The cloak appears as a finely crafted cloak, umber in color, with red sandstone buttons.

Usage and Powers

Upon donning and closing the cloak, the wearer appears to transform into a statue of their likeness, but that is limited to their physical form.

Their spirit enters a room with pitch black walls but with a brilliantly lit floor, as if from unseen spotlight. Numerous statues casting deep shadows onto the floor. These are the projections of attuned statues in the physical realm, and the spirit can select a statue to occupy simply by walking up to it and touching it.

Once a statue is occupied, the user can see and hear from it, the field of view defined by the position of the statue's eyes. An occupied statue will radiate magic slightly stronger then background magic, and while unoccupied only a tiny amount could be detected. The user can choose to speak from the statue, though it requires significant effort to do so.

The user can reenter the world simply by willing it, wherapon the anchor statue will be transformed back into their physical form.

While occupying a statue, the wearer physical body does not exist - and so aging, sleep, breathing, the need to eat, etc, are suspended. The wearer could choose to stay forever in the room, but it probably would eventually destroy their sanity.


The user, while occupying the statue, is quite resistant to physical injury, and requires but a moment to withdraw from the statue. However, should the statue be somehow destroyed while occupied, the user is slain. Spells directed against the statue that do other then physical damage can target the user, again only so long as the user stays in the statue. 

The statue created upon donning the cloak is very important - it is their anchor point to this reality. If it is destroyed, they are trapped in the room. Powerful magic might be able to recover the user at the GM's discretion.


Attuning requires the addition of a special rune onto the target statue, carved into the stone. This process is not overly mystical and is no more difficult to craft then more mundane carvings. There is no limitation on how far apart the statues can be positioned.  The statues need to be human sized to be attuned, and made from solid stone.


The cloak was a divine gift to Yethamerand , First and Last King and of the ancient kingdom of Thyanir.  It was his reward for his service in the construction of a vast, ornate temple to the Thyanirian Mountain god Hu.  After the sudden destruction of King, Kingdom and god, the cloak was found by an unnamed looter and subsequently has passed from person to person since.

Plot Ideas

The Night has a Thousand Eyes
The Church of Ceadrid's Pontiff is a fraud, but he uses the cloak and the many hundreds of statues in the various churches to keep tabs on his clergy.  He is working on having 'holy visages' positioned within the homes of the powerful to further extend his reach.

Not Alone

The room is not unique to the cloak - there is more then one! While the PC is using statues to eavesdrop, someone - or something - enters the Room.  

Grand Vistas

Queen Alamoore has had statues emplaced in all of the areas of great beauty in her lands, and she frequently used them to virtually travel her realm. However, one time while gazing upon the Cyan Woods of Sahthor, her anchor statue was seized by an enemy.  While she remains within the room and the statues, her enemy cannot get to her, but with the statue in their possession, she is trapped.  

The pcs are contacted by being nearby one of these statues at an opportune moment, and she will attempt to get them to help her. With the enemy holding the statue the adventure could play as a thriller against time.

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