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March 1, 2007, 5:16 pm

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A charismatic young man, a local community leader, a tragedy waiting to happen.

Human/ Male/ 20
Jessius is a very good looking young man, with strong features, gentle brown eyes, fair skin, brown hair. His voice is musical and strong. He is athletic in build. He is generally appealing in look and action.

Jessius’s life is just like everyone else’s in the area.  His parents did the same work as everyone else (farming, mining, what ever is appropriate for the region). Jessius is one of many young men in the area. However, he is their defacto leader. He was always the “captain” for every team. He was the one people asked advice from. He was the one who was in charge of the games. In fact, Jessius has such a charismatic presence that he is the “social leader” for people much older and much younger than himself.  Someday he will be a “village elder”, soon he will be the area’s “head man”. Right now, he is just the guy people turn to to make decisions.

He has a “side kick”. Jefficus has been his best friend since they were toddlers. Jefficus has been helping Jessius “run things” since they were small. If you have an issue, you find Jefficus to get Jessius.

Recently, he confessed his true feelings to a local girl called Amya. Amya’s miller family moved to the area when the old miller died about eight years back. Nobody except Jessius really liked her, since she was different.

Special Equipment
None really.

Roleplaying Notes
Jessius could be living in a village, a small town, a neighborhood in a city, or any small to moderate grouping. His being a farmer, an apprentice something, or group member is completely independent. This character is a personality and situation to be plugged into any group.

Generally happy and well adjusted.

He is somewhat careful. He knows he has a responsibility to the people who look up to him.
He is insanely loyal to Jefficus.

He is head over heels in love with Amya.

You must follow the links to Jefficus and Amya and read those posts to fully appreciate this one.

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Voted KendraHeart
December 27, 2005, 18:40
The first one I read of the set. He is obnoxiously perfect. The players should kill him off just for that.

I know he sets up the situation, by being "in charge", but he is just kind of flat in a simplistic King Arthur sort of way.

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