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January 22, 2007, 1:21 am

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il-Armor of Wrath's Avenger


Dedicated to the gods of death and darkness…

Full Item Description
This full suit of purple lacquered and gold ormoulo armor is as large and baroque as it’s name. The breatplate is stylized to resemble a human ribcage shaped out of spider legs. The great helm has the grotesque appearance of a spider’s head, complete with lacquered black mandibles and a number of round eye-holes that resemble a spider’s eyes. The pauldrons, or shoulder plates, are large and tower above the helm in anime mecha style. The points curl over as if reaching to form an arch above the head. A small brass and sulfer glass latern hangs from each shoulder.

Dogar’s Fang, a large double serrated sword is locked into the right gauntlet of the armor, and the left gauntlet is free for grappling or manipulating things, tough more often than not it is only used as a mailed fist and flamethrower via the Fire Fist power. If the wearer adopts a defensive stance, the pauldrons double as shields, deflecting arrow fire.

Kag Bailor was a gifted artificer and armorer to the high King, but he had a dark secret. Kag was a secret worshipper of Dogar and Kazon, a pair of horrific elder gods who espoused virtues of evil and darkness. Few suspected Kag of such dark practices, but then few knew he was once a nobleman. A few days before being old enough to become a squire/knight, his family lands and title were siezed by the crown for acts of treason and heresy. The act destroyed the Bailor family and many were driven to commit suicide, join monastic orders or suffer exile to distant lands for their percieved crimes. By far and large, most of them were executed for said crimes, or were lynched by loyalists who supported the King.

Kag entered into a demonic supplicum with an emissary of the twin deities. In exchange for the skill to create the vessel of his vengeance, he would dedicate every kill to the twins, and once his vengeance was complete, his life as well. such a promise of blood and slaughter pleased Dogar and Kazon, and as such they granted him the infernal inspiration and ability to craft the Il-Armor of Wrath’s Avenger.

The Slaughter
The story that followed is one often left in the history scrolls and not recounted among bards or storytellers. For the sake of completeness it should be reproduced. Kag Bailor labored for 101 days crafting the armor, and consecrated it with both his own blood and with the blood of a kidnapped infant, a widow, a pregnant woman, and a lame soldier. He donned the armor and sought out the palace of the King.

The battle in the throne room was brutal on a level that left Dogar and Kazon giddy with glee and left their chitinous appendages heavy with stolen souls. The King and half of the royal blood was slaughtered, women and children alike. More than two score of guards were killed in a frenzy of ripped limbs and severed necks. The royal Vizier and his apprentices were consumed with flames before having their heads hacked off.

Kag laughed as he completed his bloody deed, oftering over one hundred souls into the slavering mandibles of Dogar and Kazon. His rampage was ended when the emissary reappeared as Kag drew Dogar’s Fang from Princess Jagatelle’s savaged chest. The exhausted and weak Bailor laughed and spat at the Emissary, who was that mewling imp to make demands of he who had caused so much havoc? The Emissary bowed before Kag split him in half with the jagged toothed sword. Some say that Kag was slain by a piercing strike that split his heart in half, though left no mark on his clothing or on the armor other than filling it with his blood. This is called the Stabbing Claw of Dogar, and is much akin to the Celestial God’s vengeful lightning bolt.

Fire Fist - This heavy steel gauntlet set with a large ruby has the ability to create a cone of flame 30 feet long and 15 feet wide at the base 3 times a day. This is a devastating close range weapon capable of causing lethal burns and igniting even marginally flamable materials.

Kazon’s mantle - Named for the hidden god of stealth, this mantle hangs around the shoulders and allows the Il-Armor the ability to mimic the Improved Invisibility spell. Rendered silent and invisible, the armor is all but undetectable. Passing in front of a strong light source can cause light defraction, and thus reveal the armor and wearer.

Dogar’s Fang - The Fang is a massive two handed sword that has large fang like serrations on both sides of the blade. Named for the hidden god of death, this sword causes hideous wounds that refuse to heal and are excruciatingly painful to those who survive them. Like the armor and the mantle, Dogar’s Fang is cast from a strange purple metal, though the teeth have a much paler almost white color.

After a moment of stealth observation, the wearer of the armor should move, while cloaked into an optimal firing position. Once several PC/NPCs are within the range of the Fire Fist the weapon is discharged, hopefully wounding or killing weaker characters and magic users. This discharge uncloaks the armor, though the next action is to recloak (a full action). A canny fighter will pull back while the wounded are circled and protected, leaving the characters divided between the wounded and facing an unseen foe.

