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October 16, 2006, 9:29 am

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They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend.

But should she prove unfaithful, they can also be her worst enemy, the instrument of her utter destruction. The whore will pay a heavy price for her infidelity, I swear!

Full Item Description
It is a prized gem stone to her awe-struck eyes. A gorgeous, flawless diamond with smooth, unmarred sides and a vibrant sheen so earnest that any woman of comeliness who gazes into its inviting depths will find her beauty reflected and magnified a hundred fold. She is truly lovely, so alluring to any man in existence once she dons this precious tear of the earth’s interior. With this gem to adorn her finger, all eyes stare in her direction, captivated by her suddenly luminous beauty. A poet would suggest that her radiance surpasses even that of the magnificent gem itself.
But unbeknown be to her, this final gift from a jilted paramour is laced with his curse that will destroy her very soul.    
His roar of anguished wrath shook the very depths of the Dark Lake, sending a collective shudder through the huddled masses of the loathesome imps clustered around its blighed shores. Even the doomed souls suffering their eternal torment in the noxious embrace of the Lake, ceased their blood-curdling wailing, stunned into silence by the vast outpouring of rage emanting from miles above.

And on his grim throne suspended far above the haunted surface of the Dark Lake, the Lord Of the Desolate Shore continued to roar. The ground surrounding the shores of the Lkae, parted to release geysers of burning fire, and yet his roar continued unabated. The souls writhing in never-ending eternal torment, wailed again in renewed agony as the black waters took on a scalding heat that slowly begun to melt the undying, accursed flesh straight off their ancient bones.

And still he screamed. For this in its way, had been the most painful blow that the mighty demon lord had ever suffered throughout the dark eons he had spent terrorising the wretched denizens of his tainted realm.

The apple of his lustful eyes, the jealously guarded jewel of his harem, the one concubine he had had prized above the others for her astonishing beauty, had been caught fornicating with one of his best generals. The same unwilling celestial bride duped so long ago into his avaricious clutches, he had always regarded as one of his major conquests. Such was her mesmerising beauty that the other arch-fiends of hell had always resentfully envied him for his sole ownership of her. And now she had reduced him into a laughing-stock infront of their eyes. The whispered taunts would never cease, and all would question the strength of his virility.

If only there was some way he could make the harlot pay. Condeming her treacherous lover to the depths of the Lake was hardly enough where satign his wounded pride and desire for vengance was concerned.

Damn the entire race of lying, deciving harlots! Dealing with his own faithless whore alone was not enough to feed the constantly smouldering humilations they had inflicted on him. For all the other past betrayals and the ones that would undoubtedly occur in the future, he had to ensure that the entire race of whoring females would suffer forever.

So he thought long and hard on the subject, ceasing his musings only when his fertile mind devised the perfect answer. Thin lips stretched over bony fangs in a delighted smile, he beckoned over one of the Hulan standing vigil over its master. ‘‘Bring me some of the souls interred within the lake. Mortal or demonic, it matters not. Take whom you please so long as you bring them here.’‘

His monstrous minion was quick to comply with his master’s orders.  Within moments, the vast throne-hall found itself overflowing with a massive army of the damned. Wailing spectres raised an unearthly din as they begun to beg him to release them from their bonds and set them free of their terrible fate.

And he smiled in a manner that one could only have described as gentle, raising aloft an object in his barbed claws for their inspection. It was a large gem . ‘‘Fear not, oh sinful ones. Revel in my bountiful mercy knowing that you shall be set free as and when fortune favours you. But until that moment arrives, this shall be your new home, each and every one of you..’’

