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January 13, 2014, 5:53 pm

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Overly-Attached Chainmail


Made for a brave adventurer by a spurned lover, every chain was lovingly crafted with iron and locks of her hair. The finished armor was polished with tears and blood till her final days...

BEWARE all who dare wear this chainmail...


The Overly-Attached Chainmail was crafted from the rib cage of a former queen, who took a fancy in a hero who was well known in her lands. Slain many a monster and rescue many a missing people, the hero was very popular among the local populace. The queen, taking a fancy to the hero, started inviting the hero to many privet adventures of her own. After months of seeking the hero's fancy, she bestowed upon him a very fine necklace to show her devotion, in return the hero bestowed a ring onto the queen, promising he would always be her's.

Months passed, and the queen made sure to see her hero every day, with out fail. Rain or shine she was waiting for him out side his house every afternoon. Eventually she made plans to through a great party, a Ball party in the castle, to announce her relationship with the hero, and making him their new king. Many attended the fabulous event, bringing gifts a plenty, tidings of good will, and fancy foods.

Hours passed, and the hero was never seen. Fearing for his life, the queen suited up and dispatched her royal army out to find the missing hero. They searched deep and high, Far and wide, only to come up empty handed. After a week of searching night and day with out sleep or food, the queen gave up hope, calling off the search to retreat to her bedchamber in depression. Days after her return, news came from afar away kingdom, sending word that the queens hero, was being held captive, for crimes against their kingdom. She left with haste...

Upon arriving to the neighboring kingdom, the queen confronted the Lord of the lands to dispute the crimes. Crimes of infidelity, with the kingdoms princes... The queen in disbelief, disputed the claims, fighting with passion for her love and the hero of her kingdom. She fought tooth and nail, wagering her reputation, her riches, even her kingdom against the unbelievable claims. She held the Hero, in a passionate rage not wanting to believe, choosing not to believe these claims... until his newly born son was brought before the queen... brought before a broken soul.

The queen, broken and depressed, took the hero in her arms told the Lord he could have everything of hers, but she gets to exact justice. She left the kingdom, returned home, told her people of the news and of the hero's betrayal. She then proceeded to slit his throat in front of the crowd. She then locked herself, the kingdoms smith, and the hero in her bed chamber as chaos over took the kingdom.

The kingdom fell into ruin, and the next time the chamber was opened, all that was seen was a skeletons wearing chainmail and a pile of bones with a necklace and ring...


At first glance this chainmail looks like everyday armor worn by thousands of military individuals. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen the chain is bound together with fine bits of a fine thread, supported with what looks like a cage made out of bone, and straps of a foreign leather used to secure it all together.Having a maroon tint to the whole suite, obviously polished with great passion and care, the chainmail has an almost royal quality to itself.


The overly-attached chainmail is activated once an individual puts the armor on and secures the straps. The armor almost hugs the wearer of the armor in a tight, loving, embrace. Once the armor has embraced the wearer, it never wants them to go, every time the individual would begin to take off the armor, a warm,loving feeling would overtake them, the wearer would hear dark whispers of trust, love, and safety in the armor.

Activation, Damage: When taking damage, the armor whispers to the wearer, in an almost upset heart retching cry to fight, stand up, not to give up, that some one loves you and is rooting for them, causing the wearer to ignore some of the pain or deflecting some of it all together.

Activation, Death: Should the wearer of the armor die in combat, they will continue to fight on, driven by the whispers of the dead queens aching heart to fight on and prove their devotion and love to her. Going so far as to turn on the individuals team members, blaming them for the wearers death and seeking vengeance.

Activation, Gender: Should the armor be supported by a female individual, the wearer will be constantly bombarded with feelings of grief, and disrepair. Dark whispers of guilt, blame, and hate overwhelm the female wearer, causing them to brake down, mentally, to the point of ritualistic suicide in order to remove the armor.


Removing the armor can be challenging. Almost like it can sense the intent of the wearer, the armor will fight back, driving the wearer to their emotional breaking point, making them fight those around them with the same ferocity as one defending their true love.

Assuming a ritual is done to remove the cursed armor, the wearer will be overcome with an intense feeling of sorrow and depression, like that of some one who lost the love of their life, for a couple of days after words. The queens devotion to her hero was so strong that its ripple effects can be felt for days after the removal of the armor.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Jojokiwi
January 13, 2014, 22:02
I really like this sub, it's easy to use and allows the PC's a kind of deis ex machina that would allow one character who had died to fight on. It also allows for a really cool villain who is tortured by the armor daily and has only barely survived the ordeal, and has since become a twisted individual.
Voted valadaar
January 14, 2014, 10:51
Very good, but I am having a very hard time visualizing what is described as chainmail.

Bone armour of some kind, maybe, but when you say something is chainmail we have a very strong pre-existing picture of what chainmail is and looks like.

There is little room between the metal links of chainmail for either bone or leather to be involved, while something closer to Brigadine eg., would seem more likely to me.

Apart from that, it is a neat item and an interesting background. Madness and royalty go well together.

Voted Longspeak
January 14, 2014, 18:54
An interesting idea. Like Valadaar, I have trouble envisioning this as chain mail, but that's a minor nitpick for me. An interesting idea I can see using in one of my Everway stories.

My only issue is the need for a bit of editing to tighten up the language. Nothing wrong with the idea, but the execution could use some polish, so I held back a bit in my voting.
January 15, 2014, 20:31
PMed you.
Voted mrcelophane
January 25, 2014, 19:51
Before I start, I did not judge you based on grammar. I saw what you were trying to say and I am going off that with my voting.

With that said, there a few places that were hard to read. After the third paragraph, the lore behind it seems to fall apart due to the grammar and you seemed to rush through to the ending.

As for mechanics...

I'm a little confused about what happens when a female puts the armor on. If the armor shows no love to women (sexist scumbag armor) then why will the woman not immediately feel inclined to take off the armor and not need the ritual? Furthermore, seems kind of harsh to have the armor be an instakill based on gender.

Otherwise, I really like it and plan on using it as a hook if it has a way to fit into the story. I will update you if I do.
Voted eleclipse
April 18, 2014, 2:28
Very nice idea.

I think that the moment of creation of the item should be explained a little more, the way it is now it's not entirely clear imo.

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