superiority. They can not abide weakness in any form and are extremely hungry for the thrill of battle. They are a somewhat honor bound sub race of demons in their own right. But this honor is only limited to their own kind and those who they think are their betters.

They are very hard on their offspring to the point where a percentage do not survive their first few years. They stress discipline and perfection, a light in the see of darkness that are the demon kind. From their first breath they fight for their right to be among the Dark Moon units. The best, and really only, calvary units the demons have.

Centaurs are not very religious in the sense of worshiping the God King. They do however, worship an ideal of battle. When near or at the sacrifice pits their voice crys out to the God King as much as the others, but that is just a name they give to an ideal. Having been to the world of men, they know of others who have power. They have heard of the fall of their God King at the hands of mortals and Gods and feel shame to be a part of that. To be part of a religion that worships a fallen God. Or so they think. Caedmon, who fell in the War of the Gods on Hewdamia, was in fact the demon God King, come to the world to open the Gates of Forlorn and unleash a plague of demons on the world. But he failed and the Centaurs know this, even if the others do not.

Because of this they worship an ideal that can not be destroyed, that can not be killed. The ideal of battle, of war, and of death. They understand that no matter how many Gods die and are born, as long as there is breath in two men of opposite opinions, there will be war. For that they worship.

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 24, 2006, 12:55
Demon centuars.I like them.I think their God would be one of war.
January 24, 2006, 15:03
I had orginally thought of making them worship of god of war, however with their knowledge that gods can die they chose to worship something far more everylasting than the divine.

Conflict. As long as two people remain there will be war and conflict. That is the only true everlasting and immortal essence to them.
January 25, 2006, 11:06
One comment, run not ride...

But tell the others, soon we ride and blood shall spill this day at our hooves and claws .

Nobody is riding them...
January 27, 2006, 9:04
Voted MoonHunter
January 25, 2006, 11:07
Missed my vote. sorry.
Voted valadaar
August 31, 2006, 20:13
These are pretty cool - a force of these would make mortals tremble!
September 1, 2006, 8:42
That they do...

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