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November 10, 2007, 7:24 pm

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30 Kidnappers


30 (mainly) evil kiddnappers, ready to spirit helpless damsels and other victims to their fate.

1-The Bounty Hunter

Unlike nearly all the kidnappers described in this entry, Bounty Hunters activities are at least semi-legal. He works for a large bail-bond company, chasing bail jumpers, handcuffing them at gunpoint if need be and dragging them back to court to stand trial. His guns and handcuffs are legally held and provided he gets the right person and sticks to the rules he is within the law to do what he does.

2-The Renditioner

He is one of the top agents for a large and wealthy countrys secret service, and the country is having problems with terrorist attacks being masterminded abroad. Where possible legal extradition is carried out, but where for one reason or another that is impossible, it is the job of him and his top-secret team to snatch them so that they can face his countrys justice. In his mind, if any of his targets are innocent then it will be up to their lawyers to prove it in court.

3-The Bad on Bad

Criminals often break deals with each other and try to hang onto their ill-gotten gains. This crime boss, when cheated, deals with it by kidnapping the criminal responsible or a close relative or friend and threatening to use torture or worse if the money that he claims is his is not handed over. He tries where possible only to kidnap fellow criminals because he knows they are unlikely to be able to go to the police about it, without being arrested for their own crimes and/or branded as informants within the criminal underworld.

4-The Erotomaniac

This kidnapper is far from sane. He has fallen hopelessly in love with his victim and is firmly convinced that she loves him and that all he needs to do is kidnap her and hold her for a few days whilst he convinces her of that fact. He has created a secret love nest in his cellar where the walls are covered in pictures of her, some of which he secretly took of her whilst stalking her.

5-The Jilted Lover

This kidnapper has been dumped by his girlfriend and wants the loved one back at all cost. The motives may vary. It may be that the kidnapper truly loves her and thinks that he may win her heart again. Or he may be deeply bitter about being dumped and want to take a terrible revenge on the victim, perhaps disfiguring her so that nobody else will want her or killing her outright.

6-The Parent

After he caught his wife cheating on him, there was a messy divorce and his ex-wife, as in most cases, got the custody of their child. Thinking it to be unfair as he still loves the child, and wanting to punish his ex for her unfaithfulness, he has kidnapped his son and is in hiding whilst he plans to flee the country with him. Unlike many of the kidnappers in this list, he has no intention of harming his victim at all.

7-The Witness Intimidator

The right-hand man of a major crime boss, he has kidnapped two witnesses who saw his boss stab a man to death, before the agents of the Federal Witness Protection Program could find them and keep them safe. He has no orders to kill them unless it is unavoidable. Instead his orders are to keep them tied up and out of sight until the trial is over, knowing that without them his boss will be acquitted through lack of evidence and under the law cannot be tried again.

8-The Necromancer

Unlike the others, this vile fellow kidnaps people after they are already dead, digging up their bodies, reanimating them with banned magics and forcing them to labour on his farm or strangle to death his personal enemies. If they are sent to kill somebody, the zombies bring the body back to him to be turned into a zombie too. In the vast majority of these cases, however, the victims died before he had anything to do with them, so nobody is looking for them.

9-The Parent (2)

This mans only daughter died in a swimming accident and his wife wrongly blamed him and left him. A few months later he saw a young girl who looked just like his dead daughter and he has decided that she is young enough for him to kidnap her and try get and her to accept him as her father and live his dead daughters life for her.

10-The Just Business

This man kidnapped a lottery winner just to get his hands on a large amount of money. He has no dislike of his captive and would prefer to avoid violence if at all possible. He just wants to ransom the captive for a large amount of money so that he can live a life of luxury. He treats his captive well with books to read and good food to eat.

11-The White Slaver

One of the nastier kidnappers here, this one makes it her business to lure young women into ambushes so that they can be snatched off the street, their wills broken by mental and limited physical torture, and trained as prostitutes or concubines. She often addicts her victims to drugs to stop them running away if they are sent onto the streets to sell their bodies.

