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January 4, 2008, 1:24 am

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Myna Willowind


In addition to her general oddity, Myna seems to have issues with common sense.

Myna Willowind
Also known as "The Illuminated One."

Myna is a petite human with mousy brown hair and grey eyes.  Though she is approximately 40 years old, she tries to prolong her age through enchantments and relaxation techniques.  She tends to wear simple, loose robes with no particular design or color.

Myna grew up in a large family, and was the youngest of five brothers and three sisters.  Myna was born during a time when her siblings were already fairly old thus providing a large age gap to the next youngest child.  Though her family did treat her like the baby of the family, she was also ignored and left to her own devices.  Myna learned to be her own best friend and she discovered at an early age that she had a knack at enchanting items around her to keep her company.  Her parents had no qualms sending her off to the big city, Highmark, to become a wizard’s apprentice.

Myna’s social skills were still deeply underdeveloped when she was an apprentice.  However the wizard that she worked for didn’t seem to have an issue with this, nor did he want to change that aspect of her.  Her sense of self and that of others were hopeless by now, and her ability to fit into society was at a loss.  When the wizard passed away, Myna inherited his tower and belongings and continued on her merry way in life.

Today, Myna lives alone in her master’s tower on the edge of Highmark City.  She has never taken on an apprentice nor does she share her knowledge with others. 

As an enchantress, she sells minor magical objects to keep food on her table.  Myna is not a powerful magic user, but her lack of common sense when using the arts has made others cautious around her.

Infamous Enchantments

In addition to the Picnic Basket of Confinement, Myna’s also significant claims to fame are:

  • Dawn’s Rain Street Sign Myna’s penchant to be on her own when she can has caused her to play havoc with the local street sign.  She has it enchanted to turn into a different street name a few hours a day.  The city guards got tired of changing the sign and decided it was best not to give Myna any trouble.  Some of her neighbors are somewhat irritated with her.
  • 12 Animal Eyes of Lore One of Myna’s great accomplishments (or so she thought) was to gain knowledge of rare beasts by preserving their eyeballs and enchanting them to understand her questions.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have the foresight to give them a way of communicating back.  While they understand Myna’s questions, their ability to respond back doesn’t go beyond rolling around the table, thus making the game of 20 questions closer to 2000 questions.
  • Obie Myna, also known as the Illuminated One, received her "special" title from the strange ball of light that hovers around her shoulder.  Myna had decided she needed a light enchantment to make it generally easier for her to get around her tower and walk the streets of Highmark after dusk.  Though her floating orb of light dims during the day, it still follows her like a lost puppy.  The locals have called the orb "Obie."

Roleplaying Notes
Myna is kooky and somewhat eccentric.  She will enchant things to suit her desires and needs for the moment, but she will not use foresight nor think about the consequences of her enchantments.

If players get into a conversation with Myna, she will deliberately act bored or busy to avoid being there for much longer.  She may even enchant an item and give it to the players to get them to go away.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted CaptainPenguin
January 4, 2008, 2:41
It's... fine. I don't care for the "lolz she iz sooo random n odd" thing. There are too many "eccentric" characters for my liking. I *do* like the idea of enchanting eyeballs to answer questions.
Voted Cheka Man
January 4, 2008, 17:14
Why is she so kooky?
Voted valadaar
January 5, 2008, 20:19
Not bad with some really nice details (rolling eyeballs?)
Voted Silveressa
January 8, 2011, 3:08

A interesting gal, although her kookiness may make her a bit too "odd" for some groups to take seriously enough and her excessively reclusive nature and unwillingness to interact with anyone make working her into an adventure in a worthwhile and useful way very difficult.

Some extra info on why she's so "odd" (not having a lot of /any friends doesn't really make one Kooky, more lonely and self reliant hermit) would be a nice addition,.

Also, there were a couple area I found her unnecessarily difficult to use in a game:

If players get into a conversation with Myna, she will deliberately act bored or busy to avoid being there for much longer.  She may even enchant an item and give it to the players to get them to go away.

If this is how she reacts to people why would any players interact with her long enough to make a difference/be a useful reoccurring addition to the adventure? It also would be a poor quality for anyone in the vendoring business, since it would quickly drive away customers. (assuming gms want to use her as more then a one shot encounter the players are seeking for reason x or minor magic vendor ) 

Perhaps changing this bit to reflect she acts bored and busy to get rid of those she finds unworthy of her knowledge and not their to make a purchase and otherweise uninteresting would work better. (All mages seek knowledge so she would perhaps be friendly to a fellow magic user or scholar for info if nothing else)

She has never taken on an apprentice nor does she share her knowledge with others.

With this being the case what benefit will she offer any group that does seek her out and tolerate her "bored/busy act" to try and get info/item etc.. out of her? (It would make interacting with her successfully extremely difficult unless the player/s "pulled rank" and coerce her through magical compulsion or threat of bodily harm to cooperate with their needs)

Perhaps changing this bit to be never freely sharing her knowledge with others she does not deem worthy would help. This would help spark potential plot hooks and favors as the group would need to go to some actual effort to gin her favor and learn whatever bit of magic or info they were after.

Changing these character areas as well as adding some plot hooks detailing how a group may wind up interacting with her would make this a much more useful and enjoyable submission. As it stands, she's got potential use, but is too cut off from everyone/everything else to be a useful npc for most campaigns.

Additional thought:: Assuming familiars are normal among mages, why doesn't she have one, or if she does, what is it and what is the nature of her relationship with the familiar?

Voted RGTraynor
March 7, 2011, 10:01

Eh, I don't much care that groups might not take her seriously ... so what if they don't?  It's all RP.  I like the sub.

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