Enchantress Myna Willowind loved nothing more in the world than finding a remote location in the woods, camping out for a few hours, and partaking in her homemade tea and sandwiches. However, her excursions would not last long before being crashed by unwanted creatures ranging from petty ants to ferocious wolves to overly friendly people. She ended up spending more time preparing spells to get rid of these pesky visitors than she did relaxing.

In an attempt to get more peace, she decided to build a trap. It had to be portable and deceptive in order to make sure that the job got done. Thus, she created the Picnic Basket of Confinement - an unassuming wicker picnic basket with two hinged lids: one on the top and a smaller one on the bottom.

To activate the basket, simply place the bait (or food in this case) into the basket through the bottom lid. Then close the bottom lid and open the top lid.

There are two parts to the trap: it will shrink anything or anyone that gets through the traps range, then it will trap them said perpetrator in the basket itself. Ants or any other creature this small are not affected by the shrinking spell. Harmless in nature, the spells can be reversed by simply closing the top lid and opening the bottom one. The creatures or people will drop out of the basket and in an hour, they will revert back to their original size.

*There is no way to avoid this trap beyond not getting near the basket (You shouldn't be grabbing food that isn't yours anyway!).

*There is no way to defeat this trap; you are simply stuck.

*The biggest concern is to make sure that you survive the picnic trip. Unfortunately when you place people or creatures in a confined space and they're all the same size, things are bound to go wrong. Not all creatures or people will pop out of the basket still alive. (GM Note: While shrunk, players have the choice to fight whatever creatures got confined with them or not.)

And of course, this is an item that players could own the item as well. Some plot possibilities:

  • Players want revenge on Myna so they follow her, watch her use the basket, and steal it.
  • Players strike up a conversation with Myna without getting near the basket, and offer to buy it.
  • Get it the old fashioned way - kill her.
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