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December 28, 2005, 11:56 am

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Winter's Cap


“Clear glacial water, spring barley, winter wheat and summer hops are what good ales are known for. The ale should not be too old or it will be stale or bitter, it must breath or the favor won’t be just right, and most importantly it should be chilled to just a hair above freezing, so the taste is sharp and crisp” ~ Taliwar Jil - Master Brewer, Far Doman

Far North, at the end of the Gold Road, beyond the Valley of Man, north of the Silver Mountains, the Jaws of Despair, and even ZhÖtenheim, in the Glacial fjords and vales of Far Doman, Ale was perfected by man.

Surrounded by eternal winter, Far Doman sits as a green, lush jewel of life in the middle of a stark, white icy expanse. Due to the slow venting of the earth the valley is blessed with unnatural weather. Year round the ground is fertile and warm and for the most part the Kings Palm and the surrounding Fingers are kept away from the harse wintry gusts and snow storms.

The fields are sewn with fine Caeracyn stock adapted to the environment over the milenia. The grains are worked spring thru winter with varying yields, feeding the bellies of Far Doman, but also their spirits.

Nested at the knuckle of the Ring Valley rests one of the prides of all Caeracyn people. The Ring Brewery is renowned even in distant lands, where chilled and barreled ale can fetch a price several times its weight in wine. It is said that the Ring Brewery was first established immediately after the first harvest in Far Doman or exactly a year from the arrival of the Caeracyn people who had been forced to turn into the snow to escape the wrath of the Necro Mantei.

Although the first batch of Ale from the Ring Brewery was nothing to brag about it filled the hearts of the brave people who had discovered this wintry jewel. Over the years, the ales improved, as the process was refined, and the grains became adapted to the native soil. In time it would become the best.

Caeracyn people have alwasy enjoyed their ale cold and crisp despite the known fact that the people of Rhün prefer their beers and lagers warm or even mulled. For a true northman, that is somethign of heresy. As a habit, the Caeracyn peoples keep thier ales barreled in the cellar and preferably packed ina pile of sawdust and ice to keep it chilled for serving, rarely will the baretender serve ale from the bar, but he will instead send a maid to the cellar to fetch a frosty pitcher of libations. As is custom to keep the ales chilled, so it as well to keep hefty stone or crystal mugs in a slurry of ice and water so that they remain clean from unwanted contaminants and to help keep the beer (not that anyone would let it settle to room temperature).

The finest of these crystal mugs were made in the very Ring Brewery. The shape and heft of the mugs specifically made to heighten the taste of any draught, but particularly the valley’s own Ring and Fairy Ales.

Crafted of hewn chunks of solid quartz, and shaped and worn until made into an attractive frosty/clear stein of one imperial pint (20 oz.). The mugs would be crated and sunk into the the deep underground icy river beneath the brewery, the mugs would be hauled up, and shipped back out to the local inns and taverns, still encased in a frosty slush. The mugs are easily identifiable as they all have the ring imprinted on them to the right of the handle, and a fairy to the left.

Finest of all the mugs are of a special make even above the typical Ring and Fairy. For on a great occaison the crates that hold the steins are lowered into the well and left there for a century, later to be hauled up. These mugs glow ever so faintly in absolute darkness with a slight magic pulsing glow. if left to thier own devices the magic of the ice sprits that made their domicile in the crystal drift away; however, if a druid were to place wards and signals etched in gold and silver onto the mug to keep the spirit, the mug will forever remain cold, and the beer in it will stay the perfect temperature for consumption.

Magical Properties:

Not cold enough to make ice, but will make a slurry of almost any liquid placed in it. But drinks other than ale taste funny. Poor quality ales are crisp, but leave the drinker unsatisfied. Full-flavored lagers, pilsners, browns, reds, blondes, heffeweisens, and other beers of high quality taste as if touched by some divine Beer Fairy.

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Comments ( 8 )
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September 14, 2004, 23:40
At first, I thought it would be some sort of ice-breath hat or something, and I was wondering what it had to do with ale.
I get it now!

Good job, Saemond.

September 14, 2004, 23:44
Thanx, I think it is probably a good addition that anyone could squeeze into a campaign, whether or not they get the extra special variety of mugs, or even the not-as-amazing mundane crystal and stone bretheren.
In the least maybe I have made you think.. hmmn a nice chilled ale would be good right now.
September 14, 2004, 23:50
Ah, the sublime pleasure of a fresh, crisp drafted beer, pouring into a properly chilled glass mug is enough to bring a tear to this old gamers eye. The attention to the details down to the impressions in the crystal mugs is wonderful. Kudos to you good sir!

September 15, 2004, 7:48
Reminds me of... I've got a nice cool Kelt in my fridge. It should not go unpilfered, I say!
Silas the Destroyer
November 7, 2004, 14:02
Ha ha haa, Beer Fairy. I love it!
Voted Spark
February 28, 2006, 17:12
Man oh man - where did Saemond go? This stuff is GOLD. I'm very partial to all things concerning fantasy ales, which might account for my gushing on this sub, but this is one of the most fun submissions I've come across in months. Thank god for the random sub lister!

It's a great idea, with a great description, well-written and with plenty of additional items and custom detail added on like foam over the handle.

In three words, I love it.
Voted Murometz
February 28, 2006, 17:57
All been said. But its never too late for a 5 vote!
Voted valadaar
April 19, 2016, 9:35
Great stuff! I find it amusing to see retrospective comments from 2006!

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