Do check the place out! I can promise you these things: Great ideas to peruse at your leisure, great egos/friends to get to know, great feedback to your posts and... honest opionions. The honesty has gotten us in trouble in the past... You get to see small incidents every now and then, as people dislike having their pet ideas stomped upon, but that is kind of what we do here. We tell people what we think. It can be hard at times, but if you weather the storm, I am sure you will do alright! It always stings when we get bad feedback, but look at it like this: It stings for all of us and even our best writers get a blooded nose every now and then (except Iain, but he doesn't count.)   -Ancient Gamer

A lot of people admit they are a little bit intimidated when they think about posting. The first post here, they say, is like jumping off a cliff. It is a leap of faith and you are never sure about how your submission will be received. Hell, I still feel that way when I submit stuff sometimes. You gotta just let loose though!

Admittedly, we are a slightly heavy handed bunch that doesn't pull punches. You will get an  honest opinion of your submission. That is one of the main reasons I used Ancient Gamer's quote above. We do try and be gentle with the new submissions but, yes, it is a bit of a initiation. If you can power through the first couple submissions, and work with us instead of against us, I can guarantee you that you will win over even the most stringent Strolenite to your side! 

The fact we don't pull punches is probably the best thing about the site. If you want/need honest feedback, then you will get it. We want your posts to get better so we will ask questions and give hints on how to do just that. We will bend over backwards, actually we can't wait to bend over backwards, to help if you seem to truly care about your submissions! We LOVE creating stuff. We know not everything is going to be an outstanding post. We don't want every post to be outstanding, we just want it to be complete. 

A vote of three is a very satisfying vote which people sometimes don't understand. Three is good, be happy. It takes a solid bit of information to earn a three so even that is not easy. Many voting systems quickly get over inflated but we try our best to keep it honest. Expect to earn what people truly think of it. Don't despair over lukewarm comments and medium votes, that is sometimes positive in itself and you are on the right track, it is to be expected on many submissions. When you hit a good one and the compliments flow it will all be worth it!  Unfortunately, many crumple under the initial constructive criticism and, possibly, low votes and once again disappear into the deep corners of the net.

Stick it out, it is worth it. If you truly want to improve your game world then this is the place that can help you!  

Post your ideas and accept honest, helpful, and good intentioned feedback...oh, and give some out yourself! Don't just accept it, dish out some of your own. We are an equal opportunity comment system. :)  

Go take a look at Not Sure What to Do? for some inspiration or to get your feet wet. We are excited to see what you have!

Yeah, rereading this a couple times I see that it is not much of a pep talk, but you need to know what you are in for. Too many people have come in here with their dark elf assassin wizard elves and don't understand why they get blasted for it. Better to be up front with what to expect so if it comes, at least we can say we warned you. We are an incredibly supportive group if you take your creations seriously!!


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