Many submissions on the Citadel may inspire others, are similar in topic or may just go good with each other. In order to show this relationship there are a few different ways you can go about connecting them.

Link inside the Submission

The most obvious would be to mention the other submission and link directly to in from inside your own work. While you can use html and create a href for it, in the Citadel you can link by using the following formats. You can use this in Comments and Ideas as well.

Sub Name : Name must be exactly the same as title of what you are linking to.

other text : 'other text' can be anything you want and is used as link.

other text : Use the submissions numerical ID.

other text : Submission numerical ID#Comment ID. Comment links are shown on each comment.

text : Same as above but it can ONLY be used on the same page as the comment. You could use this shorter version if you built a table of contents for ideas added to the same sub.

other text : Will create a link to the single idea using the text you provide. Must type 'idea#' then idea ID.

Actual word : 'freetext' must be put in exactly as shown. Actual Word must be exactly the same as freetext of what you are linking to.

Suggest a Submission

On every submission, after the main submission text and below any Ideas that were added, there is a 'Suggest a Submission' link available. This will open a small text box for you to put in a suggested submission that will be listed once inputted. You will get XP for adding one but if the author or admin feels it inappropriate you will lose even more if it is removed so please only link subs that truly go together.

Using the link id of the suggested submission is the safest way to ensure it gets in there. The id for every submission is in their information bar below the XP. Otherwise copy and paste the title to ensure you get it exact.


Freetext is a simple way to link similar submissions together without any difficulty. By putting in a Freetext when submitting it puts a link on the right side of your submission that will take you to a list of your post and all others that are using that Freetext. review and try and use an established Freetext prior to making your own. It will make all the submissions easier to bring together.


Don't fear the Codex but use it wisely. A Codex is a way to bring similiar submissions together into a comprehensive list with an index. It brings the ability to compile a set of subs and allows them to be read all on one page. On Codex submssions, the 'Suggest a Submission' will add an actual Sub to the Codex vs. just the link. They have been a topic of great discussion and there are many school of thoughts to use them so here is my personal philosophy on starting a codex.

The Codex submission itself should probably be a summary submission to actually describe what the codex is about and what it should contain. I should be able to read the Codex and know what to expect and what I could possibly add to the codex. If it is a general topic that could quickly get huge I suggest using a Freetext. If it is a niche topic that will get some highly specialized submissions together, go for it.

Codices can quickly become out of hand but used well they are a great way to bring together submissions.

Favorites Level 2 ability

You can favorite the the submission and create different Favorite Lists from the submissions. If the submission is in somebody else's Favorite list then there will be a link on the right to the List. If it is your Favorite, the list of all Favorites in that list will be available to you so you can navigate through them.

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