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November 29, 2005, 1:56 am

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Hexagon Plaza - A Kerren Neighborhood


Hexagon Plaza is a “zone” in a cluster, not far from a gate. This is because gips are herded to the plaza, the shortest distance possible is the best for creatures, handlers, and people nearby. Note: For this area to make sense, check out the Encyclopedia Kernnica for details on gips, hard and soft leather.

Hexagon Plaza is a “zone” in a cluster, not far from a gate. This is because gips are herded to the plaza, the shortest distance possible is the best for creatures, handlers, and people nearby. The center of the plaza has a corral for gip waiting to be “sheared” (pealed in the common parlance, sheared is the “professional” slang).

The process itself is fairly simple and quiet, except for the quiet humming of contented gip. A skilled shearer makes little sound besides an occasional thunk and a scrape. Most gips seem to like being sheared, as removing their soft outer shell lightens their burden, and most like the excess skin taken from their joints. In fact, many gips drop eggs they are so happy. They also fart and the fresh skins are “aromatic”, so smell does disturb the atmosphere of the gentle quiet humming and soft snuffs and grunts of the gip.

Unfortunately, it is the rest of the zone that is hot and loud, as well as smelly. If there are traders from other Clusters/ Warrens present, looking for fresh blocks of quality, there can be “spirited” discussions. But in most cases, hide blocks are divided among the crafters. The “Chunk- Chunk -” of the large press cutters (a gip powered guillitine) breaking up blocks to more managable sizes and dimensions. There may be some “quiet” trading involved for quality blocks.

From there, they are taken to crafting stations, where basic forms are made. After that, they are taken to the roof or out back to a hot first resin bath. Any of the basic five mildly acidic fluids helps clean and prepare the skins. The charcoal fires keep the mixtures warm, if not hot (depending on the end purpose for the skins).

The smell of the drying first cuts is enough to drive most people from the zone and down wind. This and the other odors are enough to keep most people out of the zone on a peeling day. Strangely enough most dragons seem to like it.

The soft leathermakers have already cooked their materials the day before. They now apply the mixtures cold to the softleathers, after they have been attatched to frames for stretching. Moving these frame about is the work of apprentices and the occasional odd child. On a windy day, you can see apprentice crafters and children earning credit “flying about”, the leather fames acting as sails.

Even on non-peeling days, the zone is still a symphony of activity. The whirring sound of pedal powered sand grinders and cutters is punctuated by the the odor of hot (burning) skins. The sound of people and tools is accompanied by the rhythm of the bubbles. The scent of bubbling resins (savory, woodsy, and acidic) fills the air. These sound and smells are supported by the clicking and “brushing” of the softleathermakers clicking ratchets (to pull leather tigher on the frames) and smoothing/ shaping pieces. Those on carry duty shuffle their feet moving completed projects. Laughter comes from those looking at extra goods on their time off.

Even at the quietest of time the aroma of freshly cut leathers fills the area.  Now most people pick up their assigned/ needed goods from the locker (the central supply point). But extra goods or gifts are looked at and credited at the given crafter’s shop. And if you are commissioning something special (even if it is an allotted tool like a spear), you will be in the areas. So there are often craftsmen and others in the area at all times.

Now many larger clusters that have good gip herds will have a zone much like this one. Others might have “out stations” where the shearing and intial boiling is done out of cluster (and usually under Dragon Guard).

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted KendraHeart
December 27, 2005, 18:25
How did this one escape me? I must of run out of votes some time back. Okay, you have to read them all.
Voted Scrasamax
October 11, 2008, 0:51
What is a gip?

Other than that, not bad for a leather working neighborhood with a slightly unusual flare.
October 11, 2008, 17:42
*mentally envisions a link to a scroll or stub entry upcoming* :)

It is a pig-like animal, just more fitting Kerren (for a start, it is bigger and has a tougher hide). One of the things that stays with you from this setting.


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