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City/ Ruin
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March 5, 2008, 10:34 pm

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Winged Geomorphs - A type of Gargoyle


There are seven or so types of lifeforms considered Gargoyles by the less informed. This is one.

Geomorphs are related to Earth Elementals in structure and form, but these creatures have more in common with ectomorphs (spirit forms) than true Fey or Elementals. They may be a distant offshoot of spirit dragons.

Geomorphs are related to Earth Elementals in structure and form, but these creatures have more in common with ectomorphs (spirit forms) than true Fey or Elementals. They may be a distant offshoot of spirit dragons.

In reality, they are actually an energy matrix, that soft glowing orb similar to all true Fey. Unlike most Fey, this orb can not shapeshift and become solid into traditional patterns. These matrices find there way into stone, embedding themselves into it, shaping and animating it. The form is normally based on the gente/ bloodline of the GeoMorph, but is normally a winged humanoid with a monsterous face and general human proportions. The form is clawed and the wings are similar to a bats or dragons rather than a feathered form. Some gentes/ bloodlines will be sphynx like, or one appears to be a pile of small rocks in a humanoid form.

Though nocturnal, they can function perfectly well during the day. (There is a theory that sunshine interferes with their control of the stone, which seems to be played out by their reduced speed, dexterity, and strength during the day).

They often appear as statues, which is how they camoflauge themselves in urban environments, however they have other ways. They will often choose perches that match their stone color and pattern, so at a distance they are lost in stone. Some have ways to alter themselves to better match their background, while others can offuscate themselves to appear as a stone outcroping. A prized ability is the one to become invisible.

While totally intelligent, they are alien in their mindset. Their view of time is more geologic, rather than human. This gives them inhuman patience. They also do not see the requirement of movement for actually doing something. Thinking is considered an action for them, and they are logical and highly intelligent thinkers. They are masters of philosophy, astronomy, and mathematics. They are regionally oriented, territorial. The troupe (one to twelve) claims a good sized region which they will share with wet creatures but not other troupes or dragons. They will perfer the highest position in a region and will watch it. Though they appear to have eyes and ears and touch, their sensory abilities are "cosmic"/ nearly clairsentient. They can see, hear, smell, taste, nearly anything within a nearly unlimited line (of sight). Note: Some can bend their sensory perception slight, going around corners or through windows.

While not prone to action, they will protect and defend the integrity of their territory. They tend to attack those with negative affilitations or intents.

There are several ways they "feed". They seem to absorb energy forms. Hunting and consuming gems is a favored past time (where they absorb the gem’s mystical energy). They can absorb the geomatic spirit energy of their region, taking in the energy of the place. This "grazing" often explains their settling into city areas, staking out temples, schools, and museums as prime spots. Some troupes have taken to absorbing energies directly, hunting down "sinners" those charged with negative energies and ripping energies out of them (frequently killing the target), a trick they have picked up from the Gharjoy 1262.  Troupes with this habit seem to favor Churches of the Light as their primary habitat.

Geomorphs give birth by two or more of them sharing energies together and then embedding those energies into an egg shaped stone (usually six inches across). As those energies develop, it eventually becomes a full GeoMorph, absorbing stone to make a larger body as it can control more and more stone. Eventually it will merge into a large stone, taking that on as its proper body. Note: They are insanely protective of their eggs (given that they only reproduce once every few decades).

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Mourngrymn
November 9, 2005, 14:53
Ok this is wonderful detail into the concept of a gargoyle. Interesting idea seemingly that they are alien. However, everything about them seems to perfect. Their vision and hearing is near unlimited and can be bent to go around corners. They are experts are most thing mental, making me think they would have far more superior mental powers other than clairsentience.

I like them, and they are defined very well. But something just doesn't hit me like, WOW!...
Voted Zylithan
November 13, 2005, 11:09
My thoughts are similar to Mourngrmn on this. I was wondering - if you destroy the rock on a Geomorph, does a ball of energy come out and can it re-enter another statue? Can it remake a new body? If it does live after destruction of the stone, can you somehow hurt it in its energy form? Or maybe it's like the movie "Fallen" where you have to kill one while there is no other host (statue) within a certain range, because the energy balls can only survive a certain amount of time before they die. I think I'll use this in an adventure (the Fallen version) because it might not be clear to PCs that they are fighting the same one over and over again or if there are different ones. And maybe the local church or (insert organization here) would get angry if players destroy statues that aren't attacking them yet, so the players have to figure a way to lure the geomorph away... but why would the geomorph follow? Maybe if they had lots of gems....?
March 5, 2008, 22:37
if you destroy the rock on a Geomorph, does a ball of energy come out and can it re-enter another statue?
Yes. Though it may take some time to contemplate its choices before doing such. It might just opt to go find some good stone and make a new body, rather than taking a ready made statue.

can you somehow hurt it in its energy form?

Mybe it's like the movie "Fallen" where you have to kill one while there is no other host (statue) within a certain range, because the energy balls can only survive a certain amount of time before they die.
You can do this option.
Voted KendraHeart
November 19, 2005, 22:57
I like the explanation of their existance. It makes a great deal of sense. I like how they are around, yet alien. They are NOT HUMANS IN ALIEN SUITS! Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.

Then it hit me. I have seen these before. Is Farn one of these?
August 16, 2007, 11:49
Updated: updated for strange characters removed

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