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November 11, 2005, 6:24 pm

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The Regalia of Dominion


A set of mighty jewelled artefacts, each keyed to one of the eight domains of magic. Once wielded by the Lords of the High Council of Linnarson, today they have been scattered to the four winds: some lost, some destroyed, and some in the hands of the mighty.

This post is a bit like Ria’s “10 most dangerous places in the world” in that it is actually a set of items, not all of which are (individually) fully developed. I will add links as I post the items.

Draw closer unto the fire, young one, and hearken of my tale. Long years ago it was that the Emerald Sceptre, first of the Regalia of Dominion, was crafted in the mage city of Linnarson. Wise and skilled were the craftsman of Linnarson, and soon were seven more mighty artefacts made, one for each domain.

Of great power were they, as mighty as the finest wizards the world has ever seen could make, crafted by the city, for the city. Held in trust by the eight Lords of the High Council of Linnarson, passed on from Lord to Lord as a symbol of authority, for many centuries were they wielded with wisdom, till Linnarson was lost.

This then, was the Regalia of Dominion, sung rightly of old.

Least amongst them were the three items wielded by the triumvirate of Ur-Lords, most junior of the High Council of Linnarson. The Rod of Health, crafted of finest birch set with topazes, possessing the ability to cure any illness and even to heal the undead, held by the Ur-Lord whose authority was over the health and well-being of Linnarson. Secondly the Ring of Conflict, a thick ring of onyx, possessing the ability to calm a hostile crowd or to fan the flames of discord. Wielded by the Ur-Lord whose authority was the law and order of Linnarson, this ring that could do so much good may be the cause of much of the harm in our world today. And finally the Ring of the Mind, a braided ring of bronze studded with dozens of tiny zircons that granted great insight and wisdom to the wearer; this was wielded by the chief researcher of the Lords.

Mighty than these were the four great sceptres of elemental powers, wielded by the four full Lords of the High Council. The Emerald Sceptre of finest mahogany, first of the Regalia,  which gave power over the domain of earth. This was wielded by the Lord in charge of defence. Its counterpart was the fearful itm=326 of gold, master of the fire domain and most destructive of the Regalia; the Lord whose province was war. Of fine silver and white gold was the Sapphire Sceptre of air, wielded by the Lord of foreign affairs. And finally there was the Pearl Sceptre; wrought of silver and steel, it gave dominion over the domain of water. Its wielder had charge of trade and commerce.

Yet greatest of all was the Diamond Crown, worn by the High Lord, first among equals of the High Council of Linnarson. Wrought of finest silver and gold and studded all about with diamonds, the wearer of the Diamond Crown was granted dominion over the domain of pure energy and power.


- The germ of this idea came from the gemstone magic thread in the forums. http://www.strolen.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1240

These are intended to be very powerful items, not the sort to be handed out randomly to your PCs. I basically forsee them being used in one of two ways.

1) As part of the regalia of a powerful kingdom or empire (either all worn by one person or spread out as I stated above). In this case it would be a case of general world background (though the PCs might occasionally see them being used). After all, if you were running a roleplay set in England, you would probably not (in a realistic game) have the plot be stealing the crown jewels.

2) As part of the legendary material of the world (if the original kingdom has fallen and they have been scattered). Everyone would have heard of these and there would be lots of legends about them. The odd one might have been found and be in the hands of a mighty mage; there would also be rumours and fake ones, etc. In this case one of the items could have an entire campaign based around it (e.g. in the hands of the final bad guy).

3) I am about to post a plot on another way to use them.

Magical Properties:

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Comments ( 6 )
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May 17, 2004, 17:17
"And finally there was the Pearl Sceptre; wrought of silver and steel, it gave dominion over the domain of war."
No, the Fire Scepter is in charge of war! I think you meant water.
May 17, 2004, 17:43
Thanks - you're right! I have changed that now.
May 18, 2004, 1:11
Great set of items. They are great things to center a campaign around.
Voted Cheka Man
May 6, 2006, 19:50
They are great to base a game around or to base a story on.
Voted Wulfhere
April 13, 2007, 13:20
An interesting set of items, they are the sort of magic that might be found in the hands of the mighty.

While most of the description is clear, a few errors crept in (I guess all jewelry needs polishing once in a while!).
Voted valadaar
November 5, 2013, 9:25
A good idea, though it needed more fleshing out. Link is broken.

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