This is a Tea and Klah shop on the corner of two large streets. The streets meet at an odd angle, so the Corner Klah is a odd pie wedge shaped establishment. The walls are thick light ocre plaster. Dominating the rear of the building is a large dark wood "bar" in back where the drinkcrafters make their teas and klah. There are too many tiny round wooden tables with matching chairs for the oddly angled space. Patrons tend to pull some tables outside (in all sorts of weather) to avoid the noise inside for the noise outside (the intersection of two busy neighborhood streets). Though spindly looking, the furniture is the same dark brown wood the bar is and are exceedingly tough. Tiny windows and some Ball Lamps 1283 lighten up the gloom inside the building.

The Corner Klah is one of those places you go to find people. This is a place where those of indeterminate employment can be found. Chimney sweeps, handycrafters, paintcrafters, and the occasional house cleaner can be found here, drinking Tea or Klah, waiting for someone with an odd job to show up. Some say that the Corner Klah at the Intersection is where one might be able to find those who handle VERY ODD jobs, if you get my meaning. Ask around, you might even find someone who finds someone to handle your every need.

Peterus is a heavy set, slightly round man, with jowels forming. He is always sitting at "HIS TABLE", something near the back near the feeble fire that heats water keg used to make the somewhat okay Klah and Tea served here.(Good thing the baked goods come from some place else down the street, or this place would have no redeeming qualities). He is the man to know.

There are always a few young lads looking for some odd coins who run his messages (or take them to the messager guild).

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