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October 4, 2006, 4:23 pm

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Shaft of heavens, burning bright. Gave us light amidst the night. Showed the means to reach our height. bestowed on us, Axtrami’s might.

Moruz is a true image of a typical Ouzquin Dremorix. Standing at 5"10’, his skin is tanned and rough from a life under the sun. His frame is fairly thin, although it is heavily padded by muscle, and he has black eyes and hair. He wears a treated leather outfit, inset with multitudes of glass beads and baubles, shining various colours in different directions. Atop his head rests a circlet of silver, and inset in the center of the circlet is a small glass orb, about the shape of a chicken egg, but half the size. On this orb is an intrinsic pattern inlaid around the image of a black desert scorpion. The loving touch and detail on this orb is phenominal, and it is obvious that it would be worth a hefty sum of money. Usually slung on his back is a hand-crafted Ouzala, about 7"7’ in length and scuffs and marks suggesting it has been well used.

A devout follower of the god Axtrami from birth, Moruz grew up to follow the ways of his people, the Ouzquin Dremorix. At the age of seventeen, he learned the way of war and fighting; studying diligently how to both survive and kill using the traditional weapons of his people. After fifteen glorious years in the Ouzquin Army, Moruz felt an urge to end this life of warefare, and to travel. Saying a fond farewell to his society, he left the desert, leaving behind his reputation and earned honor to instead travel the lands, learning of other cultures and earning a living by sharing both his trade of glass-making and himself as a mercenary.

Special Equipment
Moruz carries with him a 7-foot long Spear-Ouzala, the most common weapon of the Ouzquin Dremorix. This weapon has been hand-crafted by the warrior, and shows sign of much use. Additionally, he carries a typical Zunouza - a dagger-like weapon with several spirals of sharp-tipped glass forming the ‘blade’. Furthermore, Moruz wears a treated leather-hide armor, studded with beads and glass trinkets which shine reflectively in every which way.

On top of these combat items, Moruz also carries on his person two-dozen extra teeth for his Ouzala, and a decent sized container of a wax-like substance derived from the local plants of his home desert, used to treat the wood of his Ouzala and keep it in good condition. These are stashed in a leather roll-case.

Roleplaying Notes
Str - 16
Dex - 18
Con - 14
int - 10
wis - 10
cha - 6

Saving Throws
Paralyz./Poison/Death Magic: 14
Petrif./Poly: 15
rod, staff, wand: 16
Breath Weapon: 17
Spell: 17

Weapon Skills
Ouzala x 3
Zunouza x 1

Other Skills

HP - 8/9
AC - 7
THAC0 - ?
Current XP - 355
For Next level - 2,000

Additional Ideas (4)

Treasures Found:


2006-10-02 06:17 AM » Link: [3153#20039|text]
The Harpy's Kettle
After a long journey over the seas, and weeks of walking through wilderness, Moruz found himself in the small mining town of Ganse. After a small while searching the town, he came across the tavern known as 'The Harpy's Kettle'. In spite of the inns overfilled capacity, Moruz managed to secure a table for himself where he began to run his routine maintenance on his Ouzala. Most of the tavern-folk kept clear of him, however one bright-eyed child appeared intrigued, and introduced himself to the Ouzquin Dremorix as "Percy". Moruz answered the child's questions shortly, but it wasn't long before a duo of enormous creatures crashed their way into the tavern, Moruz immediately stepped into action, grabbing his Ouzala and preparing to fight, but just before he began his attack he felt the small hands of a child grab the Ouzquin Hemisa - a significant religious item to his people - from his head. Percy fled out the door, leaving Moruz to face a Xaren nearly solo - the only aid given was a crossbow bolt from the adventurer Vee, and the frantically swung mace of a youth, who died shortly thereafter. One intense combat and at least one broken rib later, the creature was dead. Moruz recieved aid in the form of a healing by a young priest named Aethelstan, and as soon as he was certain he was fit to go, the Ouzquin Dremorix left the tavern in search of the little thief named Percy.

2006-10-02 06:17 AM » Link: [3153#20040|text]
The Encounter in the Rain
For various reasons, a small group of people who were in the Harpy's Kettle when it was attacked joined Moruz in his search. Eventually they found themselves standing over the corpses of four people, and here they met the cleric known as Tristan. There was no time for introductions, however, as the form of a Flind - a larger form of a gnoll - and a dwarf known as Red Hatchet exited a cave entrance nearby - Moruz hid from view behind a Laurel tree as did most of the party, but Vee failed to notice the people, and their newfound cleric refused to hide from sight. Moruz hid as long as he could, trying to get in a position where he could perform a hidden attack on the two hostile enemies, but before long it became apparant he wasn't going to get the opportunity - at least not before several of his companions were killed. Rushing from his hiding place, Moruz charged at the nearest enemy: Red Hatchet. An intense battle followed, both himself and the dwarf suffering injuries before the rest of the party was able to come to aid and finish him off. Unfortunately, Moruz lost his small finger and ring finger off his left hand as the dwarf performed a particularly violent attack with his axe, and he also lost a small toe. After the battle, Moruz was healed by the new priest. Sadly, however, niether priest had the divine power to restore his lost digits. From this battle, Moruz learned the importance of recieving aid from others in battle, and of knowing when to withdraw.

2006-10-02 06:17 AM » Link: [3153#20041|text]
The Little Job
After the encounter at the cave, the party returned to Ganse to recover.
After Vee returned from selling the goods found, he whispered a prospect to Moruz; asking him to be a lookout in some under-handed endeavers. After some pursuading, Moruz agreed, and the duo soon set off to the gem-buyer's shop. Moruz awaited outside whilst Vee did the deed.
Whilst waiting, two drunken guards spotted the glass shifter, and Moruz was forced to think up a decietful explanation; that he was stretching to start running laps around the town. The situation got worse as Aerex and Aethelstan came upon the group, but was soon resolved after Vee made his way out and put on a convincing act of drunkenness.
Though the close call was avoided, Moruz ended up running laps around Ganse for half the night; lying was a serious offence to his people, so by running the laps he had saved himself from the lie told to the guards.

2006-10-23 11:58 AM » Link: [3153#21030|text]
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Comments ( 7 )
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October 2, 2006, 6:18
Moruz is my current warrior in Murometz's Back in the Day Forum RP. He has been made as a front page NPC for ease of finding his character sheet, and the scroll format is going to be used to keep up with his accomplishments and such as a record of his deeds.

The Game itself!,3451.msg47245.html#msg47245
Voted valadaar
October 2, 2006, 10:35
I like this character - the visuals really add to it. I hate broken glass myself :)
Voted Scrasamax
October 2, 2006, 12:51
I didn't know Moruz had an 18 DEX, he can dance!!!
Voted manfred
October 2, 2006, 13:34
An average character, not much interesting about him so far, but he can develop yet.
Voted Murometz
October 2, 2006, 13:52
oh screw the long review...I love this character too!! :D

Glassman Cometh! The Eight-Fingered King! Chosen of Axtrami! etc...:D

c'mon manfred, not much interesting? what about all that glass?
Voted Ancient Gamer
October 3, 2006, 6:24
Only voted
October 19, 2007, 10:16
Oh, where have thee gone? Brutal, tragic, beautiful warrior!

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