Magic/Cursed Properties
These gems are in truth, homes to the bound spirits that lie trapped within, awaiting the promised opportunity to inhabit a new body, one that will at last free them from the clutches of their erstwhile warden.
On the command of the Lord Of The Desolate Shore, thousands of them were scattered through both hell and earth.
Now they lie passively in the various locales they descended to, simply waiting for fr someone to discover them. Their beauty is undeniable to any who view them, but they will nevertheless appear in two very differing froms as their innate nature twists the perception of the eyes that see them..
A heart-broken man who has recently learned that his beloved wife or lover has sold her affection and adoration to another, will see a blood-red gem with a tiny depiction in its very center, one that is an enchanted miniature portrait of his faithless woman shrieking in agony as flames devour her. As he stares mesmerized at that tiny image, he realizes what to do. By keeping silent about his discovery and offering this gem as a gift to the unsuspecting harlot, justice will be served for his wounded heart.
But the ill-fated one who receives it as a gift from the husband whom she mistakenly beliefs is still blinded by the fog of ignorance, sees only the immortal master-piece tat brings her a rush of euphoria as she places it around her throat. Joy overwhelms her as the gem rests its cool surface against her skin. Now she feels assured thats she can seduce absolutely very living man in existence into becoming her helpless abject slave… The good fortune does not endure for as long as she imagined it would. A few days pass in which our seductress indulges much time in casting her nets to snare the most promising and tempting men she can find. As they capitulate, one by one, thrall to her beauty, she gratefully thanks the gods for showering her with such an invaluable gift. 
But the day will soon comes when she begins to scream as the gem suddenly becomes devoid of its pleasantly cool sensation, and instead becomes suffused with a searing heat that melds her skin to its surface, creating an unremovable bond. The spirt interred within has finally made its move, sensing the appropriate victim. Striking with the ferocity of a starved cobra, it forces its way into the unfortunate woman’s body, displacing her soul and seizing her body for its own.
As for the man who has ignored his consciene by choosing to employ this tool of evil, he can find no rest. The never-dying suspicion of betrayal has now seeped into his own soul and once he has succeeded in retrieving it, the gem will claim many more victims as long as it remains in his possession, the faithful as well as the faithless.

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Wulfhere
October 16, 2006, 20:17
I didn't care for this one as much as I suspect it deserves. Clearly, a great deal of work went into it. The item is an interesting idea, a jewel that tempts its wearer, then causes her to be possessed by a malign spirit. It seems an extremely potent cursed item.

I had a few questions: When the wearer's soul is displaced, what happens to it? Is she still trapped somewhere in her possessed body, or perhaps is she sent to take the place of the soul once held captive by the demonic Lord Of The Desolate Shore? How long does this possession last? Can the original soul be recovered?

What other subs are based on that wicked entity? I know his name sounds familiar.
Voted Cheka Man
October 16, 2006, 21:38
Where does the orginal soul go? Trapped within the body?Trapped in the jewel? Dragged down to hell? Set free as a ghost? Something else?
Voted Scrasamax
October 17, 2006, 3:32
A gem of possession that taints the giver and possesses the bearer...nasty.
October 17, 2006, 8:46
The soul of the woman takes the place of the freed spectre. Unless you can somehow lure the spirit out of her body, and barter hers from the demon, it is permanent.
Voted valadaar
October 17, 2006, 11:25
Seeing as this item will affect generally those who in some opinion may already be damned, I don't see it as too overpowering.

It seems simply to be another means for Demons to gain access to victims to possess, and is a reasonably appropriate one.

Now, as for it being eternal, etc. It sounds like it could be undone by an exorcism so long as the gem is also available to retrieve the original soul, assuming the deity of the priest performing the exorcism is willing to the help the adulterer. (Given that the spirit which has gained liberty may be a far worse one makes this likely). I think this is a more likely scenerio then bartering with the Demon.

This is also an excellent way to bring back evil NPC's that the PC's have sent to their just desserts, though possibly in a body of a different gender :)

Good sub!
Voted MoonHunter
October 17, 2006, 13:24
I find it a little hard to read and follow.

There are some unanswered questions in there that others have touched upon.

The process of distribution and effect are a little odd. Being a dammed item, it could be used even in cases of "misunderstandings" between them or by a would be lover who is heart broken when his woman was unfaithful to him.

It is simply too vague to be a useful piece.
Voted Murometz
January 9, 2008, 20:35
What Scras said!

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