As they travel across the countryside, the adventuring party is accosted by a small, black Wyvern. He demands that they follow him to see his master, alternately threatening, cajoling, and bribing them with gemstones and minor magic trinkets to do so.

Should they choose to follow the beast, he will lead them through a warren of twisty tunnels to a great cavern, one that opens up over a cliffledge perfect for its inhabitant to take flight from. Ensconced in that great cavern, lying atop a massive pile of gold and assorted artifacts will be Jaelric the Black, an elder black dragon enormously beyond the ability of the party to kill. Jaelric, as he lies there, is wheezing pathetically, though he will attempt to rise as the adventurers enter, at least pushing the front of himself up to look well down at the human creatures. The pile of gold beneath his head will be coated with a rather disgusting mucus, one that few will want to theive from.

What Jaelric wants, you see, is a cure for his illness, which has now plagued his nigh perfect constitution for several days. If asked, he will describe his symptoms in exquisite, stomach churning detail, and even allow the adventurers some limited observation. (In reality, it's nothing more than a very nasty common cold.) The adventurers will have two days to find either a cure for his illness or a remedy for his symptoms, which should come from some folk-tales with some difficult-to-obtain materials. (cue standard spelunking/forest trip).

Should the remedy be effective, the humans will be richly rewarded with gold, though no artifacts will be issuing forth from the horde today. Should the remedy be ineffective, the humans will be treated with contempt. Should the remedy prove harmful from poor mixing / improper ingrediants, Jaelric's wyvern servants will attempt to kill the party. Jaelric himself will have difficulty fighting, due to his shortness of breath, but if attacked, will respond in kind.

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