Special Equipment:

His familiar a puppet that allows him to see through it's eyes.


Dressed brightly but with a cloth bound around his empty eye sockets he always has his puppet nearby and a bag of toys to sell cheaply or to give away.


Wistan grew up the only gnomish child in a village of humans.Orphaned when his family was passing through and killed by bandits. The human children mocked him constantly for his odd looks and difficulty learning their language at first (heavy gnomish accent).As he grew older their taunts grew more pointed and their pranks became more cruel.One day the pranksters went too far and Wistan lost both his eyes as a result. The town healers did what they could but couldn't restore the lads eyes. Wistan became bitter and withdrawn.
In his teen years Wistan's heritage began to manifest in the form of random magical occurrences. At first they were minor and not recognized as such.Till one day the boys who had caused his blindness were taunting him again in the village square.Wistan began screaming at them and fire flew from his body engulfing the two boys. They survived but were badly burned. The village elders feared seeking retribution on the young gnome but would not tolerate his presence in their midst. They sent for the Hermit who lived deep in the woods near their village who after meeting Wistan agreed to take him away. The hermit was a half-elf sorceror who taught Wistan to control his magic. Wistan also learned woodcarving and began making puppets and other toys. He now uses his magic toys to exact revenge on human children who are the cruelest creatures in the world. His familiar is a smiling puppet golem through whose eyes Wistan can see.

Roleplaying Notes:

A creepy character concept that makes a good NPC villain of whatever level you need or an interesting PC for an evil party. Wistan tolerates adult humans but always seeks to hurt human children. He appears as a kindly toymaker but that jack in the box will open while the child sleeps and strangle it. The ball he sells for a copper piece has a nightmare spell on it. That kind of thing.

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