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November 15, 2006, 3:32 am

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Vee Keykold


Well, this certainly looks like a K’tonian artifact but if you notice the grooves on the bottom, that means that this was actually made on a Jiyong potters wheel as an imitation of the K’tonian style of pottery. This is a replica, albeit a 700 year old, very good replica. I do happen to know a buyer who would be willing to pay you for it.

Vee is average built, with shoulder length brown hair he wears in a profusion of small braids, he has a dark skin complexion from spending alot of time outdoors at dig sites. Most would describe him as quite charismatic, or even ‘man pretty’. He has an easy smile and a relaxed air about him until he gets his hands on something really old, then he becomes intense and focused. He has a csual air about him, and is generous with coin, especially with the fairer sex and gives them preferential treatment.

Born and raised on the edge of Nimz, Vee has been living side by side with elements of the K’tonian legacy all of his life. He studied under a scholarship to become a Legacy Researcher at the Clockwork University, or to even enter the ranks of the Esteemed Artificers. He learned the lore quickly, and could read and write K’tonian fluently despite the fact that no one alive can speak it, himself included. Unfortunately, he had a bad habit of getting himself into trouble through excessive merriment. He had several outstanding debts at several taverns, as well as getting into a number of romantic trysts that almost landed him in a duel.

Eventually his sponsor withdrew support and Vee dropped out of the school and was left with no appreciable job skills but a head full of K’tonian knowledge. He turned this into a career in helping others appraise K’tonian relics that were being found in places of then Nimz. He donned a familiar looking slouch hat and took the road to find his fortune where he may. Maybe someday he will prove himself to the stodgy Artificers, and show them what they lost. Until then he works to recover, legally or otherwise, pieces of the legacy, doing translation work and the like for anyone willing to compensate him.

Special Equipment
Vee is a fresh member of the glorious Adventurers-upon-Return and has yet to make a name for himself. As such his armor is limited to a plain leather vest, and he is armed with a 16 foot leather whip, a cocking style Crossbow (it has a lever cocking action like a repeating rifle rather than a hand crank) and several daggers for throwing.

Roleplaying Notes
Str - 11
Dex - 15
Con - 10
Int - 14
Wis - 10
Cha - 17

Saving Throws
Paralyz./Poison/Death Magic: 13
Petrif./Poly: 12
rod, staff, wand: 14
Breath Weapon: 16
Spell: 15

Weapon Skillz

Other Skills
Lore/K’ton Legacy
Ancient Language/K’tonian

HP - 8
AC - 7
THAC0 - 20
Current XP - 3195
For Next level - ?

Additional Ideas (6)

Treasures Found
Ioun Stone - Formerly an unidentified blue opal, grants +2 AC to person who activates it, whence it begins to spin around their person like a small moon.

Scroll Case - contains scroll with several low power spells. Contains Find Familiar(used by Dujek/Valadar), Kiss of Sleep and 2 Ropetrick spells.

Vials - three vials, marked respectively as sodium, magnesium, and ?

Coin Necklace - 3 gp coin necklace, formerly belonging to Pickles, the Bandit.

2006-10-02 03:34 AM » Link: [3152#20030|text]
The Harpy's Kettle
A drab little inn in the drab little town of Ganse, the Kettle was the site of Vee's first action. Contemplating the dour fate of his last few silver pieces, Vee is presented with a chance to impress a pretty gypsy woman as well as possibly get some money together to restart his failed career of agressive archeology. Vee is then rather upset by the sudden appearance of two robust and vicious xaren, metal eating, burrowing monsters. combat was brutal and short with several NPCs being killed by the monsters as well as PCs being injured. Vee escaped harm himself, but was able to put a crossbow bolt through the eye of one of the Xaren, which wounded it enough that it could be dispatched by his fellow Moruz of the Ouzquin Dremorix. Vee dusts himself off, picks up an opal from the creature's corpse, and absconds with a bottle of red wine.

2006-10-02 03:49 AM » Link: [3152#20032|text]
The Encounter in the Rain
The path to Talia's vengeance and Moruz' stolen orb lead down a ravine in the rain. Slogging through ankle deep mud, Vee lead the way and discovered a scroll case with some spells in it and a number of dead bodies. Shocked he sought refuge in the mouth of a cave only to discover a meeting between Red Hatchet, a known dwarven berzerker and bandit and several flinds, a subspecies of gnoll. Combat went poorly with Vee almost dying in the first few seconds. Throwing axes mowed the young rogue down, but only a timely intervention by the cleric Aethelstan saved him from the Final Embrace. Restored to action Vee ended up being largely ineffective as his crossbow was lost in the mud and he was armed only with his daggers. Red Hatchet was slain by concentrated attack, and the flind was shot through the skull by a lucky bowshot. A much humbled Vee took two axes from the dwarf and learned a vital lesson in discretion.

