Lybrium is a neuro-suppressing mood controlling drug. It is a yellow round pill that is taken once daily, and it noted for its sharp bitter taste.


Lybrium was created in China by an ACPS funded pharmacology group. It has since been spread or copied to where it can be found under a variety of names. The pills typically retain the normal shape, color, and bitter taste.


The early part of the ACPS founding was marred by frequent riots, rebellions and emotional outbursts. Lybrium was researched since it was simply not feasible to nerve-staple every political dissident, and the tradition battery of drugs and conditioning were too expensive or time consuming. Rebels were sprayed with the drug from low flying aircraft, and water supplies would be spiked with it to bring about rapid and largely non-violent ends to uprisings without exterminating valuable population bases.

Some scientists and arcanotechnicians have voluntarily started taking Lybrium as its effects allow them to continue working on projects that would normally be repulsive or morally objectionable. In the case of arcanotechnicians, it allows them to handle their fraying sanity a bit longer.

Some prisons and asylums will administer Lybrium to problematic patients/inmates.


The drug alters the chemistry of the brain associated with emotional response. It has the side effect of dampening imagination and creativity. It is not habit forming on a chemical level, but the withdrawal period, 3-6 days, can cause emotional irritability, headaches, dizziness, and insomnia.

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