Wand of Illusory Sound:
This wand is a small, thin, white branch of birch wood covered in red arcane runes. Tied at the tip of the wand is a string, the string is tied to a bell that will not create any audible sound.
When the proper command word is spoken (usually some word for 'distract' or 'entertain' in a language such as Elven) and the wand is pointed at its intended target the bell will chime softy once. That is when the magic happens...

The original Wand of Illusory Sound was created by a magical musician named Malon. She was brilliant with the harp and could charm any man. She was also a thief, and with her partner and lover, Devis, who was also a talented musician, she would steal from her audiences. Eventually, after Devis was caught stealing, and had his right hand removed for it, they were no longer trusted by their audiences. So.. Malon devised this item as a way of distracting potential victims.
Magical Properties:
This wand can produce a few illusion effects related to sound. It can alter a sound to sound like something else (such as footsteps to sound like thunder or a spellcaster's voice to sound like a pig snorting). This effect lasts for one minute or dismissed.

The wand can also cause a victim to hear a sound (such as his name being said or a child crying) that cannot be located. The sound cannot be located simply because it is an illusion and is entirely in the person's head. Part of the mild insanity caused by such an unnerving sound can cause the target to think he has an idea as to the direction of the sound, only to prove him incorrect (which can be unnerving).This effect last for one hour.

And the third, and final, effect of this wand is to create a buzzing sound in the victims ears meant to distract him. This distraction can manifest in game terms as a penalty on simple things like combat or climbing. This effect also lasts for one hour.

The wand can be used a total of three times per day to produce any one effect at a time.