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June 2, 2006, 6:37 pm

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Cheka Man

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Adventurous Plants


A collection of plants that could present a challenge for the PCs.

“Adventuring Plants” could have exotic properties like;

-Luring and capture people and animals.

-Carnivorous plants.

-Poisonous plants(fangs, needles etc)

-Plants with certain magic qualities.

Anything goes but they can not be too strange like plants made of crystal, plants pulsing with light, etc. Those belongs elsewhere.

For plants that do not eat you or “kill you dead”. See Whimsical Flora.

Additional Ideas (7)

Non-intelligent, photosynthesizing plant.

Remarkably unremarkable, Sawkins are dangerous plants that can easily kill any unwanted pests. Small, leathery red berries are located near the stem of the plant, and are surrounded by a thick tangle of serrated leaves. The branches of the plant are remarkably supple and strong, and are difficult to bend or break.

When a Sawkin is disturbed, it lashes out with several of its tough, saw-like leaves. These can cause great gashes and rends in the skin by repetitively rending flesh. It is not uncommon for victims to die later of blood loss or infection.

2006-06-02 06:09 PM » Link: [2713#16098|text]
Mist Flower:
Intelligent, carnivorous plant.

Thankfully rare, a Mist Flower is a large, rose-like plant a meter in diameter. It is perpetually surrounded in a cloud of mist. The mist is actually millions of tiny, hair like vines that extend directly out of the central flower. When a person walks into the mist, he or she is engulfed in a web of tiny tendrils that slowly and inexorably deliver a potent nuero-toxin directly into the victim's system. The victim only becomes aware of his/her predicament when they try to leave the mist- the millions of tendrils hold them fast, paralyzing him/her with brutal efficiency. Within a few minutes, the person dies of asphyxiation and is delivered promptly to the base of the flower as fertilizer.

2006-06-02 06:10 PM » Link: [2713#16099|text]
Non-intelligent, carnivorous plant.

Fleshroot is a particularly hardy strain of grass with carnivorous tendencies. Its fleshy coloration, combined with its strange texture, gives it its name.

Whenever anything moves on a patch of fleshroot, several tendrils react to its presence by attempting to burrow into it. While doing this, the tendrils release a poison to deaden any pain reactions. Although the process is too slow to be noticed over a short period of time, if anything is foolish enough to attempt to sleep on a Fleshroot field they will wake up stuck to the ground, roots burrowing towards their heart and brain.

2006-06-02 06:11 PM » Link: [2713#16100|text]
Moss Creeper:
Intelligent, carnivorous plant.

A bizarre, malicious example of a carnivorous plant, a Moss Creeper is a deadly and terrifying predator.

In its natural state, a Moss Creeper resembles a rough, skinless humanoid with arms instead of legs. Bare musculature make it very difficult for it to survive outside of caves and other dark places, where it thrives.

A Moss Creeper usually uses acidic digestive material to dig a small alcove in a dark, damp place. It then grows a symbiotic layer of moss around itself in a curtain, effectively sealing it off from the outside world.

Whenever an adventurer steps to close to a seemingly innoculous patch of moss, he is instantly seized by up to four writhing, boneless arms. They draw him into the moss curtain, where the waiting acidic maw of the Creeper devours him whole.

2006-06-02 06:11 PM » Link: [2713#16101|text]
Khyashma Baharavaush

This plant's name is Parsic, and means, literally, "die screaming". It is a large green-blue vine which grows on practically any surface on which there is suitable sunlight, though only in regions (such as Parsis) where the weather is generally very warm and humid.

This plant's unusual name (which is generally shortened to simply "khyashma" or even to "khyash") comes from the heavy, purple-blue fruit which it bears in the early spring. This fruit, while delicious, is extremely poisonous, and causes the eater to die in horrible pains within hours of consumption.

2006-06-02 06:12 PM » Link: [2713#16102|text]
Pod bombs.

Milkweed like plants that produce pods filled with razor sharp seeds. The pods are also filled with a chemical that violently explodes upon contact with air. Sending the seed out like shrapnel.

When an animal bites the pod, it detonates, usually blinding the animal or rendering it incapable of eating, if not killing it outright. The dead carcass then provides fertilizer for the seeds to grow in. when picked and carefully dried, the pods shell becomes much harder but still retains its explosive capability. They are then capable of being fired through modified slingshots or Co2 powered weapons then also work well as anti personnel land mines. Also when ripe the plants are capable of sensing the heat of living objects, and detonate one or more pods when a warm blooded creature wanders too close.

2008-04-29 08:40 PM » Link: [2713#65007|text]
Blood Grass

This thin dark green grass grows only a couple inches high and is often mistaken for normal grass by the unwary; although a careful eye will notice the grass sways softly even in the absence of any breeze.

When a animal or person makes skin contact with the grass it often compact much like regular grass, providing no immediate harm or effect. It is when the unlucky creature lays upon the grass for an extended duration that the grass slowly burrows into it;s flesh, the needle like points easily piercing thin clothing and a mild anesthetic preventing victims from even feeling the attack.

Once so entrenched within a victim the grass slowly siphons off their vital fluids, draining the victim of their very life. Victims who awake in time may be able to free themselves form the blood grasses entanglement, however most awaken too weak from blood loss to move; and even more never wake up at all.

2008-04-29 08:46 PM » Link: [2713#65008|text]
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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Murometz
June 2, 2006, 18:38
Great Idea Mike!

I'll add my entire collection of weird flora from the Great Grass Sea.
Voted Cheka Man
June 2, 2006, 19:22
5/5 for this collection of nasty plants.
February 12, 2007, 4:03
"Remind me to wear full armor when tramping in fantasy forests." -Manfred
This needs to be the quote for this codex of deadly flora
Voted MoonHunter
August 16, 2007, 16:21
Forgot to comment on vote on this one. Nice Basic Scroll. We don't need the codex part as you can just search lifeform flora and get most of these, but I can see the reasoning behind it.
Voted valadaar
May 22, 2013, 13:36
Love nasty plants!

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