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January 17, 2007, 7:22 am

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Glaive of Balundir


This mighty polearm contains the bound and unwilling spirit of a daemon, who’s dearest desire is eternal vengance on the one who bound him.

Full Item Description
A great, single edged blade, curved and wicked set upon the end of a long shaft, more than eight foot in length, the Glaive of Balundir bears a form not unlike that of the Kwan Dao, yet that is the end of its resemblance to a mortal weapon. The blackend surface of the blade is translucent, now, a window into the hellish prison of the spear’s inhabitant, a foul darkness twisting beneath the surface of the weapon, while its haft is a dreadful metal, red as blood and which squirms beneath the touch like a chitinous insect.


Balundir gazed out over the flames of destruction, of twisted carnage, and he smiled, despite the ichor that flowed from his wounds, wounds that in any mortal would have been grievous unto the death. He was victorious over this mortal race’s champions, and he looked forwards to the time over which he would rule them. All he needed now was to hunt down the traitor Belezechial, and devour him, and he would go uncontested over this world. And all it had cost him was the time and effort to corrupt a few souls, so ready for the plucking. The smile still upon his face, he… no, soon, these mortals would worship Him. Him, the newly risen God of Carnage! And behind as he left, he did not look, missing the faint sound of steel on stone in his exultation.

Behind him, as silent and dark as the ice which were his aspect, Belezechial took up the ichor coated weapon of a hero, and smiled, wickedly, despite the agony its very touch caused him. For many weeks, he hid and he labored upon the weapon, whispering both Fell enchantments and his ex-master’s true name.

And in the end, his was Belezechial who struck he final blow, meaning to claim this soft world for himself. Yet, his essence spent, he and the legions had no choice but to return to Hell. But as he had anticipated, the Essence of his once-master was bound to his blood, the Demon King of Death and Carnage bound into the once-mortal steel of the glaive, now and forever, the comination of holy and daemonic magics causing him eternal agony.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Containing the essence of a great Daemon, the Glaive of Balundir acts primarily as the talisman which enchains him in this dimension. Should it be broken, he will be free to spread his taint across the mortal plane once more.

Those who wield the blade are able to release some small part of that taint, using it to kill indiscriminately with demon-fire and steel. They will hunger for its release, and throw themselves into ever more massive slaughters, seeking battle strong enough to slake the thirst of the mad creature that suffers within the blade. Subconciously, too, they seek to destroy the weapon through combat, to unleash Balundir, yet no natural agent exists which can harm the weapon. 

However, to wield the Glaive will grant the one with enough will power the ability to harm the Lords of Hell… and the Lords of Heaven.

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Comments ( 11 )
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Voted CaptainPenguin
July 3, 2006, 16:57
Only voted
Voted Cheka Man
July 3, 2006, 19:43
If the user did somehow destroy it, what would the demon do?
Siren no Orakio
July 4, 2006, 1:29
If you were an angry demon lord that spent X centuries imprisoned against your will in a weapon on a world you'd very nearly conquered, and you were suddenly let loose, what would -you- do?

I'd go on a rampage, but my personal suspicion is that it'd be whatever's convienent for the GM.
Voted Alec_Shadowkin
July 4, 2006, 19:15
Seemes to me like a nice item for a higher-level game's plothook.
Voted Scrasamax
July 5, 2006, 12:43
Blood for the Blood God!!!

+.5 sword for the insult of binding a demon lord into a mortal weapon.
July 5, 2006, 17:04
Skulls for the skull throne!
Siren no Orakio
July 5, 2006, 17:15
Death to the False Emperor!
Voted MoonHunter
July 5, 2006, 15:14
A really wonderful write up. The weapon has plot hooks, power, and a price to use it. Nicely executed and developed.

And you know, I almost passed it by because of the introduction. That was so blase and typical, that I might of let it slide. However, I saw it was an SnO post, so I checked it.Good things I did.
Siren no Orakio
July 5, 2006, 17:15
Thanks, Moon, and others.

And yes. Yes, Scras, Yes Cap'n, I was face down in the middle of Codex: Chaos Space Marines when I concieved this. It's why the intro is so bad.
Voted Pariah
July 6, 2006, 21:24
Only voted
Voted valadaar
June 2, 2016, 10:03
Well, thats about as uber as they get. Its like stuffing Sauron into the one ring :)

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