The old noble name of the family has been struck from the records and a death sentence is on the head of any who speak its name, such is most of the punishment for the family's attempted rebellion. They are called The String because of the magical part of the punishment.

The Family was cursed with a powerful curse, the curse of total obedience. They will do what ever they are told. The family line will do this down the generations. They are now puppets on strings to those who know of the curse.

Of course the children were fostered to a variety of houses, and a few bastards were located because of the curse. Those who knew of the curse kept in track of the children for they saw the potential.

The Adults and older children were punished by being kept at court as servants. They are called the Puppets are often have their faces painted as garish puppets and dressed in equally garish clothing. There lives are a living hell. Yet some of them are still tapped to be a member of the String.

The Master of Intelligence is the main user of The String. He has a masterful way with words and a cunning intellect. (He has left a small tract on how to handle The String, in the state code, for future Masters). With a few careful words, he turns any member of The String into a perfect assassin or spy. He has even given some of The String special training, as they are obedient to any command, but not always compentent in its execution - despite the magic's compulsions. The children are now growing into proper young people, and being placed in key places and a few odd ones, so they can be utilized at a moment's notice. Some of the younger were sent to foreign homes, where they were unsuspecting or unknowing of the curse. Other than being well mannered, no one in these foreign lands truly suspects what these fosters are. They are the Master of Intelligence's aces in the future games of state.

The Strings are living somewhat normal lives, fitting in perfectly (as they were told to do), until the day they will be turned to the purpose of state by The Master.

Note: the children of the puppets are also being fostered, so they will renew the string... and a few of the string have been turned into brood mares, to ensure a steady supply of spies and assassins of total loyalty.

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