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January 15, 2006, 2:32 pm

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Burrito Benzanito


When you have everything, you have want for nothing, and then the boredom sets in…


“Not to make a mockery of you good sir, but it is a shame that a person of high esteem such as yourself and who no doubt thinks highly of themselves is to find himself at the edge of his own sword, in his own bedroom, begging for his life, and at the mercy of the man who is by your own wife’s accord a better lover than you.”

Though accustomed to luxury and finery, Burrito keeps a good half-step away from such things. Lace, furs, vevets and satins are for nobles daughters, wives and for pompous men of words not action, Burrito finds such things a trifel boorish. No doubt he is fashioned in fine materials, he does like to keep things simple, Tunics in strong but sedate blues and browns are his favorite, with a matching wide-brimmed hat and pantaloons all functional and tailored to fit. Camel-hair vest of the finest imported worsted wool with coral buttons, and a dash of silver thread at the trim. The hat is a special kind of felt made by a master hatter in the old quarter of Aranthea. He keeps the hatter in his special employ to come up with new designs and patterns which soon become the rage of the city, unfortunately for the nobility, the hatter sellls to no one. Boots appear non-descript but they again are a a trend that just can’t seem to catch on. Custom leather boots from a distant land, with perfect metal lacing rings and solid soles, being the heir to a shipping empire surely has some benefits.
Yet the thing that most attracts attention to Burrito is not his dress but his innate gravity. As a local and even a national celebrity, he can hardly go noticed without drawing a crowd. HIs position has some part to do with it, but his demeanor does not disappoint.


Burrito Nevral Benzantio, heir and first son of Duke Rolandé Benzanito - Lord Admiral of the Imperial Mercantile Fleet of Aranthea, Professor and Master Swordsman of the Imperial War College, and the first foriegn born Champion of the Esteros Tournement of Swords.

Burrito was raised into a life beyond his countrymen, his families wealth exceeds that of the provisional ruler of Aranthea. A sheltered life of court, the univeristy, and nobility was what his station had planned for him. At an early age he was schooled in language, politics, foriegn affairs, as well as how to manage estates and oversea the trade empire of his father. Burrito found this all to be a bore, not that he didn’t excell at it, he was just not interested, the cliffside ocean view from his father’s villa and the salt sprayed books of distant journeys made him eager for life outside the court and the protection of his family. Fortunately for him one of the skills taught to aspiring lordlings is swordplay. By the age of 7 he was somewaht of a regional footnote and oddity, his skills were amazing against other youths, but then again he was the Duke’s son, no one would dare harm him. At age 12 he convinced his dad to command a courier vessel to Esteros, a powerful trading empire to the East reknowned for its swordsmen.
While in the market he witnessed a duel of two men, it was unlike anythign he had ever witnessed in his sheltered life in Aranthea, after speaking with the duelists he was convinced of what he wanted to do, he wanted to stay here in Esteros and train to be a swordsman. The Captain of his fathers merchantship refused outright, as he would not return to his Duke without his son or ship. Burrito smiled and agreed, he offered to put the matter aside and took the captain and the officers for shore for dinner. Halfway through the meala report of a port-fire had made its way to the restaurant. The ship had been set-aflame!
Burrito reminded his captain of his promise and they sent word to the Duke that Burrito was to learn the Art of Estros Swordplay.
Apprenticing to an Estros swordsmaster is a difficult task in itself, but especially of a foriegn Lordling. the training is intense and demeaning, but Burrito showed great promise. In fact after bouncing around for several years form master to master, he managed to apprentice himself to a swordsman of great rumor, but little accolade.
At the age of 18 he became the first foriegn born Swordmaster and Champion of the Tournement of Swords.
After which he was accepted tot he prestigious Imperial Academy of War in the Imperial Capital of D’Ae. He graduated in 2 short years after defeating every one of his instructors and showed them flaws inherent in their fighting style, the academy was restructured nad the prestiious Tome of War was rewritten with his principles. He was awarded the Position of Professor and the Title of master Swordsman.
He returned home to the sprawling megapolis of Aranthea for the first time in 8 years, to find it much as he had left it, in his absence he had becoem quite a legend. his father offered his a commission, and the title of Admiral, but he refused, he was not meant to be a mercantile Captain. Lords and Ladies court him but he cares not to marry and do lordly things.
He is looking for somethign to do, or someone to entertain him.

Fortunately for him someone interesting has come along… it looks like they are adventurers….

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Comments ( 8 )
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August 21, 2004, 15:19
This character's name is Burrito.

August 22, 2004, 1:01
Which is a perfectly acceptible first name, though a triffle stupid. It is like naming your child Seymour or Ezekial or Greengrass, or other geek/ nerd names. It is the kind of name that mkes children pick upon you. One of the reasons the name is not commonly used. Of course, if it was a family name... you are kind of stuck with it.

Besides, Fantasy Gaming NEEDS MORE FENCERS!!!
August 22, 2004, 1:06
Burrito? Burrito is an acceptable name? Sure, if you're a tasty Mexican dish...
Oh well, different language, different culture. Nobody in that world would know what a burrito is.
August 22, 2004, 5:11
Burrito means Little Donkey, I believe. Actually. Great character, stupid name.

could have been a 5, but is instead a 4

August 22, 2004, 17:47
Hahahha, yah that point was actually to give him a littel of a mischievious name. When I threw him into my campaign the characters were hearing the people talk about the 'fabulous Burrito" or how "Burrito-style-hats were the rage among the nobility" and when they heard that "Burrito was at a local restaurant they couldn't wait to get there!"
Of course they were out-of-towners and hardly spoke the local language. So i kinda intended to have it go that way. He was originally meant as a humorous character, but soon enough he was a corner in several adventures, and is a good friend of the PCs to this day.
Still I think Burrito is a perfectly acceptable name in a non-spanish speaking world esp when it rolls off the tongue so well!!!!

Classic Burrito moments include fighting rapier wielding opponents with dish and silverwear, of course mocking them throughout the entire scenario.
Burrito ha sa sort of goot natured/back-handed wit about him.
August 22, 2004, 20:08
August 24, 2004, 3:29
Yeah, I hit refresh and it DP'd it, moreso, delete and modify post don't work. Lame.
August 28, 2004, 20:23
I dont see anything wrong with naming the character Burrito. It's not likely he will ever be mistakened for some other guy by that name. I dont think the name is stupid either. It has orginality and it takes a brave man to take such an unusual approach to their character.

I knew a girl named Rebel, that was her birth name. Besides look at it like this, burritos are mysterious things. Within that floury exterior there waits many things. Some good, some bad. If he ever crosses your path, you will live the rest of your life reciting to your friends and anyone who listens the tales of a man called Burrito.

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