Before continuing I want it to be perfectly clear that I am not putting this up because I think my voting practices are better than everyone elses, or that my votes hold more weight. I saw a few comments in a few submissions about voting and it sparked an interest in me to do a little soul searching. I am sure there are some voters here who are geared more to vote higher in some of the members submissions because they are friends. Which is fine. I let it be known a long time ago, I vote the way I do because it is what I feel and believe. I would like to think I have friends here, as much as can be on the internet anyway, but if I am not honest with them how can I know they are honest with me. So the following is why I post the way I do.

I have been busy of late and have found it hard to comment and read everything I wish to. Commenting is one thing I have a real issue about, people reading but never voting kind of thing. Those who know me know that is a pet peeve of mine from my start date here. Well the thought came to me, what is a good vote and how do you come by giving a good vote?

By this I do not mean giving good or bad comments. We have plenty of different submissions regarding that particular subject in and of itself. But what guidelines do we use for voting?

I look through the submissions and the votes. A majority of the time they are close to the same range, give or take a .5 or two. Rarely will you see a range of 1 to 5 in a single submission. It has happened, but rarely.

How do we go about giving these high or low votes? If you follow the written text that goes along with the votes you get this.

5.0 - Awesome one! I'll find a way to use it!
4.5 - On the edge of greatness!
4.0 - Now your talking!
3.5 - Sweet idea!
3.0 - Good solid idea!
2.5 - Shows some definite promise!
2.0 - Idea's there, needs some work!
1.5 - Has a seed of usefulness!

Ok, now that we can see all of them at once, what do they all mean? Well, they mean something different to everyone. Sure they text is a partial guideline to follow but there are deeper things involved than giving a simple number. Which is why I really dislike just a vote and no comment.

Let me break down what I think of these votes. Again this is how I vote and I am not telling anyone to use this method, but this is an explanation so that should you get a vote from me you know exactly what it means. Lets start with 1.

1.0 - This pretty much means I voted on this simply because I read it. It acknowledges that I read it but that is about it. If I can't understand any of it because of bad grammar, spelling, or punctuation then it lowers the vote. I personally see no use in the submission and it is a waste of time to me. On a vote like this I feel it is imperative to at least give one idea of advice on making it better. A vote like this I usually would recommend being deleted and done over again if it is not at least updated.

1.5 - Pretty much the same as the above vote with a twist. Usually a vote of a 1.5 is close to the same as a 1.0. I can see there was an idea in there but whether it was far to short, spelling and grammar was horrible, or it was obvious the writer didn't take the submission or the reader seriously. I don' usually request something like this to be deleted as long as it is a work in progress.

2.0/ 2.5 - Ok, I see that some thought was put into this submission. There is a purpose behind it that is being torn down by bad grammar, bad spelling, punctuation, or simply not enough information. I can look at a submission and tell there is an idea there but if it is in a manner that I would have to nearly change the entire submission to make it understandable, then it gets something similar to this. The higher I vote the easier it is to see where the idea was going to or from. It isn't bad, it just needs work. This is the type of submission that has a future as long as it is expanded on.

3.0/ 3.5 - Ok, these are you common, hey there is an idea seed here and it works, it's feasible and likeable. It isn't anything close to War and Peace but it is an idea that can be looked at and I can tell, Ok this is what they meant. I can see that. I probably wouldn't ever use it but I can see that someone could. Very common and not a bad rating at all.

4.0/ 4.5 - Now we are getting into the submissions that make me sit back and wonder. These usually either have a great idea, or they were brought in such a manner and detail that it would be something I could probably use in my setting with some alterations. Few errors related to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If I have to alter it to suit me thats fine, I don't mind doing some leg work. Some obscure ideas tend to make this more difficult but they usually do not pull away from the actual submission. I usually comment on these the most and usually more than once.

5.0 - This is the cream of the crop. The bread and butter. Everything about the 4.0/ 4.5 range fits into this with one more thing. If the submission is good enough that I like it, has no issues with spelling or grammar that are extremely heavy, I can use it in my setting with little to no alterations, and I am compelled to read it more than twice. Compelled and not forced. Then this gets a 5.0 from me. If I honestly read a post twice or three times before I even vote, and it isn't because I didn't understand it but because I liked it; that means I was hooked. I loved it and it rates this high a vote.

Hall of Honor - I am also on a defined use of my HOH votes. If I vote a 5.0 there is no reason for me to not use my HOH on this type of submission. As a matter of fact it will be the one and only time I make myself feel guilty for not putting my HOH vote on a sub. If it is a 4.5 vote of mine, I have to think about it. If it shows promise and an everlasting fulfillment with me then it may get a HOH vote. Anything below 4.5 will not.

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