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May 25, 2006, 5:17 am

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The Sky Father, the Star Lord.

The primal embodiment of air, Laulas embraces everything, but is likewise possessive and domineering of all. His consort is Enia, whose nurturing nature has kept him in check in the past. When the Elder Gods created the world, he created the vastness of the sky and with it potential for creating all things not yet made. Deep in the sky, he set the stars, so that those who were to come later might know the vastness of the sky given to them and here he made his abode.

In Éran, Laulas is feared above all other gods as the harbinger of doom and annihilation, a god so terrible and powerful, none of the other gods dare stand against him, the one predicted to end the world. For as long as the mortal races have known him, he has worked towards their destruction.

As far as Laulas is concerned, Theras is not only a creation gone wrong, to be undone and remade; it is also a prison for his beloved and missed consort Enia. Theras exists only because the spirit of Enia animates it and he is determined to undo this and return his consort to life again.

Unlike Miran, Laulas prefers to work in subtle ways, weaving his plots and schemes below the eyes of the young gods where possible, and never so openly threatening they might feel compelled to destroy him as they did Miran. When the final day of Theras comes, its fruition will be so insidious that by the time it is discovered, there will be no reversing it.

He still nurtures and cares for the phoenixes whom he feels represent everything that is right in creation and they in turn revere him as their father and creator and likewise still protects the aerial animals of the world, the creations of Enia he gave wings and pledged to nurture when the world was young.

Laulas has a close and strongly ambivalent relationship with the Phaerie. When they spontaneously appeared in the wake of Enia’s sacrifice, Laulas took them under his wing in the absence of his consort and nurtured them as his own creation. Only later, when he grew to see Theras as a prison and not a place of unfolding creation, did he begin to resent the very existence of the Phaerie, whom he now sees as the janitors of Enia’s prison, sustaining and keeping her spirit as it is now.

Though he is the Phaerie’s greatest enemy and has conceived many plots to destroy them, including creating the Unseelie court of the dark Phaerie, the love he once felt for them as his own is occasionally stirred when facets of Enia’s character shines through in them. A Phaerie or Phaerie community has often been saved at the last minute by the unseen and repenting hand of Laulas, often to save them from his own work.

The Phaerie’s relationship with the dedicated annihilator of Theras is generally one of sadness. They acknowledge and respect him for the love and nurturing he once showed them, while also lamenting for the being he has become.

He is worshipped by some Blackfolk tribes, who see themselves as the hand of the rightful sovereign of Theras, the chosen who are to be spared when the world is remade. Laulas sees no reason to dispel this misconception and readily accepts their worship.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Cheka Man
May 25, 2006, 13:12
5/5 I feel a bit5 sorry for him,seperated from his loved one.
Voted Murometz
January 26, 2008, 1:01
Stark, haunting mythology here. Not bad!
Voted MoonHunter
January 26, 2008, 17:33
Missed this one when you submitted the entire set of Gods. I do love the way these come across.
April 23, 2008, 11:50
Still my favorite of the set.

It is a solid write up with enough direction and blank spots that you can easily fill in any mythic gaps you might need. Well done
Voted manfred
April 23, 2008, 18:28
I have to say I like this one most as well. From reading this, I had the impression that his consort was imprisoned in this world by force... reading about her explained it, and his predicament much clearer.

The man has really a problem. The world as well. Good work.
Voted valadaar
May 28, 2013, 13:51
Such an excellent motivation for an Evil God. I love enemies who have realistic aspirations - they make sense and are easier to use then Evil for Evil's Sakes enemies.

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