This weapon can be seen in the hands of giants, large orges, while only slightly diminished versions can be witnessed weilded by mentally questionable dwarves.

The war cleaver has it's roots as most weapons do: As common peasant tools. It is, simply, a big cleaver; although that is a bit of an understatement when one witnesses a three foot long, foot and a half wide slab of sharpened steel whistling through a battle. It's size makes the weapon unpractical to the untrained soilder, but when a properly trained creature weilds it, they become a force to be reckoned with.

Since it is a large flat sheet, it can be used as a shielding weapon rather than parrying weapon. One on the primary tactics used by trained regulars is to block a blow, then deliver a short counter-blow with the massive weapon. This tactic is counter intuitive of what most soilders expect and catches a fatal many off gaurd. Of course, when the situation is suitable for it, swinging it in wide arcs is devestating.

Most War Cleavers have blades about three feet by two feet, but giants typically weild larger ones, up to one reported at eight feet long and four feet wide, and dwarves often cut captured war cleavers down to a managable size around two feet long and one foot wide. Whatever size, a properly weilded War Cleaver is impressive.

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