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January 11, 2008, 7:13 am

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Lightning's Voice


Born half in legend, half in cold science, Lightning’s Voice is a carrier of divine wrath in an age without faith.

Full Item Description
Lightning’s Voice is an ion blaster - a high-tech weapon designed to ionize a path in the air and hurl bolts of electrical energy down them. It takes the form of a remarkably blocky energy pistol, almost too large for the designation. The metallic shell that houses the delicate inner workings is a lustrous storm-grey hue, alternating between a fluidly graceful curve and a harsh, brutal edge on the detailing. Three tiny LEDs are placed on the pistol’s butt, where the wielder can easily see them; a red one, glowing when the weapon’s safety is engaged; a yellow one, for when the safety is off the the weapon itself is charging to fire; and a green one, which lights when the weapon is ready to be used.
The weapon’s effect, when fired, is identical on a visual and auditory level to a bolt of lightning crashing from the gun to the target, and often beyond.
Long ago, the goddess Arathena’s swords, Monsoon and Typhoon, were broken asunder, the fragments scattering across the world. Some were found; many of the fragments, however, remained lost as years became centuries, and in the course of time the knowledge of the divine was lost to the world. So it was that that a shard, one the wickedly lethal point of Monsoon, was discovered long after the history of the fragments was lost.
The discoverer was a weapon hobbyist of some moderate skill, with a preference for firearms of any kind and a tendency to custom-build weapons to challenge himself. The Shard, still untouched by the ravages of time and glistening with a storm-grey hue, seemed to speak to him of the ravages of lightning, and so it was that - when testing could not identify the nature of the metal, but did reveal the superb perfection with which it could direct and augment electromagnetic fields - the Shard which had been Monsoon’s cutting point was remade to be the casing and circuitry for an ion blaster.
So superbly did the weapon work that the crafter knew he had, in this, a masterwork; unknowing that the weapon’s creation was augmented by divine power, he drew on old tales of the days when smiths were craftsmen above all else, and gave the weapon a name. He deemed it Lightning’s Voice, for so loud was the thundering crash of the bolts that it seemed a decree.
Little did the craftsman know of the weapon’s deeper powers, currents of a forgotten heritage that soon worked to draw him into war, drafted to fight and pushed to the very forefront, carrying the weapon with him. There, in the heart of battle, Lightning’s Voice spoke, foretelling death and destruction to all who opposed it; and when the craftsman fell, the weapon was swiftly claimed as a battle-prize, and turned against those who had brought it to the forefront. Little did it matter to the fragment which had become the gun; only that at long last, after ages of slumber, it was again where it belong, cutting a path through bloody battle with the swift fury of the Storm.
Many times has Lightning’s Voice changed hands; wherever it goes, if it is not headed into battle, one always seems to find it, and the weapon always becomes a turning point for whichever side lays claim to it.
Magic/Cursed Properties
-Foremost, Lightning’s Voice is an ion blaster; where most such weapons rely on low-grade lasers to ionize the path for the bolt to travel, the main discharge behaves much like a true lightning bolt, an ionized field building before the bolt itself strikes. It is devastating to electronics of all sorts, and usually fatal to those it strikes.
-The lightning bolts hurled by the blaster are far more powerful than mere ionized blasts, and often arc to strike numerous targets - yet, as a container of divine power, the discharge always seems to choose only the wielder’s foes to incinerate.
-When in the thick of battle, the weapon never quite seems to run out of power; there always seems to be enough juice left in the power cell for another shot or two, no matter how many are fired; it isn’t until the battle is over that the cell finally runs dry, leaving the wielder surrounded by the lightning-charred bodies of the fallen.
-The Shard, being the leading edge of a divine weapon, seeks to fulfill itself by manipulating the threads of fate and destiny; where Lightning’s Voice goes, battle soon follows.
-More than anything else, this is a weapon of the divine in a godless era; it influences the wielder, driving them to heights of passionate fury unlike anything experienced before.
Divinity in the Era of No Faith
One notable hazard of the use of Lightning’s Voice is that it is, indeed, a Divine thing in a time when the divine is no longer active. Much like the proverbial pin dropping in utter silence, it is certain to be noticed wherever the gods have gone - and more than likely, the first to notice is the Divine Storm, Arathena. Perhaps She merely reclaims Her property and amuses Herself by smiting the wielder; perhaps She witnesses the havoc wrought by the weapon and sees it as a sacrifice to Her glory; or perhaps She simply sees, in a time of soft fools, a Mortal who has the strength to appeal to Her desires. Or perhaps She takes no heed; having abandoned the Shards long ago, She may no longer care - the incarnation of the Primal Storm follows no pattern but Her own whim, after all.

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Comments ( 5 )
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January 11, 2008, 7:13
This thing largely came about due to musing upon the effects of the Shards in modern and sci-fi weaponry. Like most of the weapon-items I make, it can undoubtedly use some work, and likely isn't anywhere near epic enough to do tribute to the Shards.

Voted Cheka Man
January 11, 2008, 14:14
It would have made a great Quest submission. I really like it. 5/5
Voted Chaosmark
January 11, 2008, 17:16
Indeed. This is a stunning take on the old quest. I agree with Cheka: it would have made a great quest submission.
Voted valadaar
January 12, 2008, 14:56
What a nice way to make a modern style weapon unique and subworthy! Well done!
Voted Scrasamax
February 8, 2008, 22:36
You say that it is not nearly epic enough to justice to the Shards, I think this is incorrect. The forging of a Shard into a gun is worthy of applause for sheer novelty, and it's effects in a cold and clinical world of laws and causality make it inspiring. To you sir, I say Nicely Done.


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