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April 14, 2006, 10:27 am

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Cheka Man

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Nurin beads


Originally a failed invention, the usefulness of Nurin beads have since been redifined for a more nefarious purpose. Those who know of the usefulness of these gems are able to get whatever they want from their most hated enemy, and incriminate them just hours later.

“No… No, no! This isn’t right!” Nurin growled furiously at another failed invention. As a prodigy of the guild of mages, Nurin was expected to do great things in his time, and was assigned to create magical items to benefit mankind. In three years, all he had was failure after failure, and this latest one infuriated him. The several dozen black stones that lay on the bench before him glittered faintly in the candle-light. The Mages Guild had taken notice of the expenses Nurin had taken up with his experiments, and these jewels were his final chance to secure his place permanently in the guild - or to expel him and cut off all access to funds for good.
And they had failed! The original intention was to create an item which brought out the best in people - something which could be inset into a ring or amulet. Certainly, if it had worked and everyone had worn one, the world could quickly redeem itself.
But no! First, the effect was far too strong! being near to one of these gems when they were activated would mean that those under effect would do ANYTHING to please someone else. Secondly, the enchantment was unstable. The gems would only last an hour or two before crumbling to dust.
Finally, and most morbidly - After the gems are destroyed, the body and mind of those affected attempts to create a balance with itself to return to normal. This means the kindest of people will become insane and psychopathic for several hours. They will lie, cheat, steal, abuse, attack and even attempt to kill anyone around, in some cases.

Nurin blinked. Footsteps were coming to his doors - some associates were coming to check on his progress! Something within the mage snapped, and he snatched the beads from his bench, pocketing them and fleeing out the other door. All his hopes and dreams - his aspirations! All were going to ash!

The next day, after news of Nurins disappearance spread throughout the guild, the Arch-mage Gradilus sat, studying in his private quarters as usual. Gradilus blinked at the sound of the study door opening and turned around just as he felt a motion by his cloak and a small weight added to his pocket. Gradilus stood and turned to the sight of Nurin standing two paces away and watching the guild leader with an intense glare. “I need unlimited access to the guilds treasury, and I need you to announce me a full member of this guild!”
Gradilus stared incredulously at the Mage and his foolish proposal, but just as he opened his mouth to deny him this and to demand he leave, the small weight in his pocket grew slightly heavier. Where once a scowl was adorned on the Arch-mages face, a wide smile now grew. “Of COURSE you may have access, Nurin! Let me write you a notice of permissions and a declaration of membership to the mages guild. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
Nurin simply smiled coldly.

Several weeks had passed had passed since the death of Arch-mage Gradilus, and Nurin sat calmly within the confines of his own private study. They say the guild leader went berserk and started walking through the halls of his own guild shouting gibberish, casting deadly spells and attacking anyone who drew near. Three people were killed before the guards regretfully managed to slay the insane man. All that was found on his person was a handful of ash.
Nurin had already been promoted twice, and he was on the recommendation list for the arcane council. Some wondered how the mage managed to rise in ranks so fast, and whenever asked he simply replies “I always seem to find people at their best…”

-Nurin beads - obviously named after their creator - are small, black lustrous gems about the size of a small pebble. When activated, they look the same, however they lose their lustre, and become dull. They also gain several grams in weight.

-When an active gem is placed within several inches of someones skin (Either through material or in direct sight), the gem forces the persons mental state into that of caring and good-will. Anyone under the effects of a Nurin bead will feel compelled to go out of their way to help someone, and do anything someone asks of them. This effect lasts until the gem is deactivated, removed from the vicinity of the person, or destroyed.

-Due to the lack of quality of the gems, and the power of the enchantment laid upon them, Nurin stones will be destroyed and crumble into ash if they are activated for longer than a period of an hour. If this occurs while someone is under sway of the stone, the sudden cutoff of this spell will cause the body to detect an imbalance and attempt to rectify it. In order to create balance, the mind of the effected will cause intense feelings of anger and mistrust. The person will Abuse people, shout, become violent and paranoid. This will last for as long as the person was positively affected, and during this time, they may even be inclined to injure or even kill.

-If someone deactivates the gem, or if it is removed from them, they will not suffer the ill after effects.

-This item is in no way cursed on a person, and anyone can remove the item without difficulty to return themselves to a normal state. That is, of course, if they know that the gem is there in the first place and know what it does.

-Activating and deactivating a Nurin Bead is simple enough - One merely needs to direct their thoughts at it and think either ‘activate’ or ‘deactivate’.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Scrasamax
April 14, 2006, 10:34
its manipulative, its deceitful, its the sort of thing we look forward to seeing! I like the beads being of limited quality, perhaps Nurin will have been working on some other things with his unlimited budget, or has he gone completely political?
Voted MoonHunter
April 14, 2006, 11:38
Nicely done. It has a backstory that makes sense. It provides an excellent NPC with his toys. (You should write him up as a seperate post). and so on Paws up and good to see you.
Voted Cheka Man
April 14, 2006, 11:54
Quite a dangerous item to use.
Voted Murometz
April 14, 2006, 19:10
Great back story, well balanced, and many RP uses for the beads
Voted manfred
April 15, 2006, 8:57
Not bad, it just... doesn't do it for me. The instant effect that makes anyone your slave, then going out in a suicidal rage. How many people will go out before he is noticed? And once someone other than him knows, how long will it take until it is used against Nurin himself?

Nice write-up and all, just not my thing. Nice to have our evil Archmage back, though!
Voted valadaar
April 8, 2014, 11:13
Suitable for the Garage Sale From Hell I would say :)


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