2006-10-02 03:58 AM » Link: [3152#20033|text]
The Little Job
After the encounter at the cave, the party returned to Ganse to recover, with Vee leaving the necromancer Kadarin to examine the scrolls he had found. Vee went off to see about selling some of the party loot, such as a pearl earring (20 GP) a necklace of teeth (2 GP for enthusiast), several masterwork dwarven axes (5 GP each, and a steal for the buyer!) and Red Hatchet's codpiece which no one wanted to buy. The funds were gathered, and some gear was bought, but Vee felt left out and decided to go make a bit of grip on the side. Gathering Moruz, he left to see about breaking into the gem-buyer's shop to steal back the pearl earring as well as any other goodies he could lay hands on.

Getting in was easy but the shop proved to be a dry well, no gold to be found. A small strongbox was found and within were several packets of healing dollor powder (swiped) as well as several vials of various labeled powders. Exiting the building, Vee overheard Moruz talking to Inspector Matare and several others, the job was almost bungled, and Vee had no desire to hang for a sorry haul like he had. He stashed the box, laoded several vials into the hollow stock of his crossbow and made a show of playing drunk. The inspector passed out, and the PCs once again returned to the inn to sleep off their growing hangovers. Moruz was left to run laps around Ganse after telling the city guards that was what he was doing. Vee owed him one, a big one actually.

2006-10-05 03:25 PM » Link: [3152#20203|text]
The Southern Tunnel
After the semi-failed little job, Vee and the rest of the merry band of Adventurers-upon-return dourly trekked to find the mysterious caverns of Jervoe and his band of brigands. They met no resistance along the path, though Dujek, the necromancer, encountered a bit of embarassment as his familiar turned out to be a common lizard, the summoned creature left behind in Ganse. After a short jaunt back to the Inn, all resumed traveling. They reached the cave entrance quickly and found two paths. Vee was accompanied by Aethelstan, and Moruz along the southern tunnel; whilst Dujek, Talia, and Aerex explored the North passage.

The South Tunnel team encountered an odd passage, with anomalous airflow and strange colored stones. It all turned out to be a cunning illusion to conceal a pit trap as well as a bank of heavy crossbows. One man was left at the trigger, and let the party alone long enough for a cloaker type creature to attack Aethelstan, who barely survived it's attack. Moruz charged the illusion and fell into the pit trap, discovering Mouse, Kadarin, James Barley and a number of other prisoners of the bandits. Vee skirted the pit and managed a crack shot, punching a bolt through the bandit's skull, but taking a larger, heavier bolt through the gut. He collapsed, and if not for quick healing on the part of Aethelstan, he would have gone on to the Vault of the Heavens.

The two parties reunite and form a new plan, complete with plans and information extracted from a captured bandit.

2006-10-28 11:32 PM » Link: [3152#21226|text]
The Lake of Steam
Or Leaping Lizards! The party heads down the Lake of Steam, stopping for a while at a landing to inspect for bandits and loot. Dujek's familiar provides valuable scouting information that Dujek uses to make a map for the band. Vee and Aerex, dressed in stolen bandit garb plan to infiltrate the Bandit camp after eliminating the river guards.

Battle is swift, with the two guards dying without a sound, but it is short lived. A pack of rabid gnolls charge from the camp! The party is hit hard and heavy with close combat. A timely sleep spell knocks out a number of gnolls, whom Dujek knifes quickly, but not before taking a frighting blow to the head. Vee and Aerex attack and combat heats up, with it ending when Kadarin uses a spell to make Moruz into a giant for a short time. The last 3 gnolls surrender rather than face the party in combat again. Many are wounded and spells have been depleted.

2006-10-28 11:36 PM » Link: [3152#21227|text]
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Comments ( 6 )
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October 2, 2006, 3:33
Vee Keykold is my current rogue in Murometz's Back in the Day Forum RP. He has been made as a front page NPC for ease of finding his character sheet, and the scroll format is going to be used to keep up with his accomplishments and such as a record of his deeds.

The Game itself!,3451.msg47245.html#msg47245
Voted manfred
October 2, 2006, 3:46
He's okay, a useful minor NPC that is bound to arise in any setting with a strong presence of older history. He can be easily imagined in an older version, becoming a true sage of his subject.

Oh, and I would move the stats and the like into scroll entries already. You could make one for inventory only, then update them as the game and the character develop - especially the inventory may change frequently. Plus link it to the RP thread.
Voted Murometz
October 2, 2006, 4:09
I love this character.

I guess more for his incredible potential (and his K'ton stuff) in any given game than for his "dagger and bottle of red wine". But still, who doesnt love or wanna be, Indiana Jones!

The adding of scrolls to update equipment and journal entries is a great idea too, imho!!
Voted Shadoweagle
October 2, 2006, 13:23
Mmm... 17 Charisma!
Voted Ancient Gamer
October 3, 2006, 6:25
Only voted
Voted valadaar
May 6, 2013, 8:47
A good character! Miss this RP.

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