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July 14, 2007, 5:33 pm

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Selyn DeJaod


Blurring the line between black and white, Selyn DeJaod is one of the last surviving Blaze Knights of old.

Special Equipment:

Burning Helm:

Hand-forged over a long period of weeks, the famous Burning Helms of the Blaze Knights are now extraordinarily rare. Resembling a normal visored helmet made of particularly bright steel, these helmets are unremarkable save for their inherent beauty and a series of swirling rune-forms and sigils. Each of these lines glistens slightly in light.

The lines themselves are actually filled with a psycho-reactive chemical called prometheum. When a Blaze Knight chooses, he or she can cause the helmet to burst into flame with a mere thought. This creates a terrifying inferno around the Knight, and is what gives them their unique title.

Sublime Razor:

The Sublime Razor is not inherently magical, but is rather a unique sword wielded skillfully by DeJaod. Crafted in a curious pistol grip, this sword is thicker and shorter than most. Its small size allows it to be easily concealed, and its thick blade ensures that any wound may cause the victim to bleed out quickly and efficiently. The unique curvature of the blade also make it more difficult to block quickly, allowing DeJaod to cause fatal wounds quickly.


Like much of DeJaod’s weaponry, this springbolt is beautiful and deadly. Though heavily ornamented with baroque, gold-chased symbols of fire, the springbolt is surprisingly light and easy to maintain. DeJaod’s skill with it is not a great with that of her sword, but she is still a deadly adversary and is fully capable of dropping a quick flurry of shots into her foes before closing to fight.


Piercing blue eyes watchful from behind an armored helm, it is clear that Selyn DeJaod is not an ordinary errant cavalier. Standing with a posture of regal authority seen only in nobility and aristocracy, her helmeted head reaches a hand’s-breadth short of six feet tall. Imposing, intelligent, and always seen with an expression of haughty contempt- she is a knight who stares demonic aberrations in the face with nothing more than a single arched eyebrow.

Due to her oath to the Blaze Knights, DeJaod is always dressed in the traditional robes of blue and white. Surprisingly, each layer of cloth is sewn around a thin layer of chain- even without armor, DeJaod is capable of fighting. Despite this precautionary measure, it is a rare thing indeed to see her without her armor, an ornately-decorated suit of white steel and sapphire.


Though considered a Knight of sorts, DeJaod does not follow a strict code of chivalry. Like the handful of Blaze Knights that still survive, hers is a code of life and power. DeJaod is fully capable of helping a peasant in need if it will help her quest- and just as likely to run his through with her Razor for the same reason. However, she is more inclined towards law than towards chaos, and despises shows of weakness. She is unlikely to stoop to cowardly ambush or disguise, but sometimes does out of a matter of necessity.

Born in an age of turmoil, DeJaod never knew her parents. She was found swathed in blankets at the front door of a cathedral, and the monks took her for their own. As the child grew older, she began to develop a fiery and belligerent nature. Shrugging off the orders of the monks, she became boisterous at best and vulgar at worst. From this she garnered the nickname "Selyn", which means "Frozen Arrogance" in the long last tongue of some lost civilization.

As she grew older, Selyn began to control and master her inner fire. She used this as a focus for other things- learning, praying, and most importantly, fighting. At a young age, she often snuck out to the village in order to play Sticks with the other minors of the village. After eight years of constant practice, she had become more than adept with a weapon, especially for an eighteen year-old woman raised in a cathedral.

Thus did the Patriarch find her, a pious woman with a fiery spirit and a thirst for knowledge.

He brought her to a secret wing of the church, one known not for prayer but for war. The elite fighting core of Knights that pursued the Church’s will. The Blaze Knights. DeJaod trained for another ten years, mastering hundreds of skills from tracking to archery. When she finally emerged from her novicehood at the age of twenty eight, she fully expected to join a holy crusade with her fellow Knights.

The cathedral was annihilated in a towering inferno the night of Selyn’s birthday. Witnesses describe an unholy god moving through the flaming ashes, bringing insanity and pain with a mere touch. When the blaze had cleared, four Knights and none of the clergy remained. The bitter irony that their life had been destroyed by the very force they relied on to smite their enemies drove the Knights into exile, fighting a war of vengeance against the demon that had destroyed their lives.

Now thirty four, Selyn will stop at nothing to end her quest for divine retribution. One day, the underworld will quake at her fiery passing, and the demon will know the full fury of the Blaze Knights.


- The adventurers find a regal knight tormenting a peasent with a golden rapier. Little do they know the serf is a creature of vile darkness in disguise.
- A cloaked figure is staring at the figures in a local tavern, unnerving them slightly.
- A Knight confronts the players, asking them for help with her holy quest.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted EchoMirage
May 29, 2005, 6:33
The descriptions are nice, but still Selyn remains one-dimensional.
Consider: what does she live for except for vengence? Bingo.
Very few people 'work' 24h a day, and neither will she. How is she like during her 'free; time?
How does she react to matters NOT pertaining to her quest? Will she just say "bad command or file name" anytime the PCs adress a topic not related to demonhunting and battle... ignoring them?
A low-end 3.
May 29, 2005, 10:51
I like this fundementally. Just a couple of things.

1) She is one dimensional. Even the Jedis were not one dimensional. What Echo said.

She needs ROLEPLAY NOTES, telling how to play this character.

2) All the Knights were in the Cathedral? Weren't there some Knights actually on assignements?

3) There was only one "center" for the knights? You mean there isn't another citadel or cathedral in another country that the Knights had.

IS SHE THE LAST ONE? It seems to be implied in the write up.

4) The cathedral was annihilated in a towering inferno the night of Selynâs birthday. Witnesses describe an unholy god moving through the flaming ashes, bringing insanity and pain with a mere touch.

Okay, this is just a more poetic version of the I'M AN ORPHAN CLICHE. This annoyed me.

5) For the continuity, write up the organization, its equipment, and history and linked it back to this character (and the character back to it) or its own thread. The items can be included in that or listed as items on the first page, linked back to the organization thread/ post.
May 29, 2005, 13:36
Yeah, well.
I have nothing else to suggest (I hate it when that happens!)
Reminds me of the Jedi, by the way.

Voted Ancient Gamer
July 14, 2007, 16:28
Only voted
Voted manfred
July 14, 2007, 17:35
It has been really said already.
May 8, 2009, 9:51

Sorry, Warhammer nerd. Needed to be said.
Voted valadaar
April 5, 2013, 11:51
Existing comments cover what I would say, apart from _guessing_ a springbolt is a gun.
Voted Moonlake
June 11, 2013, 23:01
A solid 3
*Commented on for the Commenting Challenge

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