Ouranga is a bear of a man who happened to be born into the wrong class, and the wrong body. He has the temper of a angry bear, and the unpredicatability of a violent storm all contained in a body that weighs less than 160 pounds. compared to the muscle-bound brutes, thugs, and murderers who make up his band, he seems thin and frail. His advanced age of sixty years, and crown of gray hair and long, but narrow beard does nothing to make him seem more burly.

Rather than being brawn, Ouranga is a compact ball of energy, spending as much time snarling out commands from his mount as he does scowling over battle plans, or sitting through contract dicussions with merchants and lesser lords. He has the lean hardness of a serpent, and a gaze that can unsettle most men with ease.

He is usually found in black oiled armor that has been decorated with spikes on the pauldrons (shoulder-plates) and a baroque dragon-head embossed into the breastplate. He wears a red cape, and has the gold epaulets of a Field Marshall of the Old Empire. He does have trouble wielding a sword as his ring finger has been severed at the base, his last words as a duke and hopeful for the throne were 'you will have to cut the ring off of my finger.' They did.

Ouranga was once a noble of esteem and high regard. He was also known for his volatile temper and his eagerness at accepting duels. in his time as a noble, he fought in no fewer that 23 sword duels, half of which were officially to the death though he was only able to kill about 13 of his opponents. The rest opted for honorable surrender. It was his hot temper that landed him in hot water.

He challenged the son of the king/emperor to a duel, which by law the prince did not have to accept, though he did. This created a conflict since Ouranga was one of his stewards and had an oath to protect his royal personage. Ouranga appeared for the duel, and was taken into custody by the Prince's father. Ourange was publicly humiliated, deposed of rank, had his ring cut from his finger and his family lands seized.

Ouranga was not without options after being cast out of the capitol. He was able to attract a body of followers. He found men who respected his cruel and efficient ability to kill, his charisma and confidence leading them into battle for loot and riches, rape and pillage. Being one of the nobility, he alos knew of the laws, and the disposition of the militia levies and the defences of the other lords and ladies of the Kingdom.

It was not long before his band of borderline criminals and outlaws found employment as mercenaries for a rival kingdom. Who better to lead the assaults against the border than one of the Kingdoms former warlords?

Special Equipment
Ouranga is seldom without his armor, a suit he had specially made to be as physically imposing as possible. It is top quality, and has seen close combat. The damage and repairs done to the armor are a mark of his vanity in battle. He is less often without his sword, a Cruaunte Sword that he has named Ruin.

He is accompanied by a black stallion as a personal mount as has an entourage of ten to fifteen squires to see to his gear, mount, and clothing. His battles are fought as much by impression as by actual combat.

Roleplaying Notes
As mentioned, Ouranga is a violent and tempermental man. He often changes his activities and direction almost on a whim. More frightening is the fact that these changes almost always benefit him in the long run. While chaotic, he is not a fool. He also knows the importance of appearance and plays the part of the Mercenary Lord to the hilt. All of his weapons are black-oiled, his horse is black, and he sports a blood red cape, and red dragon device on his shield.

Plot Hooks
Dragonnade - Ouranga has been hired by an outside power and the PCs are caught in the path of an especially cruel raid. The death is a spectacle for those who come to investigate, and the trials faced by the survivors is epic horror. Rape, slavery, public torture and execution, all is done to spread fear of him and his legion of mercenaries. Can the PCs save the village/their loved ones/the McGuffin in time?

Unlikely Ally - The PCs are in need of manpower to face the coming storm of war. Can they put aside their differences, and morals, and fight along side Ouranga? Can they stand by as his victorious troops commit atrocity in the name of their common cause?

Test of Time - Ouranga has established himself as a border lord and the PCs have to seek him out, convince him to allow them their safety, and retrieve the dingus from his clutches, rescue the princess, or otherwise save the day out from under his nose.

Game of Thrones - Ouranga approaches the PCs and offers them favors if they support his bid for power. If he wins, he does reward them well, but the PCs are then associated with the new tyrant king. Do they adopt decadent evil, or forsake their promises and turn against their ally?

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