12-The Serial Killer

His crimes are too foul to be covered in much detail but they involve kidnapping strangers, taking them to out of the way places and killing them without attempting to get a ransom. The police forces of three states are on his trail.

13-The Short Term Kidnapper

An important auction is taking place and this man wants a rival who might well outbid him tied up, gagged, and stashed out of the way just until the auction is over.

14-The Press Ganger

The war at sea has gone on a long time, and due to this His Majestys Royal Navy is short of sailors. Not enough want to volunteer as sailors because of the danger, the low pay, the iron discipline and bad rat-infested rations, so the press gang has been sent out to one of the many seaside towns to round up as many merchant seamen and fisherman as they can get their hands and if necessary their belaying pins on, so they can drag them away to serve seven-year terms in the Navy. He is convinced that what he is doing is the right thing for his country.

15-The Desperate

This man does not want to kidnap anybody and would much rather work at an honest job, but his financial situation is dire and kidnapping someone for ransom this is the only way he can think of to raise enough money to pay his debts and avoid being made homeless. He is very apologetic to his victim.

16-The Double

This kidnapper has not only kidnapped her victim but has dressed just like her and taken great pains to make herself look like her victim. She plans to *be* her victim and live her (much richer) life for her own selfish ends, whilst selling her victim to the White Slaver. She has studied her victims life obsessively and is convinced that she can fool her victims family and boyfriend into thinking that she is the girl she has replaced.

17-The Informer

He never kidnaps anyone directly as such. He has found a far easier way of making people disappear. He lives in a country with no political freedom and every now and then he informs on people to the secret police, often tricking them into talking about politics first, secretly taping their replies and giving the replies to the secret police. He is paid with a tenth of his victims possessions in each case, and the secret police value him as one of their most trusted informers.

18-The Prince

On a diplomatic mission he fell helplessly in love with the other countrys princess and one night he begged her to come back to his own country and marry him. She refused and so he kidnapped her and dragged her back bound and gagged. Her father is incensed and because of his rash and unplanned actions the whole region may be plunged into a bloodthirsty war lasting for years.

19-The Revenge

Wrongfully imprisoned for more then a decade, he managed to escape during a major prison riot. Rather then murder the person whos perjured evidence put him away, he has decided to kidnap him and keep him locked up in solitary confinement and fed on bad food and without any visitors or medical attention, so he can suffer in the same way.

20-The Child of Ma-O

As one of the persecuted followers of Ma-O the Water Deamon he has devoted his whole life since he was a teenager stirring up trouble. To stir up a war between the De Madden Company and the Kraken States, a war that will bring misery to the entire region, he and the others in his cult cell have kidnapped the Rear Admiral of one of the Company fleets and several Company diplomats and make it seem that it was the fault of the Kraken States.

21-The Bank Robber

He has kidnapped a bank manager to force him to unlock the bank for him and open up the safe. He has no intention of keeping the bank manager a hostage for longer then he has to, the kidnap is just part of the bank robbery rather then an end in itself.

22-The Robin Hood

This kidnapper goes after moneylenders, tax collectors and the like and after holding them for ransom, gives half of the ransom to the poor. As a result he is highly popular amongst many of the population and very few would want to inform on him. When he kidnaps moneylenders he also destroys their records so when they are ransomed they wont be able to collect debts from people.

23-The For Fun

This kidnapper seems to do it for the fun of it, without demanding a ransom or making his victims vanish for good. He never murders or rapes his victims, merely leaving them bound and gagged somewhere for a few hours until they are found. Many believe him to be criminally insane and a padded cell at the local mental institution awaits him should he ever be caught and convicted.

24-The Would Be Mage

This would be kidnapper wants to be a wizard but none of the local magic users has agreed to teach him, as they fear what he would do if he ever acquired magical power.
Therefore he has decided to try and kidnap one of them to force him to reveal the secrets of magic, deciding that even a mage can be knocked out from behind. Most likely he will end his life fried by a lightning bolt or turned into a small amphibian when he attempts his kidnap.

