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This sword is unique, made only for the Merchant Prince of (insert city) and his loyal band of mercenaries. The Cruaunte is a hand and a half sword, capable of being used with one or two hands, and from horseback or on foot. Thus, the merchant can save both time and money equipping his men with a universally usefull weapon.

The sword is single edged, for greater strength, and less maintainence time. The sword comes to a blunt point, and is only marginally useful for making thrusting attacks. Its strength comes from the fact that the blade is serrated, or notched in the fashion of a steak knife, or chainsaw blade. While it only incurs moderately more damage (+1 dmg) it leaves nasty wounds that are slower to heal as the flesh is more thoroughly savaged, and it is quite intimidating.

The swords are of a uniform average quality, with the officers of the unit recieving blades of higher quality. The Prince himself wields a Cruaunte with gold quillions inset with small garnets and bound with kid leather.

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