Third through fifth rounds would be devoted to assuming a superior position and attacking the strongest fighter/defensive character with Dogar’s Fang before evading counter attacks and recloaking. If there is a weak point in the defences, the wearer will penetrate the defensive grouping to unleash either a second fireblast from the Fire Fist or wading into direct melee combat.

Facing the Il-Armor of Wrath’s Avenger should carry a heavy degree of fear and paranoia. The armor is easily hidden, and its attacks are powerful, brutal, and sudden. A well organized defence can negate some of this, as can intelligent spell casting, though spells that require LOS automatically fail if the armor is cloaked.

Plot Hooks
For Vengeance - The Il-Armor of Wrath’s Avenger exists for the sole purpose of bloody slaughter, murder, and desecration of all that is good. While the pact between Kag and the twins is gone and no more souls can be harvested by the deeds of the armor, they are jovial and enjoy temptation and a good slaughter. With a twitch of a limb, they can manipulate events so that the armor finds the person who is willing to sacrifice everything for revenge. A villian defeated by the PCs finds the armor and brings it to bear against them for defeating him/his plans/callously killing someone important to him.

Wipe Them Out, All of Them - A powerful lord has taken possession of the armor and has embarked on a genocidal crusade, death to all orcs, or death to all dragons…or death to orc and dragon sympathizers…an appetite for revenge, once whetted, can never be sated until death itself chokes it.

Temptation - The PCs come in possession of this fearsome and powerful armor. They should destroy it, if such a thing can be done. But there is that temptation, to use some of its items, or to just use ‘this one time’ but like all addictions it starts as a curiosity. Can they face the temptation, can they share its power, or do they end a bloody killing spree in a civil war between friends?

Dogar’s Claw - A PC has a secret, he has worshipped Dogar and Kazon discretely, and as a sign of the twin’s favor, the faithful PC is granted access to the Il-Armor. The shop-keeper who tried to swindle the PCs over the price of that last sword, found the next day gutted like a fish. The whores who laughed at the meek thief, found charred to a crisp near the washing fountain. This can work for a maligned henchman, a minor rival, a political figure, or even a mentor or benefactor.

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Comments ( 9 )
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Voted Siren no Orakio
August 8, 2006, 7:28
Ah, Hu-Man! You Join Us In The Celebration Of Dogar And Kazon!
We Grow Excited: The Hu-Man Makes Excellent Ceremony.
When We Peel It, Urgent Bleating Comes From The Noisemaker.
Then The Green Eye Of Dogar Observes Its Writhing Upon The Altar
And The Cilia Of Kazon Swell, Indicating Their Readiness For The Juices.
It Squirms With Vigor Until We Pop The Crunchy Noisemaker.
Rejoice! The Duo Of Deception Shall Receive Their Supplication.
Voted manfred
August 8, 2006, 14:29
A very well-written cliche item. Also, I do not see what is a user loosing by using this item. Have I missed it or is there no downside to this killing tool?
Voted Dozus
August 8, 2006, 15:14
Quite well written, good background. But it is rather cliche and, as Manfred mentioned, there doesn't appear to be a downside. It's good, but I think it could have been better.
August 8, 2006, 15:31
The Il-Armor is an evil tainted weapon of vengeance, death, and slaughter. in that vein I should imagine that using the armor, ala the Ring of Power, will inevitably erode the morality of the wearer until they exist solely as a killing machine. As for a game specific avenue, this would be violation of alignment if said system is used, should accumulate 'evil points' or whatever attribute is used to measure corruption.

And SnO, the inspiration for the armor is rather obvious isn't it! I LOVE Star Control II :D
Siren no Orakio
August 8, 2006, 18:21
Well, I'm giggling at the joke. Even if they aren't.
Voted Cheka Man
August 8, 2006, 17:23
Cliche but still well written.
Voted Murometz
August 8, 2006, 22:48
well, not a cliche for me actually. Not familiar with Star Control II (or I for that matter), and though various bad-ass armor has appeared once, twice, or thrice in my campaigns over the years, this is quite interestingly detailed.
August 9, 2006, 10:34
nice idea i like it a lot especially the fact that there are no traceable downsides.
good one 4/5
Voted valadaar
March 20, 2017, 15:13
Only voted


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