25-The Collector

This vile fellow makes a habit of kidnapping women and holding them secretly in his house for years, trying to start relationships with them whilst systematically breaking their spirits. When they die of illness, he buries them in the cellar and kidnaps another woman to replace the one who died.

26-The Extraterrestrial

This alien has been sent by her masters to kidnap intelligent beings from other planets including our own, so that they can find out all about them and what their technology level is. Then they can decide to avoid those planets altogether, treat them as equals and trade with them or invade them and take them over depending on the level of technology that they have.

27-The Trainee

This man is training for the White Slaver with fellow kidnappers, as it would be stupid, the White Slaver has decided, just to send him out with no training. He is being taught binding, gagging, how to use make-up and lipstick to cover a flesh-coloured tape gag, how to drug drinks ect. Several times he would have been caught and if it were a real life kidnapping, instead of just a training session, would be facing a long prison sentence as a result.

28-The Diabolist

He is planning to kidnap a young woman to sacrifice her to a demon. He thinks that he is doing everything right but what he does not know is that the spell book he is reading intentionally left a key part of the pentagram out, so that the demon will be able to escape and eat the bodies and souls of both his victim and himself, and then run riot in the mortal realm.

29-The Fraudster

He has managed to kidnap someone by trickery alone, without using bondage or violence, by making her think that he is a secret agent and that her life is in danger from gangsters. He has persuaded her to *hide* in his cellar whilst he *sorts the problem out*. He has given her a *new identity* that he says he has got from the witness protection program but that he in fact got from rummaging through somebodys bin for papers, and a new bankers card that is in fact a cloned one so whenever she uses it she is stealing money from someone elses account.

30-The Unknowing

As a guard serving under Queen Yocasta he thinks that the girls he arrests are wanted for either criminal offences or political offences when in fact neither is the case. In fact the evil Dracia Eldren wants them to train them forcibly as doubles for Princess Crysta to make Queen Yocasta think she has her daughter again. He would be horrified if he knew what he was actually doing was kidnapping wholly innocent people and destroying their lives.

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Ouroboros
November 10, 2007, 21:31
Not bad at all - and a novel idea! I ca imagine these buggers popping up here and there in a lot of future games. Good work, as usual!
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
November 11, 2007, 15:08
Add bold fonts, it will be more easy to read then as we have landmarks to follow. I like that you go with "themes" that describes their traits rather than just names. Keep em coming Cheka!
Voted valadaar
November 11, 2007, 19:25
A good assortment of NPCs, though in most cases we know their way of working, but not so much on the personality side.
Voted manfred
November 11, 2007, 20:33
It is a very uneven list, I'm afraid, and I came close to disliking the mish-mashing of genres. Some of the pieces quite surprised me (the Double is a good one), some not so (the Informer is very far from a kidnapper, the Extraterrestrial doesn't sound believable). The personal details are truly missing from many, making it more a collection of plot hooks.

But in the end, it is not as much a grouping of NPCs, as an exploration of all the possible (and some impossible) reasons why to kidnap people, and in what way. This list, with all its imperfections, can make one think, if a kidnapping story is required for a game. And that is a bonus in my book.
Voted MoonHunter
November 12, 2007, 13:37
I am going to echo Manfred's responses I am afraid. The coverage is uneven. The settings suitable (some modern, some sci-fi, some fantasy, some exclusively so) looks random.

The write ups are not consistant in detail or outlook. This is the sticking point for me. It is harder to read than most of your posts. It is just a bunch of possible motivations and plots (the one that kidnapped a lottery winner... so he should just be greedy?) for a kidnapper (or other villian) rather than a briefly fleshed out NPC (based on the same motivations). I don't need names and serious life details like may do, but I would like a little more.
Voted Forganthus
June 8, 2012, 6:15
Only voted
Voted Dossta
May 15, 2013, 19:34
A fairly original 30. I'm not sure it's really a list of 30 NPCs -- rather, it reads like a list of 30 kidnapping plot-hooks. I enjoyed the variety of genres you incorporated, and a few of them were very original (especially the Fraudster). Me likes.

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