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October 19, 2014, 8:00 pm

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Strolens Generator Quickstart


Want to build a generator? Here's how!

Have an idea for a generator? Good. Lets go!

1.Go here and login with your normal Strolen account info. It is a separate server for now.

Ignore the Sorry! No Generators... Work in progress and all that :)

2.Go to “Your Generators” and click the New Generator button:

You should see the following:

Hit Refresh on your browser to make sure the page is properly synced.

Give it a name - Try to make it unique, short and focused as you can.

Add a description to it .

4. Now we want to Add items to our generator. We’ll make a simple list of 3 things. Say, weapons.

Click Add New Item and click in the grey area of the new item

5. Click in the edit window below and type Axe of Dooooom!

6. Repeat steps 4-5 twice more, with Flaming Sword of Chaos and Stabby Dagger of Shadow.

Your generator should look like this.

Click Save and try it out.

Awesome, eh?

Maybe not.

Lets get a little more interesting and show how you can use Variables.

First, we are going to create another generator - this time its a 'Widgit.' which is our name for partial generators that yield small results (generally) you use to build up more complex generators.

1. Create a New Generator as above, but check the Widget checkbox and Active checkboxes.

Add name - valadaar_weapontype, for example. This helps you find them among other generators.

3. Add items:






4. Create another new Generator, name - valadaar_weapon_modifier

5. Add items:




Maiming Small Animals

6. Now, lets go back to the original generator we made. Delete items 2 and 3 by clicking the X button, leaving a single element.

8. Select the remaining item and click Add Variable. Name it "Weapon" and find valadaar_weapontype wigit made in step 1.

9. Click Add Variable again, this time with name "Modifier" and link it to valadaar_weapon_modifer made in step 2

10. Now edit the item to say {Weapon} of {Modifier} including the curly brackets - these tell the Generator that these are variable and will contain the results of a roll from the Wigits.

Item should look like this:

11. Save it. Now you have an amazing weapon generator capable of 16 different outcomes.

Each item you add to this list could have different variables, pulling from different sources.

You are not limited to using your own generators to supply text to your generators - you can use any of the generators you can see. Results are dropped loose into your submission.

A generator result area can return plain text - like we have done so far, links, or even images -and can have all of these.

Next time, a more in-depth example, though I think you have enough to start.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Murometz
February 1, 2014, 14:19
Perfect. Thank you for this!!
Voted Longspeak
February 1, 2014, 15:00
Nice. Really helped me figure out the generator.
February 1, 2014, 20:37

the instruction manual!
Voted Cheka Man
February 2, 2014, 9:57
Only voted
Voted Gossamer
February 21, 2014, 8:31
Thanks val, very helpful.
Voted Dozus
March 3, 2014, 15:21
Wow, that's easy. And the screenshots help. Great!


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