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October 22, 2007, 1:46 pm

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BRS Gwynith


The BRS Gwynith is an air ship of the Byrlothian Resistance. She is sentient, needing no crew to fly or man her, though she generally has a crew aboard for doing repairs and to go where she cannot.

Special Equipment:

The Pyrith Crystal that contains her "spirit".


The BRS Gwynith is just shy of 130 feet long, with a main mast reaching 110 feet into the sky. She is built of dark brown hardwood, and sunbleached slightly. The three masts are all white with a dark blue stripe running from the bottom starboard corner of each mast to the upper port corner. The bow of the ship is adorned with the head of an eagle. She has 32 cannons, 16 to a side as well as a ramming brace built into the front and is extremely fast, easily outrunning any other airship of her time. Gwynith currently holds the rank of Captain(of herself, of course). She is very friendly, but the sight of a Dragon Mage sends her into a rage that is frightening to behold.


Excerpts from the journal of Cornelius Yulani, Tal-Magi of the Byrlothian Resistance


18 Darth, 827
It is 827ce and the Dragon Mages have been in power for nearly one hundred and fifty cycles. The Byrlothian Resistance was formed in 794, but without a military to fight back with, we have accomplished little more than becoming an irritation to the Dragon Mages and their drakul armies. Jarred Landis, the legendary designer and builder of airships has recently been freed by us from the shipyard on Lesser Harandis. We have high hopes that he can assist us in building our own navy. Perhaps with a small fleet of airships we can begin to turn the tide of this tyranny.


9 Makim, 827

It has been nearly six months since we freed Jarred and he almost immediately went to work on a new design for a sleeker, faster airship than anything the Dragon Mages have. He has christened the first one of the line the Gwynith and she is expected to come out of the secret shipyard on the island of Mutani in just two more months. A second shipyard is already being built on the island of Rutori so that we can begin producing these ships faster. I think this might actually be the beginning of the end for the Dragon Mages.


24 Tyril, 827

She has been completed! I have only just gotten back from seeing her off on her maiden voyage. Captain Farrell is going to conduct a raid on the water-plant outside of Genosis. If this mission is a success, full production of this airship line will commence. Genosis is always patrolled by a Dragon Mage airship. This will give us the chance to test the Gwynith out against a real target. I am praying hourly until we recieve word of the mission’s result.


27 Tyril, 827

They did it! Not only was the raid on the Genosis water-plant a success, but Captain Farrell and his crew destroyed the DMS Cathal! The Cathal was one of the Dragon Mages’ best airships!! With the news of Captain Farrell’s return in the Gwynith, four more ships immediately began production. They are being built round-the-clock, our estimates are that they will be completed and ready for flight within the next twelve to fourteen weeks. The Dragon Mages will never know what hit them! Long live Brylothia!


12 Syim, 828

I can hardly believe it. The Aingeal, the Etain, the Lynette and the Deheune are all in flight and have completed their first missions. Everything is going amazingly well. The Gwynith is still in full use, she has now managed to entirely cripple the water-plant in Genosis as well as decimate several drakul outposts, killing hundreds of the nasty creatures. Captain Farrell has even flown her against two of the Dragon Mages and killed one of them! The ship started flying a little strange after the second fight with the Dragon Mages, but Farrell thinks its just wear and tear on the hull. He’s going to fly her to Mutani and have Jarred check her out. He should be able to figure it out.

21 Syim, 828

She talked. The BRS Gwynith spoke to us! It seems that the magics employed by the Dragon Mages, which works by siphoning energy from souls they have captured, reacted with the pyrith crystal that Gwynith uses for her power source. There was, according to her, an anomaly in the crystal which caught the fragmented souls from the Dragon Mages’ spells and revitalized them, forming them into a new being… Gwynith! She is, to say the least, absolutely incredible. Never in my life have I seen the like. A living airship! She has begun leading the other four airships into battles, the four captains of the younger ships actually taking orders from Gwynith. When I first joined the Byrlothian Resistance I could only imagine being alive still for the overthrow of the Dragon Mages, but it looks like I may actually see it!

Roleplaying Notes:

I didn’t give specifics about how the airships actually fly since I figure that DM’s can make up their own to make it fit their own world. This character has sparked and entire world system which I will be posting about soon, I hope.

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Comments ( 6 )
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January 11, 2005, 22:40
A sentient boat. Very interesting. And a good idea. That and including ship's logs, that is pretty cool.

4/5 :)
January 12, 2005, 9:08
I love it the anthropomorphism is portrayed very well. The ships logs is very good!
Cheka Man
January 12, 2005, 9:53
Very good.I really like her-a living ship. :) 5/5
January 12, 2005, 10:44
I'd velcome if she and her personality and quirks were portayed a little more in-depth, but good none-the-less.
January 12, 2005, 10:45
Indeed, an excellent submission. A good and enjoyable backstory and very logically coherent as to why it exists, why the Byrlothians can't just make more, etc. 5/5

As a further development, once the Dragon Mages realise what has happened and why, they might try experimenting and see if they can create their own (they should be capable of it given that it was a side effect of the Dragon Mage magic that caused it, even though it might be a very difficult process trying to figure out how to do it controllably). This would put even more pressure on the Byrlothians to bring the war to a rapid conclusion.
Voted valadaar
November 6, 2006, 14:39
A really good sub - I'd love to see more built on it.

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