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July 17, 2007, 1:08 pm

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Cheka Man

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These creatures are foul things that prey on the weakness of loss. Their home society, and indeed, their home, in completely unknown, as all that have been found have been killed to out standards.

Full Description

These baby-like creatures are physically weak like the human counterparts they resemble, but have exactly none of the innocence.

The Berniunt, or as we would call them, heart-drinkers, come from an at-this-time unknown plane, to some small place of water near where a mother who has recently lost her child has cried out with pain for her baby back. The heart-drinkers need human warmth and life to sustain themselves while here, and to grow stronger for when they return home.

I had just lost my own baby to a miscarriage a few weeks ago, when I saw something floating in the washbasin. Bless the stars, its a baby! Oh goodness me, youre still breathing, love.

Oftentimes the water in which it has landed, so to speak, starts out filthy, but if not, it soon becomes so as the Berniunts body starts shedding decomposing skin in order to attract notice.

There are little gills behind its ears, so it can breathe just as well underwater as in air. This indicates that it comes from an amphibious, if not aquatic, plane.

But, what is wrong with your eyes? Just little slits.. Perhaps the healer can do something about that. Or a priest.

With the eye-slits it possesses, the heart-drinkers do not see shapes and colors, but rather see heat and can trace the veins and arteries in a humans body. The ears are similar, with small, thin cartilage and a crescent-slit, that does not hear most sounds, but can hear heartbeat and breathing superbly.

But, come here, you. Lets see if we can get you warm and dry, and maybe fed something.
-mmm this one smells good-

The Berniunt arrives near mothers who have lost because they know the women are particularly receptive to them, regardless of their appearance. If they are hungry enough, when a human picks up the creature and cuddles it, it will latch on to exposed skin within reach, with the largest vein or artery it can, and a roughly 5 inch long toothed tongue will pierce the skin, draining blood.

Youre hungry, arent you? Well, lets see if we cant do something about that

If they can wait, however, they will, until the female tries to nurse it. Then it will employ the same method to dig through the chest, to where to heart is. Wrapping its tongue around the heart, the Berniunt will pull it out, still beating, and swallow it whole. It will then continue to drink as much or the womans blood as it can before it congeals or the body cools.

In many places, these heart-drinkers are treated as simple myth, or a childrens horror story to keep them from playing with strangers children. In others, it is known all too well how real these creatures are, though little is known about how they come about.

Killing them seems possible by most normal means besides drowning, though the preferred way by most is to burn the foul tainted thing!

Additional Information
It has pale, almost white-blue skin, like that of a drowned human, and some small amount of blondish hair.
When it is burned, it lets off a tremendous cloud of thick red steam, which takes it back to its home. Unfortunately, no one has any reason to suspect this, and are just glad to have it gone from them.

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Comments ( 13 )
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Voted Bio-Terror
July 13, 2007, 20:59
I liked that one. It could easily be fit in a number scenarios.
Voted Ria Hawk
July 13, 2007, 21:32
Ouch. Morbid and highly disturbing, which is saying a lot coming from me. I like the fact that they go after vulnerable mothers. Could lead to an interesting investigation case, assuming the little monstrosities depart to wherever they came from if they're not caught. It would also be interesting if the PCs came upon a crazed mob about to burn what appears to be a helpless baby...
Voted Cheka Man
July 13, 2007, 21:40
Highly nasty...I would love to give one of these to Edrea.One of the more twisted submiisions here.
Voted Scrasamax
July 14, 2007, 1:16
I will never look at babies the same way again. Pass the flamethrower please.
Voted manfred
July 14, 2007, 5:37
Ow. Now that is a true demonic creature if I have ever seen one.

I am disgusted. Good work!
Voted Murometz
July 14, 2007, 10:45
oh my goodness! Great stuff Lanfear! wow. I will not be showing my wife, mother of 3 newborns, this sub. Macabre and grotesque! Post more!
Voted valadaar
July 16, 2007, 6:17

Well done.:)
Cheka Man
July 16, 2007, 9:20
I look forward to more from you.
Michael Jotne Slayer
July 16, 2007, 11:42
I think mr.Geiger would have been the perfect artist to illustrate this creature. His baby pictures fit the bill.
Voted MoonHunter
July 17, 2007, 13:10
Added Demon Freetext.

Creepy, Disturbing, and lots of fun to torment the world with. It would be fun to let them be a baby (and look a bit more baby like) for a while before their eat the heart. That way, you can't be quite sure if they are a demon or a baby. They could snack on the woman.. draining her of warmth and vitality first. Perhaps even snacking on other members of the family before... the killing begins.
Voted Isk
September 20, 2007, 22:58
wow, I have to admire the true evilness of this creature, though I don't think even I am mean enough to throw that at one of my groups. Although I still think that I might use it as a rumor that my PCs hear about.
Voted Drackler
May 11, 2008, 19:56
I will simply reiterate what everyone else said; highly disturbing.
Great oddity, Lanfear.
Voted axlerowes
April 17, 2009, 21:38
this is fantastic,

has somebody used this in game yet?

What was the response?

Really great and well put, the little bits of dialog are cheesy which only makes the text that much more unnerving.


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